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  1. Morphogen Nutrition????

    Anyone have any experience with this brand? Labels look stacked and well dosed. Just can’t seem to find any reviews. Was thinking to order stim & nonstim pre’s with Morphopump.
  2. 7 Methoxyflavone? Cel PCT assist

    Anyone have any experience with this particular ingredient? Finishing a 5wk Stano Plex run and was going to run this with Mtest & Eradicate E.
  3. BLR stack and dosing???

    About to add exotherm in to my stack that I am 2wks into. I take 1FD2 1 Letrone and 1 Viron apon awakening. Then 2 FD2 and 1 Viron pre workout @7:30pm. Question is where would be the best time to dose 2 pumps of exotherm. I was thinking 7pm as I work out at 8pm. Just want to be sure all would be...
  4. Help with stack/dosing: Iron Legion & Iconic Formations

    I have been on sustain alpha & iconogenin for about 4 weeks. Really enjoining! So much that I ordered as well as Iron Legion Virtus/Invictus/VII-KT. Looking for advice on how to dose and when. I am 41yr train at 8pm bed around 10:30pm. Do 16/8 fasting 8pm cutoff and plan on starting Keto again...
  5. VII-KT vs. Androshred???

    Has anyone tried the two that can compare? I started sustain alpha and iconogenin about 5days ago and was thinking of adding one of the two in question.

    Just placed an order for 2 of each. I train at 8pm then eat shower and go to bed. Would I still want to dose these both before going to bed? Would they have a better effect pre workout?
  7. Sustain alpha & Virtus???

    Thinking of running both together for 8weeks. Will these stack well or drop estrogen too much?
  8. Oximega fish oil exploration 4/16!

    Would you consider fine to still use?
  9. Elim1nate dosing???

    Just started today going to run at 100mg / day (granted joints allow). My question is due to having such a short half life would it be better to dose 1/1/1/1 throughout the day or 2 when wake and 2 before bed?
  10. Reliable source for bulk tongkat Ali?

    With powder city gone is there any other good quality TA out there?
  11. M-Test and 7,8 benzo...Thoughts?

    Just finished a bottle of M-Test and ordered two more. Been wanting to try 7,8 Benzo and was just carious if they would stack well or run M-Test and then 7,8 Benzo solo. Also has anyone had any experience BHE 7,8 Benzo?
  12. Ashwagandha???

    Would there be any difference in OL's vs Swanson ksm-66?
  13. FD2 & Bulbine! Kingsblood?

    Would these 3 be stackable or would it maybe lower E to much?
  14. SNS stack!!! Help with dosing.

    Starting a two month cycle tomorrow of M-test, Bulbine, Reduce XT & inhibit-E. I am currently on 100mg testim/day and will be using bloodshed raw for fasted cardio am 3x wk and Hyper XT 8pm for lifting. Just looking for help as far as dosing on SNS supps.
  15. Thought on SNS stack?

    M-test, bulbine & reduce xt? Just looking to lean out have raging libido and rock hard erections! If so how long?
  16. Eria Jarensis And stim d--k???

    I see this being compared to dmaa which I loved in the original craze but after awhile realize my junk was DEAD! Just trying to avoid going through that experience again.
  17. osthole???

    Want to try osthole standalone but I can only find at bmb and I am a little skeptical to use them based on lack of reviews on their products as well as shipping complaints. Anyone know where else one may find and if you have used how well did it work for yuou.
  18. Theobromine dosage???

    Just picked this up from PC to give a try. Package states 500mg per day, just curious if it would yield better results at 2x or 3x/day.
  19. Hooked on exotherm!!! Long term???

    Was carious as to how long you can run exotherm at 3 x ed? I am currently one week in and wow this works quick. If these results continue I don't know that I will want to come thus the question. I am also 6 weeks in on fd2.0 which will be a permanent staple as long as I can afford!
  20. Alphamine stacked with Yohimbine Hcl

    Currently taking Alphamine 2scoops 5:30 am and 1 scoop 3pm, would there be any problem with taking Yohimbine hcl in the evening for bedroom workouts?