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  1. Darkhorse192

    ARA content in Egg Yolks and Inflammation

    Egg yolks are known to be inflammatory and are so because of their ARA content. I cannot seem to find out about how much a yolk contains. If someone were eating 10 yolks a day could they be taking in enough ARA to experience systematic inflammation at some noticeable level? Has anyone...
  2. Darkhorse192

    BRITE Caps, what phase of a diet are they most effective?

    I am trying to figure out if BRITE Caps would be better served approaching the end of diet (leanest phase) for the extra push when already pretty tight, or are they better served when a lean individual switch to a surplus, in an effort to minimize fat gain? Also, I have seen some folks say that...
  3. Darkhorse192

    Wargaming some courses of action with whats on hand (BMP, Folli, Vector, Epichaos, Brite)

    Hey fellas, so here is the context. I am finishing up a pretty serious fat loss phase in the next 1-2 months. This was not a contest prep, but Im pretty damn lean, and could easily push this into a contest prep if I chose to at this point. For the last 2-ish months I have been running BMP and...
  4. Darkhorse192

    What, if anything, are you guys stacking with BMP?

    I am generally not a huge fan of adding stuff in for the sake of adding stuff. However, I also realize some stuff just stacks well, and can aid in or add to the effect of a run. Anything to add BMP for more ideal mix than running it solo or no? FYI, finishing up an AE and M-Test combo meal...
  5. Darkhorse192

    Unanswered Any experience with AD Shredabull Untamed?

    Im not a fat burner guy, but, one of my young guys said was going to order it. He asked me about it, and I told him I would find out before he ordered it. It takes shiiit a week and a half at best to get where we are currently deployed to, so I wanted to make sure isnt sitting around waiting...
  6. Darkhorse192

    USA Protein (LOT) great deal for someone

    Here is the situation, get ready I am currently at an undisclosed location in the Iraq / Syria area I have the following proteins that Id like to sell. Because it will cost be 20 dollars to ship everything in one box out of our APO Id like to keep everything in one order to one person...
  7. Darkhorse192

    In anyone here have or ever have been on an Adderall or Vyvanse prescription?

    Seeing my doc in a week about it. I need it, not for fun, but to function. He will give it to me, but I am super freaked out about all of the sides, and or issues I have heard with people that need this indefinitely, however, without it, I suck, on it, I am a friggin machine. I cant maintain...
  8. Darkhorse192

    Thoughts on NooWave's "Higher Performer"?

    Would love to know what the community thinks of this.
  9. Darkhorse192

    Purus Myofeed Vanilla PB2

    First of all sorry to clog the forum with a stand alone thread for this. I don’t post too often, and very rarely create a thread, but this is worth it it and I really wanted to inform the community in case anyone was debating or on the fence about giving it a shot. Ill put this in the review...
  10. Darkhorse192

    USA MSI Lean Charms 2LB for sale or trade (1/2 of 1 serving used)

    Open container but only 1/2 of 1 serving used. This stuff tastes exactly like lucky charms and has actual marshmallow pieces in it. The flavor is actual pretty amazing, and though I like it and would recommend it to anyone in the market for such a thing, this type of flavor is not something I...
  11. Darkhorse192

    Best supplementation recomendations for a post contest natural

    Hey guys, Hoping to get some feedback from the experienced and regular supplement section guys. I just wrapped up my competitive bodybuilding contest season last week. Had a great prep, dieted for almost 1 year exactly, but achieved tremendous conditioning, and won the overall at my final...
  12. Darkhorse192

    Can I get a discount double check on dosing this stack

    Hey fellas, I am about to start crushing this stack and I just want to make sure that I have a solid dosing / timing plan based on best recommendations. Stack is as follows 60 day run of DAA (dpol) / Anabeta Elite / Erase Pro, with added Agmatine, Inhibit-P, and Need2slin. Planned on dosing as...
  13. Darkhorse192

    How often are you rotating your PWOs?

    Hey fellas, I was just curious how often you rotate your pre-workout supps and how many different ones are in your typical rotation, if at all. I have heard some guys prefer to rotate so they don't adapt to one specific formula and have it lose its effectiveness. I know some guys that switch it...
  14. Darkhorse192

    Unlimited your ideal natty stack

    Hello gents, scenario: you have unlimited funds, give me your best natty stack combo. Seems like a lot of guys have these great combinations in mind but always say too expensive etc. If you could do it the right way and $$ was not an issue what you go with?? I myself have deduced the below...