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  1. GrizzleB

    USA NOS LABS flourinated Modafinil, Protein, and etc

    Fl moda sold, think I'll just hang onto the protein for now. If anyone is interested in them just hit me up, probably won't open them for a bit.
  2. GrizzleB

    Unanswered Apex Alchemy Epichaos or Follidrone

    Awesome man we'd love to hear your feedback . Also, hope you used my code GRZB10 for 10% off. If not still a great deal on top notch transdermals.
  3. GrizzleB

    USA NOS LABS flourinated Modafinil, Protein, and etc

    Hey guys, I have 3 bottles of FL-Moda up for grabs. It's subliual desolved in an ethanol solution. Works like a charm but I find noopept and sunifram work better for me. Also strapped for cash. Some Pro supps protein, maybe some sarms laying around I could let go of. Also have other items, Just...
  4. GrizzleB

    Brute's Encounters with EpiChaos by Apex Alchemy [LOG]

    Great log so far. I've noticed insane vascularity on lots of Apex products, that's a huge plus for me as I have never been very vascular. Will continue to follow along, and keep up the good work.
  5. GrizzleB

    July 4th Savings from Apex Alchemy

    Don't forgot guys code GRZB10 is good for 10% off. I'm a little late on this one but prices are still on point!
  6. GrizzleB

    SNS Stress & Anxiety Support Log

  7. GrizzleB

    EvoMuse Presents: BRITE Enhanced Capsules (Writeup)

    Guess I might need to finally order some of the bright before or if this has to be reformulated.
  8. GrizzleB

    Unanswered 1P LSD

    LSD is great, Im curious to see the 1P-lsd treats ya, I've thought about ordering some.
  9. GrizzleB

    Soxbsbll05's EpiChaos Log by Apex Alchemy

    Good stuff man, sounds like it's treating you well.
  10. GrizzleB

    Soxbsbll05's EpiChaos Log by Apex Alchemy

    In on this!
  11. GrizzleB

    Ursa Major

    The buy one get one 50% off is good through June 23rd so order now if your interested in the new product.
  12. GrizzleB

    Ursa Major

    Was just about to post this up here! Don't forgot code GRZB10 gets you 10% off on apex alchemy product's! :)
  13. GrizzleB

    Unanswered Seizure

    Agreed. Attempting a pickup could be them setting you up to get popped.
  14. GrizzleB

    USA WTB -epi products

    Give Apex-Alchemy a look. We have a epi product called epichaos, it's TD. Also epoch has epi in it and laxogenin. Code GRZB10 gets you 10% off as well.
  15. GrizzleB

    Epichaos (Epicatechin TD) Loggers wanted!

    Congrats guys, I can't wait to follow along! For anyone looking to purchase Apex-Alchemy products my code GRZB10 Is good for 10% off. :)
  16. GrizzleB

    Hyde’s EF 3Alpha Log

    I'm in a little late but very interested in 3AD. I will have to order some soon to try out.
  17. GrizzleB

    ZOO's Contest Log (Full Disclosure)

    I'm in! Started following you on instagram recently too you look great keep at it.
  18. GrizzleB

    BPC 157 and Tadalafil (and other peptides?) Research Log

    Looking good bro, tadalafil is legit. That sucks you got bunk MK...
  19. GrizzleB

    The New Product Release Thread

    Interested in the new CEL product. Can't wait to see the profile.
  20. GrizzleB

    Epichaos (Epicatechin TD) Loggers wanted!

    Deadline will be the end of today so if you wanna get in on this post up!