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  1. beastmode1981

    came across a bunch of pf's..whats th strongest one out or hard to snag?

    just curious whats a list of some hard to find ph's
  2. beastmode1981

    USA mri no2 red??.

    Yes does anyone have any mri no2 red extreme laying around for sale or trade. That and possibly some og hi tech off the chain? I have tons to trade
  3. beastmode1981

    USA anyone..something new/different??

    Anyone have a cutting PH stack or single supp available?
  4. beastmode1981

    geranium oil?

    Is geranium oil the same as 1,3? As in hemo shock preworkout?
  5. beastmode1981

    USA muscletest/erosin/e-control?

    Does anyone have some or all of these laying around? Primeval Erosion, American Metabolix Muscletest and/or Iron Mag Labs E control?? 3 of each if possible. Greatly appreciated and for a good cause.P.M. me for details, thanks yall
  6. beastmode1981

    Unanswered off topic

    Sorry if this in the wrong section but opinions on the best fitting bodybuilding t shirts...M&S,, monsta etc
  7. beastmode1981

    Unanswered What happened to Nuraplanet??

    The entire site is almost empty..
  8. beastmode1981

    USA decabolioste plex around?

    Anyone have 3 bottles of hi tech decabolin or osta-plex collecting dust that the may want to sell or trade?
  9. beastmode1981

    USA Superdrol??

    Anyone have a hitech superdrol for sale or trade??
  10. beastmode1981

    USA hi-tech??

    Hi tech 1 test and a cycle guard wanted?? any ideas?
  11. beastmode1981

    nutraplanet code?

    Yes has anyone had a problem with their 10% off code at Nutraplanet? The one you get after a purchase says its valid for two weeks. I tried mine the other day before the deadline and it said it was expired..?? Sent a message but did not get a response.
  12. beastmode1981


    Curious im having trouble finding the exact chem it 5,7-dihydroxy-2phenyl-4h-chromen-4-one?
  13. beastmode1981


    Just curious does anyone know why this was discontinued? It was in the Primaforce supplement line. Im also aware it was in a blend in the old craze but for some reason its unavailable.
  14. beastmode1981


    Is this the real deal? Or green tea?
  15. beastmode1981

    TLM Epicut Muscle

    Has anyone tried this product yet?
  16. beastmode1981

    USA blue lemonade cutler amino pump

    expired or new..bulk buy if anyone has any available..???(old formula)
  17. beastmode1981

    epi? benefits?

  18. beastmode1981

    ssn epi-125

    Yes I was just curious about SSN EPI-125. Its described as a SARM, but is it just merely epicatchen?
  19. beastmode1981

    USA epicatchin supps?

    Anyone have some collecting dust by any chance? Any brand.
  20. beastmode1981

    Testobomb by Genetically Altered Pharmaceuticals