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  1. mikeymike85

    Ran out of DMZ

    Hey Amigos-- Low and behold, started a DMZ run 10-12 days ago, and just realized I only have maybe a week left.. ugh. Question now is-- do you think after I end the DMZ (would most likely be a 15-17 day run in total), is diving right in to Epistane a bad idea to make a full cycle at least...
  2. mikeymike85


    Hey Amigos- I'm on week 5 of DMZ/Var. 30DMZ/60Var. Thinking of extending the DMZ another week out because I do not feel run down, pee is still clear. I've ran DMZ and my piss has been straight brown. Thoughts of another week of DMZ? Going to keep running the Var at 60 for another 2 weeks...
  3. mikeymike85

    Unanswered Alpha Gainz TD 1 and 4 Andro

    Hey Bros- Recently got back up and running after cruising on Var for 3 months, took a few months off-- starting feeling and looking small. I ran 4-Andro in the past, and it was good for a base. I gotta admit- I am really liking the 1-Andro, it is starting to shine in the second week, muscles...
  4. mikeymike85

    Alpha Gainz 4AD and Var

    What do you guys think? Never ran a mild cycle like this...interested possibly. Was thinking of maybe throwing in a low dose DMZ. 4AD and Var together worthwhile? Cheers bros. Itching to get back on, but it would be my 3rd oral run of the year....hence my question.
  5. mikeymike85

    Anyone ran Epi and Var?

    Is there too much DHT in this combo? Should I save the epi to run solo and just run dmz/var? Goal is to keep lean mass, maybe gain 3lbs or so.
  6. mikeymike85

    Cialis Dosage

    Hey Bros-- so recently got off cycle and my willy still does not work at full staff. I have a 20mg Cialis pill- never taken one before. Should i start with a quarter or a nibble? I don't want to have a red willy. Thx
  7. mikeymike85

    Best TD Test Base besides Trest

    Hey bros- going to run Epistane/Var in the next few weeks. Been off for 3 months and getting the itch again. Besides Dermacrine and Trest- is there anything like TD EpiAndro or Andro's? Cheers
  8. mikeymike85

    General Consensus on 3 Oral Cyles per Year

    Hey Bros- so I've ran 2-3 oral cycles per year for the last 11-12 years. Granted, some years I only ran 1-- but curious as to views. I hate being off, and I don't run them for over 6-8 weeks. Always run cycle support...etc. Planning on running Epistane, the one oral I never got the...
  9. mikeymike85

    Motivation Issues Hitting Gym Between Cycles

    Always been plagued with this, but recently more than ever. Have a very high stress career, which makes it even more so. Just got done with PCT and have no motivation to lift. I run 3 cycles a year... pretty much have on and off for 10 years. I have a bottle of Osta that I have from years ago...
  10. mikeymike85

    Next Cycle- Achieving the Grainy Look

    I've never really had this look before, and either my next run (M-Sten), or a run come early next year... I want to incorporate a compound that will do this. Am I limited to Tren or Winny?
  11. mikeymike85

    How many of you have a meal prep service?

    Probably not the best place for this, but figured it'd get a better response from people who run gear. I have a few friends that get their meals delivered, roughly $180 per week. The food is pretty good, its a local guy here in FL. On the fence, but thinking about trying it out. Wanted to hear...
  12. mikeymike85

    Quest for abs/ more rippedness- what drug should I run? Pic

    Recently got back hardcore into the gym at the beginning of this year- haven't let up since. After two cycles, I still cannot get super lean. Maybe its my diet, but I really can't critique or improve it anymore - before I go absolutely insane from the monotony. I do around 45-50 mins of...
  13. mikeymike85

    Cardio on Anavar

    The shin pumps are insane. I need to do cardio to take advantage of the Var, but what can be done to supplement this debilitating shin pump?
  14. mikeymike85

    Flexit Nutrition still has a bunch of PH's

    Anyone ever order from them?
  15. mikeymike85

    Dark Carnival

    So, thinking about adding this to my Var run. My only worry is...(which I dont know the answer)... is this too much DHT? Also, I only want to run the EpiAndro for 4 weeks, is one bottle of Dark Carnival enough to illicit alongside a 65mg 8 week Var run with Dermacrine? Cheers bros.
  16. mikeymike85


    Does anyone know if you can go to Labcorp and request a cholestrol count without a DRs request? State of FL btw where we have clinics you can just walk into, but I'd rather just go to Labcorp.
  17. mikeymike85

    Haven't taken Creatine in 15 years... which one?!

    This is for an Anavar run -- I know creatine is advised on this, but my question is- what kind of creatine is the go to these days? Mono..nitrate..ethyl ester. Jeesum there is just too much. I don't have to time to preload, need help from the board God's. Thank you-
  18. mikeymike85

    Fusion Trenadrol

    Has anyone run this? Need something to stack with anavar for cut. Ran numerous Hdrol Dmz and other compounds... a PH tren is the only thing I really haven't done. For some reason it scares me. Would this be good and can anyone attest to it being any more harsh than DMZ?
  19. mikeymike85

    Best Non-Methyl on the market

    Need something to run with Anavar- not really interested in running two methyl's anymore. Looking for oral non-methyl and not sure what is out there anymore, just to add a little bit of dry size, nothing too much. Cheers
  20. mikeymike85

    Oral Winstrol

    So I've got some var left over but winny has always been on my I really want to run it in the next month. Anyone have experience with this as an oral? Buddy says the hair shredding is bad, which is the only thing that worries me. Just want to make sure oral is even worth it, he keeps...