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    SNS - Nootropic Request Thread - Tell Us What You Want

    The nootropic section is kind of slow here so I wanted to throw a thread up and see if I could get some interaction and suggestions. A lot of people may not know or remember, but SNS was one of the first companies to put out a true nootropic formula with the release of the original Focus XT...
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    Want a Libido Support Product? Help SNS Design Libido Boost XT

    This is the first thread from the 'Help SNS Build Some Products' thread. I love interacting with everyone and throwing ideas around. We do this a lot in the 'Tell Us What You Want From Us Thread' but I've talked to some people who are hesitant to throw ideas around in there because there may...
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    SNS Dynamine Caps - 125 Mg. Per Cap

    Fast Acting Energy, Positive Mood, & Focus 125 Mg. Dynamine™ per Capsule 125 mg. Dynamine™ Per Capsule 60 Caps Dynamine™, also known as methylliberine, is an alkaloid found in Kucha tea leaf that is chemically similar to Theacrine and Caffeine and may increase energy, mood, and focus by...
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    SNS VasoForce XT (New 2021 Version)

    Pumps, Vascularity, Performance, & More! Nitric Oxide Support All-Star Cast of Ingredients! 1,00 mg. – Agmatine 600 mg. – VASO6™ 100 mg. – S7™ 50 mg. – ActiGin® 50 mg. – AstraGin® VasoForce XT contains 5 high end active ingredients including clinically researched key ingredients and a...
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    SNS - 12 Weeks of New Releases

    12 Weeks of New Releases SNS Will Be Releasing a New Product Each Week For The First 12 Weeks of 2021! Check Back Weekly & Follow Us on Social Media for Sale Info I'm a little late posting a thread about this because we are already 2 releases into 2021 (and that's not including the new Lean...
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    SNS & Competitive Edge Labs New Years Sale

    Happy Early New Year to Everyone. I hope that everyone had a good holiday; or as good as could be under the circumstances. Our New Years Sale Starts Now. 30% off all SNS and Competitive Edge Labs products, including already discounted stacks.
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    Curcumin - Tell SNS What You'd Like to See in a Curcumin Product

    We had mentioned several months ago that we were going to be doing a Curcumin product and have had people asking for updates so I wanted to update everyone. We had a product ready to go into production (labels made and everything) and it was going to feature more than 1 branded type of...
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    SNS & CEL - 30% off July 4th Sale

    Just wanted to let everyone know that both SNS and Competitive Edge Labs will be doing 30% off July 4th sales (including already discounted stacks).
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    SNS & CEL Memorial Day Sales Extended Thru May 31st

    I wanted to let everyone know that we have extended the Memorial Day sales for both SNS and Competitive Edge Labs thru Sunday, May 31st.
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    SNS KSM-66 - Back in Stock

    I wanted to let everyone know that we now have KSM-66 back in stock and most retailers already have it in transit to them. Normally I don't do a thread on back in stocks but I've had so many people message me asking on this that I wanted to let everyone know. For those unfamiliar with...
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    Tell SNS What You Would Like to See From Us (2020 Edition)

    We had a thread last year that produced a lot of suggestions. Some we were already able to offer and some are in various stages of production. I wanted to start a fresh thread to get some ideas to see what people would like to see from SNS and Competitive Edge Labs in 2020. Feel free to...
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    SNS/CEL 30% Off Sale Extended Thru Jan 18th

    I just wanted to post this so everyone would see it and get a chance to take advantage of the savings. The SNS & Competitive Edge Labs 30% off sale has been extended thru the 18th and is applicable on all purchases, even previously discounted stacks. Code: newyears30
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    SNS Energized Aminos

    Fast Acting, Long Lasting Amino Energizer Endurance, Muscular Recovery, Focus, & Energy Are You Ready for a More Complete Amino Energizer? 5 Grams Leucine Enriched Amino9™ 125 MG. Caffeine 125 Mg. TeaCrine™ for Long Lasting Energy Sugar Free & Great Tasting! SNS Energized Aminos take the...
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    SNS DAA Powder - 300 Grams - Now Available

    Natural Testosterone Booster & Potent Libido Enhancer SNS DAA Powder contains 3 grams (3,000 mg.) of D-Aspartic Acid per serving. D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) is one of the most popular natural testosterone boosting ingredients on the market and is commonly used by bodybuilders, general health &...
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    SNS Caffeine 501 Capsules - Now Available

    This isn't one that needs any fancy write up as I believe everyone is familiar with it, but I'm posting the write ups to cover the basics. But cliff notes - a lot of caffeine and a great price! Mental Alertness, Focus, Fat Loss, & Energy! 200 mg. per Capsule/501 Caps per Bottle...
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    SNS & Competitive Edge Labs New Years Sale - 30% Off

    I wanted to let everyone know that we are running a New Year sale from now until Jan 4th for 30% off. Coupon code: newyears30 This code is valid on both the SNS and Competitive Edge websites and is applicable on all items, even already discounted stacks...
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    SNS & Competitive Edge Labs - Black Friday Sales

    I hope that everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I wanted to let everyone know that SNS & Competitive Edge Labs are running Black Friday sales from today thru December 4th for 30% off, even including stacks. Code: blackfriday
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    VasoForce Rush - Fast Acting, Long Lasting Energy & Pumps

    Pumps, Vascularity, Performance, Focus, Energy, & More! Fast Acting, Long Lasting Energy Nitric Oxide Support All Star Cast of Ingredients: 1,500 mg. - GycerPump 600 mg. - VASO6 500 mg. - Agmatine 50 mg. - S7 50 mg. - AstraGin 350 mg. - Caffeine 125 mg. - Dynamine 125 mg. - TeaCrine 100 mg...
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    SNS Immune Support XT - Premium Immune System Support

    Natural Premium Immune System Support Supports Healthy Immune Function Multi-Action Immune Support Immune Support XT contains SEVEN active ingredients to help support improved immune function, including ingredients that have been clinically shown to reduce the duration of the common cold...
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    Unanswered CEL Super Swole - Massively Dosed Nitric Oxide Enhancer

    The Ultimate Pre-Workout Formula For Insane Monster Pumps Muscle Fullness, & Vascularity Stimulant Free Fast Acting, Long Lasting Intense Pumps & Vascularity …… Backed by Clinically Researched Key Ingredients! Massively Dosed Nitric Oxide Enhancer Look Super Swole Around the Clock! Super...