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  1. GrizzleB

    USA NOS LABS flourinated Modafinil, Protein, and etc

    Hey guys, I have 3 bottles of FL-Moda up for grabs. It's subliual desolved in an ethanol solution. Works like a charm but I find noopept and sunifram work better for me. Also strapped for cash. Some Pro supps protein, maybe some sarms laying around I could let go of. Also have other items, Just...
  2. GrizzleB

    Need advice on bloodwork

    So ive been on TRT for 6 months now. After my first 3 month bloodtest of being on 100/wk my test was at 877 and everything else was in range. Did a blast of 500 test cup, stopping pinning exactly 2 weeks ago to get test down. Bloodwork is going to be mid April, they scheduled it for the 8th but...
  3. GrizzleB

    Sunifiram and noopept

    So I have a good source for these and im interested in trying more noots. Specifically ones that provide energy, focus, memory etc. These sound like they'd work great stacked. Any info would be appreciated.
  4. GrizzleB

    Apex Alchemy sale

    Hey guys, we have a sale running over at ECLIPSE and LITHOS are currently $10 off msrp!! You can also use my code GRZB10 for an additional 10% off. Don't sleep on this, great transdermals at a great price. Many logs on them current with positive results. If you have any...
  5. GrizzleB

    USA Pct and couple other items

    I got a few things I don't need that I'd like to sell. PM me for info.
  6. GrizzleB

    GrizzleB's Apex alchemy eclipse log + Blast

    Shout out to NOStrums420 for letting me give this product a shot. Item arrived soon after he asked for my info so that A1 customer service if you ask me. This is my first log go easy on me boys. This is also going to be my first test blast after going on trt 3 months ago. I got lab work...
  7. GrizzleB

    Body fat % estimate please

    Hey guys, so I went on vacation back in June. I was already overweight and had just started getting back into lifting. After having our 6th child I got lazy and would only get in maybe one workout a week. Now I'm shooting for 3-4 if not more. First pic is from vacation in June. Second taken on...
  8. GrizzleB

    GrizzleB doin' some thangs

    Hey guys, so I've been away from the boards for a bit. Last post was me going on vacation with the family down in corpus Christi. I had won some to log and took it with us down there. Took a dose and we left for the day to the beach. Upon return I noticed the 2 bags were gone. I don't know if...
  9. GrizzleB

    First Cycle Advice

    Hey guys, I've been reading for while about first cycles and I'm trying to get everything figured out. From what I gathered my cycle will look like this Wk 1-12 Testosterone Enanthate = 250mg twice/wk e3.5d Wk 1-12 Aromasin 12.5mg eod - monitor and adjust accordingly. Wk 1-14.5 hCG = 250iu...