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  1. question about sugar levels

    im needing some help here, i think i am hypoglycemic but not sure if im right. everytime i eat a piece of sugar like a candy bar or something that has alot of sugar in it i get tired as hell like i am ready to fall out... anyone who has hypoglycemia is this what happens to you or what, and if...
  2. ephedrine...... anyone heard anything more?

    i know there was an article that says its coming back but does anyone know when? also will we bee seeing the old products like lipo-6 and liquid clenbutrx ? thanks for any info
  3. Needing someone's help with a diet prob....

    Question about taking in sugar.... and crashing bad Everytime I eat even a little bit of sugar I crash really hard. Someone told me it might be like hypoglycemia... any idea's? My gf bought me some of those chocolate eggs with cherries in it. I just ate one of those a little bit ago and now I...
  4. Napster? anyone get this service yet?

    :blink: Ok I saw an ad on TV stating you pay 15 per month and you can download any music you want. My question now is, what are the hidden costs? Or what is the catch? can you burn CD's using this music you download? i bought a 20gig Ipod and want to get some music to fill it up. just checking...
  5. PCT after 6 weeks on SD, 4ad, 1 test.

    PCT after 6 weeks on SD, 4ad, 1 test.... need some help Ive got tamox, 6oxo and zma. what kind of doses do you suggest for PCT and what length of time. trying not to lose any mass. i gained about 15 lbs total. ok so i am gonna use tamox 40mg per day for 2 weeks i was thinking of using 500mg...
  6. Anyone ever pinch a nerve in their neck?

    i pinched one the other day and i am having one helluva time trying to get over this thing. i have been popping 800mg of motrin 3 times a day and trying to stretch it but it f#cking kills!!! anyone have any ideas to try and work this thing out? the pain radiates from the base of my skull and...
  7. Does anyone have an Ipod?

    I cant seem to figure out how to make my own playlists with their software..... Any help would be appreciated...
  8. First impression........ Superpump 250 from gaspari

    First off the taste is horrible. It says to mix with cold water, it doesnt dissolve in cold water. I had to mix with a blender in luke warm water. The mental focus was descent but i prefer the NOexplode over this one any day. Got me a little jittery but nothing too exciting. Pumps were ok but...
  9. 1 bottle each, 12grams 1test- 12grams 4ad in penetrate...Question

    Ok yesterday i received my penetrate, i used the recipe for mixing them. i put 12grams of 1 test in one bottle and 12 grams of 4ad in the other. now the question is: how much is in each squirt on the bottles. i think i seen a conversion chart for this but i cant remember where i saw it. also i...
  10. fight night at the palace.... basketball

    you guys see that fight between the pacers and the pistons.... what a joke
  11. little plastic bottles with oral syringes?

    i purchased these from a site for my own m1,4add conversion and now some friends want to do the same but i cant remember the web site i bought it from.... thanks for any help
  12. peg300 and peg400?

    peg300 and peg400? im needing some help what is the diff between the two? i ordered the 300 by mistake, can i use this to make my m1,4 oral or should i reorder and get the 400? thanks
  13. m1,4add conversion from DS site

    Method 4 - (For Methyl 1,4 ADDiol) 99ml PEG 400 1 Gram Methyl 1,4ADD Heat for 10 Minutes in a water bath Yields 100 10mg/ml servings what would i have to do to get this up a little higher per ml. say 20 or 30mg/ml? i just bought 3grams and would like to have a higher ratio... thanks bro's
  14. PEG 400

    hey im about to do my own M1,4 conversion. i went to DS to buy some PEG400 but they are out. does lemelange have the same stuff?
  15. what cycle to do with the stuff i have laying around?

    im ready to do another bulking cycle and i am looking for opinions on what you would stack with what and length of cycle.......... stuff i already have: 3 bottles 1 test transdermal 3 bottles t4 ( 4ad trans) 3 m1,4 2 bottles of m4ohn you guys have never sent me in the wrong direction so...
  16. anyone into photography?

    i just bought a nikon d-70 and i want to learn all there is to know about taking some high quality pics. especially night photos i am just confused on alot of the specifics (aperature, shutter speed, bulb) anyone know where i can find some free info on this subject.... i went to the library and...
  17. Hey if anyone is interested in skateboarding..

    You can design your own skins for your board or have them make you up a board Hope the moderators dont mind me posting a link.... if its a problem i will remove it right away......
  18. Help me out im needing some upper back thickness

    Im looking for some help getting some upper back thickness, i have the width kickin but i need to make the rhomboids come out. any suggestions.... some have said deadlifts are the way to go.
  19. Diet planning web site?

    I have seen on some peoples threads that people use different websites to keep track of their diets, goals etc... What are the web address's of these sites and are they free? Thanks Bro's
  20. Does anyone download songs anymore?

    I have been wanting to download but have been worried about the fines that they have been giving people. If you do download who do you use? I use to use kazaa but the pop ups were unreal... anyone use anything else.