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  1. brofessorx

    Apex Alchemy Ursa Major reviews

    I purchased this product after it was suggested to me. I was actually pleasantly surprised to learn another company had released a topical ursolic acid product. Product was purchased for $29.99 plus I think $5 or so for shipping. I received 2 30ml dropper bottles, so basically a 60ml supply. I...
  2. brofessorx

    Topical Phenibut? Anyone ever use?

    As the title suggests, just wondering if anyone has tried transdermal administration of Phenibut?
  3. brofessorx

    IconicFormulations SUSTAIN ALPHA! GTFIH!

    OH MAN! I’ve gotta start this log of unconventional. First application, and I’ve got to hand it to iconic formulations. Ive used A LOT of transdermals from various companies, and this stuff goes on the best and leaves my skin feeling great. Im really freaking impressed. —————- Okay, so, let...
  4. brofessorx

    Anyone still using PMS black liver?

    Just curious if anyone uses this, if so, where do you find it in stock?
  5. brofessorx

    2 years off test...

    Curiosity for the guys who have managed to stay on the wagon, and continue to monitor blood work, what your total test is? I’ve been off everything for 2 years now, am 37, and my total test was 425, shbg was elevated, so I’m sure free test was low. Gotta get that tested next. on the flip side...
  6. brofessorx

    VasoBlitz review non sponsored.

    Hey everyone. So I don’t do many reviews but decided to purchase vasoblitz after reading some good reviews and checking out the ingredients. i purchased the rocket pop flavor as they were oos of my 1st and 2nd choices. 👎 #bummer, initial reviews on taste and Mixability: Taste: 6 out of 10...
  7. brofessorx

    Testosterone and athletes foot (Trichophyton)

    I’m not the researcher I used to be (old and lazy) but a brief google search showed there is some in vitro evidence of Supraphysiological dosages of androgens can suppress the fungus that causes athletes foot. Anyone else notice this while on the juice? anyone ever read up on the research...
  8. brofessorx

    Hypernova label put on smolder bottle?

    Not really an accusation, more of a question really as accidents can happen too. ( I don’t want to think it was don’t intentionally) My bottle of hypernova I ordered directly from evomuse smells exactly like smolder and gets warm like smolder. There is no cooling sensation as every other user...
  9. brofessorx

    Unanswered Eviscerate Hypernova like smolder?

    Edit: talked with dsade an got everything all cleared up. 👍
  10. brofessorx

    Fasting mimicking diet (FMD) who’s done it?

    So I’ve researched the FMD and have completed the first 4 days cycle (first set of 3) out of this 3 month plan. I did this though in a keto style, where carbs were kept to 10g (max) per day. For myself I kind of stumbled through the 4 days as I wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of un eatable...
  11. brofessorx

    Best ketone bcaa sup to stack with M-test an Inhibit E?

    I had a thread asked about stacking optional with these two but it ended up like most of my friends after I had kids, poof! Disappeared. So I’ve been reading about the enhanced benefits of fmd ( fasted mimicking diet) I’ll be...
  12. brofessorx

    Who uses raspberry ketones?

    Just wondering who uses this supp and their thoughts? Thinking about grabbing some ras ketones from SNS
  13. brofessorx

    SNS HIGENAMINE LOG! Unsponsored! GTFIH if you D.F.F.L.

    What’s up! So SNS just dropped Higenamine and a retailer bought it all! So I did what anyone else would do! I bought some, and it was BOGO!!!!!! :banana: So about this log. I’m just going to running it at 2 caps each day. Right now it’s just solo aside from my normal morning preworkout and...
  14. brofessorx

    Who here mixes there SNS focus XT with protein?

    Who here mixes their SNS focus XT ( or ANY pre w.o.) with protein? Just wondering how weird I am? I like to mix my SNS focus XT blue raspberry with my protein in the morning. I get my morning protein and a much-needed kick in the rear to get the day started. The flavor combo is pretty nice imo...
  15. brofessorx

    Just picked up the good stuff..... Incase y’all forgot...

    Ain’t nothing like the real thing.
  16. brofessorx

    Curious how many guys have gotten a girl pregnant while on?

    As the title states. My wife is pregnant and I’ve been back on for about 6 weeks. Curious how often this happens.
  17. brofessorx

    Came across this NYT article on sarms while browsing the webz When sarms end up being written about in the nyt you know their getting popular.
  18. brofessorx

    Combining 4-andro diol with test c

    done. Can you good bros give some advice.
  19. brofessorx

    Best deal on androsterone?

    Looking to give androsterone another shot, but I want to dose it high, so looking to see who’s the best and has the best deal. Let’s get some reps up in here pimping.
  20. brofessorx

    10 years steroid usage, blood work comparison

    So got my yearly physical today and had my blood work done. I’ll still need to back in 3 months for vit d re check ( it was low) an I’ll get hormones done then. So 09 blood work was following a few cycles, and fast forward experimenting, testing, using for personal gains, and finally just...