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  1. kboxer7

    Tr1umph - Ultimate Gainz + Stacking Guide

    PRO USER GUIDE: TR1UMPH INTRODUCTION: We all know Tr1umph is an absolute ergogenic and anabolic BEAST. But in case you’ve been living under a rock and have not yet had the opportunity to learn how powerful it is, I’ll provide you with a nice little link below to catch up and you can thank me...
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    Review Rules

    mod edit: as stated numerous times and in the rules, this is not the place for individual order issues.
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    Holy Pre-Workout Batman - Conquer UL

    CHECK THIS OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This formula looks SICK! Can't wait to get my hands on some tubs!
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    KB's Guide to Nootopia: Huperzine-A

    ***Be gentle folks...this is my first Noot write-up (with more to come), and I'm open to suggestions on how to structure these and/or make them better, and will entertain requests for specific Noots*** Huperzine-A 1. Overview/Description: Huperzine-A (often abbreviated as Hup-A) is a...
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    Who has done Blood Work while on Melatonin?

    Ok gents, Who here has had bloodwork done while on Melatonin? I'm specifically looking for estrogen/E2 levels. The following and other related studies have peaked my interest and I am just curious if anyone saw any drops in E while on melatonin. I'm not sold on it being a replacement AI for a...
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    AGGRO & HYPNOS dosing and Stacking Question

    sup C&P, 1. Can I go up to 2 doses of AGGRO a day? 2. Any issue with stacking AGGRO and Focus XT? (wouldn't take at the same time but a few hours apart maybe) 3. Any issue taking HYPNOS 3-4 hours after AGGRO? Thanks crew!
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    Happy Birthday to me haha

    Well, Today is my birthday. The big 31. I'm happy to report that I'm in better shape now than I've been in a long time, and that is largely due to the information, motivation and support of this forum and the amazing companies represented here. So I just wanted to take a moment to thank all...
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    Interested in sponsoring a 5k w/ supp samples?

    A good friend of mine is an assistant coach at Murray University in KY. She is helping to organize a 5k there and expects 100 participants. I wanted to reach out and see if any reps or supp companies or anyone out there would be interested in providing a sample of a product for the race "goodie...
  9. kboxer7

    MK 677 Pulse to Reduce Desensitization from GH bleed?

    Whats up AM, Anyone had any success with pulsing MK 677? And if so, would there be an ideal dosing protocol? iirc, MK 677 causes a 24 hour spike, so MWF dosing? EOD? Trying to avoid desensitization from GH bleed. Thanks for any insight.
  10. kboxer7

    Best Cocktail to Increase FREE Test Only

    Ok crew, Trying to build an ultimate "free test" stack out of bulk/individual ingredients. Here is what I have so far: Divanil (Stinging Nettle) Diindoylmethane (I3C precursor) Tongkat Ali Boron Vit D3 Magnesium How about Avena Sativa? Can't find much on it. Anything else I have missed?
  11. kboxer7

    Cyclical Bulking...Thoughts on ideal times on/off

    I'm looking into changing up my yearly standard bulk/cut routine for one that I hope will result in more lean mass and less fat gain throughout the year. CYCLICAL BULKING EXAMPLE: 1-2 month bulk > 2 week cut > 1-2 month bulk > 2 week cut Obviously a cal surplus during bulk, then a deficit...
  12. kboxer7

    What in this pre is giving me crazy energy? Need help replicating it

    The product is the OG Nutrex Hemo Rage Black Ultra Concentrate Turbo Energy Shot (mouthful I know). The product is discontinued and I only have about 15 of the liquid shots laying around. I'm hoping with some bulks and playing around maybe I can replicate it good enough. The thing is, the...
  13. kboxer7

    Best way to cycle a BB + MMA training program?

    Long story short, I am going to get back into MMA/kickboxing. Problem is, I also like BBing and I'm minus 15lbs of lean muscle away from my goal weight. What I'm thinking is that if I plan correctly I can run a short bulk followed by a short cut/recomp multiple times a year and still end up...
  14. kboxer7

    Legit Sups for Cardio-Respiratory Enhancement?

    Title says it all... Are there any sups that have a NOTICEABLE effect on cardo-respiratory improvement? Anything legal that increases EPO? Or would I be limited to those that have more of an "endurance" enhancing effect? If so, would I be looking at a SARM like GW (I know not really a SARM...
  15. kboxer7

    Is feeling 18 again on TRT unrealistic?

    Ok so here's the deal. I'm 31 (almost) and I can still vividly remember ages 15-20 ish being unstoppable in terms of energy, aggression, endurance, etc My 20s I noticed a big difference at about age 26. A pretty BIG difference, and now at 31 I'm feeling drained all the time. No depression, good...
  16. kboxer7

    LG 1-Andro vs LG MMv3 (methyl mast) questions

    I've been out of the PH game since back when HDROL was legal (moment of silence for the dearly departed). I'm now looking to get back into the game with some legal alternatives. Its either 1-Andro ( and 4-Andro) OR the OG MMv3 from LG. While I'm familiar with 1-andro products, I don't know much...