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  1. Apsmith4992

    S4/LGD/RAD cycle log

    What's up AM been a while since I was a regular poster so I'll get back at it with a log. Cycle starts this Sunday and here is the layout: Weeks 1-12 LGD 4033 10mg/day S4 50mg/day RAD140 25mg/day Weeks 10-18 CEL M-Test Weeks 12-16 Clomid 30mg/day first 2 weeks Nolva 40/40/20/20 Training: 4...
  2. Apsmith4992

    Quad measurements

    Anyone have a consistant way to measure them
  3. Apsmith4992

    USA Quad measurements

    Anyone have a consistant way to measure their quads to track growth?
  4. Apsmith4992

    USA Epi

    Looking for some epi... not the new crap PM me.
  5. Apsmith4992

    Insulin mimetics on a bulk

    So obviously we know guys use slin for adding size. All I see on these insulin mimetics is the eat your cheat meal and dont get fat crap. Has anyone used these for a bulk to actually help add size? And if so when and how did you dose
  6. Apsmith4992

    USA My protein

    Have a barely open 11lb bag. Chocolate brownie flavor. 35 firm plus shipping
  7. Apsmith4992

    USA Natty test boosters

    Have 2 bottles of n2bm hcgenerate which. 90 for both for 50 each. Retail is 75 per bottle. Also have 2 bottles of USP labs ultimate T. 30 for both or 20 each. Only trade I'm willing to make is for peps...
  8. Apsmith4992

    USA Usp labs ultimate T

    Have 2 bottles for sale 40 plus shipping for both. Also willing to trade pm me what you got
  9. Apsmith4992

    Bulk protein

    Anyone buy whey in Bulk? Looking at 10lbs or 15 maybe. Only stuff I can find is unflavored looking for chocolate
  10. Apsmith4992

    Diy caps

    Anyone buy raw powders and roll your own caps of "stuff"
  11. Apsmith4992

    Real food supplements

    What's your guys thoughts on the real food supps? Like BSL has fast food and redcon had MRE and 5% has real food. Thoughts? Are they worth it to use as ADDITIVES not like replacement for actual meals
  12. Apsmith4992

    UFC fighter Jon Jones

    Apparently he tested positive for tbol according to TMZ
  13. Apsmith4992

    Mini review: USP Labs Modern Pre fruit punch

    Got this in the mail yesterday. Tried it out today. Took 2 scoops pre workout about 20 mins prior. Flavor was decent mixed 2 scoops with about 12 oz of water to help dilute the flavor. Did arms and the pump was fantastic. I'm a huge fan of citrulline and 8 grams is perfect. Flavor: 4/5 a bit...
  14. Apsmith4992

    AP chasing dem gainz with halo and 4 andro

    Starting Sunday I will be running an 8 week cycle of halodrol and 4 andro. Dosing: 4 andro 400mg ED am and pm Halodrol 5 weeks 50/100/100/100/100 Cycle support: organ shield ED through cycle and pct PCT: Clomid 50/25/25/25 supplied by PRE, arimistane 75/75/50/50, alphamax xt. Stats:5 foot...
  15. Apsmith4992

    AP chasing dem gainz with 4 andro and halo

    Moving this log to the cycle logs forum
  16. Apsmith4992

    USA MMX pre apocalypse

    For sale is a mmx apocalypse in fruit punch sealed and un opened. Asking 20 shipped also willing to trade
  17. Apsmith4992

    Test booster in PCT

    What test booster do you guys run in PCT? Obviously alongside a serm... used to use a combo but it's getting a bit expensive
  18. Apsmith4992

    DOT pre workouts

    DIY pre workout Anyone ever tried buying bulk ingredients like beta alanine, citrulline etc.. And mixing them in the doses you prefer? So hard to find what you as an individual want. Often times for me I find stuff is underdosed or it's in a prop blend. That being said anyone tried this or...
  19. Apsmith4992

    Anyone interested in a 4 andro and halodrol log?

    I will be running this beginning the second week in August. The following will be the cycle: 4 andro max( primeval labs) 400mg ED x8 weeks Halodrol 50mg x1 week 100mg x4 week Organ shield 2 caps ED Arimistane as needed plenty on hand PCT: Clomid 50/25/25/25 SNS reduce XT 2 caps ED x 4...
  20. Apsmith4992

    4andro/halo and 19-nor

    Going to be running a cycle of 4andro 400mg ED and halo 50 ED two weeks then 100 ED the last 4. Main goal of the cycle is mass and strength. Was thinking bout running a 19 nor td with this as well but is it even worth it to add the nor andro? Also have the option of the 19 nor in oral but I...