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  1. Strongman training routine

    Just wondering how you guys set up your workout routines. Mine looks like this: Mon: Bench Tue: Squat Wed: Conditioning/GPP Thur: Overhead push Fri: Deadlift Sat: Events I also do auxillary lifts each day. I would like to try and work a westside type program around strongman training and...
  2. Beast of the East!!!

    Anyone competing in this strongman comp. It's in Myrlte Beach this Saturday the 29th. I'll be there hoping to win the 231 weight class.
  3. How many of you guys actually compete

    Just wondering how many of you guys actually compete in Strongman. And what contests you have coming up. I just competed in a contest in Columbia SC and have the beast of the east in Myrtle Beach SC coming up in April.
  4. Turanabol conversion

    Anyone have a recipe for oral t-bol.
  5. Parabolan color

    Just homebrewed some parabolan at 200 mg's a ml w/2% ba and 18% bb w/cotton sead oil. Everything went well but it came out a dark reddish brown color. Just want to make sure this is normal as all the pics i've seen are more of a light golden color. Thanks for the help.
  6. nutrition certification

    I'm looking for a good nutrition certifcation to go along w/my PT certification. If anyone has any suggestions on a good company to go w/please let me know.
  7. double splits

    What's everyone's opinions on doing double splits. Right now i'm doing a push/pull/legs routine and i'm splitting the push and pull days. I know twin peak is a big advocate so please chime in. I would also like to hear what bobo along w/everyone else has to say on the topic. For me recently...
  8. carb loading and contest weight

    I've got a friend competing in a local natural show and i'm helping him with his contest diet. I've got everything down except for the carb load starting about 10 days out. I've got him on about 250 grams of carbs a day right now and he's about 2 weeks out. Leaning out nicely and will just...
  9. Excel

    Anyone know of a place I can download this program for free. I need a computer program to log all my diet/training info. Thanks.
  10. cell phone registery well i'm not really sure about this but my grandma sent me an email saying to go to this site to register my cell phone. I guess cell phone numbers will now be released to companies allowing them to contact you and harass you about buying stuff. I don't know if there's any...
  11. Proposed Cycle

    After reading some threads about Parabolan/Tren hex (thanks glen/jblaze) it has sparked my interest and i've decided to run it in my next cycle. Just want to know what you guys think of this. It won't be until around July 1st but i'm getting everything together now. Stats: 5'10" 205 7% BF...
  12. Looking to buy a bike

    I'm really just starting to do my research on this one. It's about to be summer time and i live at the beach so... A few questions for you guys that have some knowledge on this. This will be my first bike and i haven't done a lot of riding so i'm really looking for something to get me...
  13. fitness hub thought i would share this with you guys. It's a good site, lets you track you bf%, measurements, meals, workouts, and you can keep a journal. Just another way to keep track of you progress. Check it out let me know what you guys think.
  14. Carb/Amino Drink while cutting

    I've seen a lot of posts lately concerning the use of carb/amino drinks during workouts. Would this still be a good idea for someone that's cutting. I'm sure that the addition of an amino drink is a good choice no matter what a person is trying to accomplish, but what about the addition of a...
  15. Cardio Equipment

    I'm looking into purchasing a piece of cardio equipment for use in my apartment. Only problem is I have limited room. I live in a 3 bedroom apt w/2 roommates, and my room isn't very large. Just wondering if you guys have any suggestions on something small and effective. Was thinking a...
  16. Are you serious?

    Just wanted to give stryder and a big bump. The prices of some of his products are crazy. Great discounts on lean extreme and rebount XT just to name a few. He's also steadily increasing his product line. His customer service is also top notch. I placed an order w/flax...
  17. Oratropin cycle lengths

    I'm curious as to desired cycle lengths of this product. I know w/injectable igf that a 4-5 week cycle is optimal b/c results begin to diminish after that. I've also seen in rjskarp's cycle log that someone stated that it took 1-2 months to see results, was wondering if someone could comment...
  18. Clen vs. IGF

    For those of you that have used both (each on a seperate occasion) during pct which do you think is better at preserving gains made during a cycle. All the research i've done recommends not to mix the two so I want some opinions on which is the best for PCT.
  19. Another BUMP

    Just wanted to give stryder and nutraplanet another bump for great service. I made a special request for some flax oil, and he got me a bottle no problem. Shipping was fast the price was right, and as always the service was great. If you guys haven't already you need to check this place out.

    Anybody know what's up w/this place. I've noticed a lot of sources accept this as a form of payment, and it's much cheaper/easier than western union. Has anybody ever used it, and is it safe. Also seems like the site is down as you can only log in a current account, and not make a new...