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  1. SFreed

    What brought you here

    So the return of @Brandinoooo and mmorso got me to thinking. I came to AM much later in life than most. Lurked for several years before I joined, then still didn't contribute much for awhile. Made some pretty good friends here, and watched people come and go. There are several here that I...
  2. SFreed

    Osatrine / Epi-Andro bridged into LGD log

    I've been back and forth on logging this and finally decided what the h3ll. I'm not gonna promise a lot of updates, but I'll try to keep it current. After what seems like a ton of research, along with some help from MrKleen73, I've decided on running an Ostarine / Epi-Andro into LGD cycle...
  3. SFreed

    Database error

    I keep getting a "Database Error" when I try to submit a reply on a thread. Then end up getting duplicate (or triplicate) replies. Any thoughts?
  4. SFreed


    The guys over at RXS Supplements are looking to get even more people hooked up with Radiate, The Elite Thermogenic Fatburner! You've seen the logs, read the reviews and perused the pictures. So why haven't you been Radiated yet? We're looking for AM Members who haven't tried Radiate and are...
  5. SFreed

    USA Time to clear out the stash

    I've got some items that I don't plan on using in the near future, so I thought I'd see if there is any interest in them. 1 bottle of X-Gels $30 each shipped Only thing left All are sealed and not expired. Have been stored in a refrigerator in my basement. Only trades I would be...
  6. SFreed

    What do you do when you can't sleep??

    Can't sleep. Anybody else??
  7. SFreed

    USA WTB MaxReps Watermelon Limeade

    Just like it says, I'm looking for some USPLabs MaxReps, preferably Watermelon Limeade. Buy or trade, whatever works for you.
  8. SFreed

    SFreeds 8 Weeks to the Beach cut

    It's time for me to lose some of the fat I picked up during my 8 week Andro cycle from the first of the year. I'll be running OL Sup3r 7, Evomuse Abliderated, OL Assass1nate, and Evomuse DCP. I'll also be alternating between Bloodshr3d Raw and Radiate (thanks to FireTitan and MonteCedillo)...
  9. SFreed

    Sfreed's gettin' strong on OL Andro and stuff unsponsored log

    Looks like it's another Andro log! I'm planning on starting my very first 1 Andro / Epi-Andro / DHEA stack in January, running an 8 week cycle. Realistic goal is to gain some strength and size, without putting on a whole bunch of weight. I am 53, been serious about training for 7 years and...
  10. SFreed

    Goodbye my friend

    Received word this morning going that a close friend of mine decided to end his life last night. Gary came from a broken home and worked for me after he gradusted high school. He was a good kid, that really just needed some guidance and discipline. He was about 25 younger than me, and we had...