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  1. scoooter

    Ultimate T

    Thank you to USPLABS for allowing me to sample a bottle of your new product Ultimate T Log shall begin ! Me: Male, 49, 200lbs, husband, family man, full time worker, supplement junkie. Hope you can join the log and provide me direction comments and support Thanks
  2. scoooter

    Combustion - BPS extreme fat burner

    I would like to thank BPS for the opportunity to try their extreme fat burner COMBUSTION. Started the product last Friday with one cap to evaluate my tolerance. It went well so I'm now using 2 caps daily. 1 upon waking and one 6-8 hr's later. My starting weight is 199.4lbs, 24%bf, 52%water as...
  3. scoooter

    Marked Up

    With the new law pending approval the PH world has experienced a dramatic turn of events in a relatively short time. As a result the liquidation sales have shown up on near every on-line retailer. Sales promotions have been stating prices have been "slashed" to at or below cost - point being...
  4. scoooter

    FINAFLEX Muscle Fiber log

    I'd like to thank the FINAFLEX group for the opportunity to try their new product Muscle Fiber. I got my full 60 servings on Friday before the long holiday weekend 8/29 and began using right away. Things have gotten very busy but the log is finally up. I've run at 1 scoop for the first 4 days...
  5. scoooter

    Athletic Xtreme | Supersize - New Flavor Beta Blu-Raz

    Greetings ! Thank you for selecting me to trial your new beta flavor Blu-Raz. I hope to be able to provide some anecdotal feedback to further enhance your product developement. I got my sample prior to vacation and was using primarily as an energy boost late in the day. Look for updates...
  6. scoooter

    Shred Stack AMS DecaSARM & Forerunner 5-Alpha

    Wed 8/21 – found out I was selected. 1 DecaSARM ( 19-norDHEA ) 1 5 Alpha Test (EpiAndrosterone 5a-androstan-3b-ol-17-one) 1 Arom-X Today my Shred Stack kit arrived ! New 5-Alpha Test For Dry Mass Gains! • DHT Conversion Increases Aggressiveness • Improves Libido • Promotes a Positive...
  7. scoooter

    MLB and Steroids ALL or Nothing

    I read today that MLB is going after players for steroids. Then I read the most crazy thing ever "each be suspended for 100 games under baseball's drug policy as second-time offenders, according to the report." SRS - I mean come on either steroids are allowed or they are not. (I'm all for...
  8. scoooter

    Fahrenheit Nutrition BCAA Pluss (30 sample eval)

    A big thanks to Brucega and Fahrenheit Nutrition for a chance to run Endurance BCAA Plus. I was sent 30 servings (405G) of Melon flavor and will dose it in a multitude of ways. My interest in this product was peaked by the combo but mostly the Creatinol-O-Phosphate. Product Contains: per...
  9. scoooter

    What ever became of Prolensis TM(Bulbine Natalensis)

    Thought I'd stir up some conversation as why Prolensis TM(Bulbine Natalensis) seems to have dropped off the AM radar ? Comments ....
  10. scoooter

    New "mystery" weight loss supp

    Reported that cellucor will be releasing a new supplement aimed at weight loss. Cellucor Rumored to Unveil New Product at LA Fit Expo | PRLog
  11. scoooter

    T-Alpha & Mass Addiction Amplified Stack

    I'm gonna run some stuff by Anabolic Addiction. T-Alpha & Mass Addiction Amplified Stack My list of basic’s Vit E, Vit C, Multi (generic), Protien Shakes, Fish Oil Creatine and BCAA. I also use a regiment of supp’s for cardio support consisting of CoQ10 and Hawthornberry extract. I’m...
  12. scoooter

    Anabolic Addiction Amplified

    Going to try some Mass Addition Anabolic Addiction Amplified since this is a reformulated version of the original which I tried when it first became available. My interest back then at the time was purely for the ECDY to gauge its effectiveness. I’m really looking forward to this one. It’s a...
  13. scoooter

    iForce Tropinol (sponsored)

    FINAL REVIEW ON POST #44 Just getting started…!!! My iForce Tropinol beta tester log, welcome. That being said this is my first log and the format can be defined by your responses for info. I received a 4 week supply to run and for my weight, under 200, it works out to 2 caps /day...
  14. scoooter

    Sub sterone mini review

    LG Sub Sterone cliffs: I purchased this product “pre-sale” and wanted to provide a users review. I followed a consistent diet and workout routine. The only other supp’s used in conjunction with the product would be considered “basics”, fish oil, protein, bcaa so I consider this a solo run...
  15. scoooter


    Just a suggestion...not sure this is possible for AM to generate a single place to view numerical data which has been compiled from posts. Sort of like a single massive poll. The difficulty would be having someone manage the data because it would require a person to review indivigual posts and...
  16. scoooter

    DCP & Alli Stack...

    Would like to get some thoughts about this stack of DCP and Alli. My thinking is that the Alli will remove mobile fat while the DCP will release stored fat so the Alli can eliminate it.
  17. scoooter

    SuperSaponins any info ?

    Found the bulk powder SuperSaponins at NP is Out of Stock. Really don't want to make my own caps so I'm asking if there will be any caps made available ? anyone using care to comment of feedback / results
  18. scoooter

    Closing argument

    What's the deal with people's signatures where they state something that seems like a legal CYA (cover your ass) Some examples: "I am not a real doctor", "for entertainment purposes only" "is a fictitious character and all statements made do not reflect the views of the account holder" It...
  19. scoooter


    Took my niece (16ish) to a college Hockey game and the whole time she wasted texting ! I asked her to stop and it was like there is an addiction because she actually seemed to have withdrawl symptoms any similar experiences comments ?