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  1. RickRock13

    RickRock tightens up his abs with Evomuse DRY RUB

    First of all I wanted to thank Evomuse for the oppurtunity to try out this new product! I was really hoping to get this before my contest I had on March 30th, but unfortunately it came about a week later than that. No biggie, except for the fact that my binge eating post-contest has certainly...
  2. RickRock13

    RickRock's recovery with FormaSurge!!

    First of all, I have to thank Kleen and the BPS crew for giving me the opportunity to log FormaSurge! I'm no stranger to Formestane products, as I have used Formastanozol several times in different ways whether it be as on cycle estrogen control, as part of PCT or as use for fat burning and...
  3. RickRock13

    A new chapter...RickRock's path on the "DARK SIDE" begins...

    After a lot of planning i will be running my first Injectible cycle. I have done a few PH cycles over the last year and a half or so, and I feel its time for me to take my physique to the next level. Here is the plan... CYCLE: Test E-500mg per week 1-12 (250mg 2x week) Masteron...
  4. RickRock13

    RickRock sets his training ON FIRE with IGNITE 2!! (Finaflex sponsored)

    A big thanks to Dreamweaver, ScottyDoc, and Finaflex for the oppurtunity to try out Ignite 2! I am a big stim junkie and I'm pretty much addicted to preworkouts so I'm very excited to try this out. At 6 AM, a good preworkout is a must to make sure I give it 110% always. Ignite 2 looks like it...
  5. RickRock13

    RickRock's MAXIMIZEing INTENSE workouts along with HEMAVOL!! (iForce Sponsored)

    First off, let me give a BIG thanks to VaughnTrue and the rest of the iForce team for hooking me up with both Maximize intense and Hemavol! :cheers: I have tried a previous sample of Maximize, and was very impressed with it in terms of its effects and taste, so I am very interested in how...
  6. RickRock13

    RickRock's sending natty test levels into overdrive with ENDOSURGE!! (BPS sponsored)

    First of all thanks to Kleen and the rest of the BPS team for getting me a fresh bottle of Endosurge to help bring my natural test levels back to normal and hopefully beyond! I just wrapped up a rather lengthy run of running a SARMS stack for about 9 weeks. I ran Ostarine (MK-2866) up to 25mg...
  7. RickRock13

    AI Sports helps get RickRock PUMPED and RIPPED with Agmatine and Raspberry Ketones!!

    First of all I have to thank Stxnas and the rest of the AI Sports team for giving me the oppurtunity to try out Amatine and Raspberry Ketones. Thanks a lot guys! my package arrived the other day, and I got hooked up very well! I was pleasantly surprised to open the box and find a gym bag...
  8. RickRock13

    Better Protein Bars now for 10$ at NTBM!!

    There is now a killer price on some great better protein bar flavors at NTBM!! The price has been lowered to 10 bucks per bag, so now is a great time to stock up on some of these tasty protein bars for a great price!! This price is good for these flavors....:yumyum: Chocolate Raspberry...
  9. RickRock13

    25% off at NTBM for new forum members!!

    We are trying to bring some new members and new faces to NTBM forums. Starting February 1st, NTBM will be giving away a one time use 25% off discount code to any new forum members that reach the 50 posts mark (new members must have a February 1st or later join date). Once the 50 posts have been...
  10. RickRock13

    Vote for your favorite POWERCHEWS!!

    I've been curious as to what everyone's favorite type of powerchews are, so I thought I would put together a little poll to see. Its very hard for me to pick myself as I love the taste and convenience of the BCAA chews to pop in place of actual candy that curbs cravings and gets in BCAAs at the...
  11. RickRock13

    RickRock's recomp with SARMs S-4 and Ostarine!!

    Ok....I started this stack today and am officially beginning my recomp. I just wrapped my PCT last week and have been on Ostarine since the start of that PCT. My plan is to lose about 2% bodyfat and add a few lbs of LBM in the process over the 8 weeks I plan on doing this run. I'm also...
  12. RickRock13

    please welcome Mattrag to the NTBM team!!

    I'm sure anybody who spends much time on this forum has seen Mattrag around since he spends a lot of time here. He is a great guy and we are proud to welcome him as our newest rep for NTBM! Please give him a warm welcome and show him some love!:grouphug: :
  13. RickRock13

    RickRock energizes his workouts with Oxygen4Energy!

    I was fortunate enough to be picked to try out the new supplemental oxygen product from Mr supps to give my own take on whether or not it has any effect on my workouts, so I will be giving it a go t see what I think. I will be trying it out pre-workout and intra-workout as well as before fasted...
  14. RickRock13

    Great price on Zero Loss pre-workout at Mr Supps!!

    Zero Loss At Premium Powders, when we make a new product for our customers, we want to be absolutely sure it is of the highest quality possible. In order to achieve such perfection, we create an entire batch of the product for testing and calibrating purposes. If the product is not up to par, we...
  15. RickRock13

    Sale on Better protein bars until Jan 1st!!!

    Until January 1st, when you buy 2 bags of better protein bars (any flavor except original peanut butter), you will be given one free! There is no discount code required. Just add two to your cart and a third will be sent with your order! This offer excludes original, but all other flavors...
  16. RickRock13

    NTBM Gear is buy 3, get one free!!

    For a limited time NTBM Gear is buy 3, get one free. For those wanting to stock up on a great Amino acid supplement, this is a great oppurtunity to capitalize on the savings! This offer ends tomorrow (Dec. 12th)
  17. RickRock13

    29.99 Beastdrol!!!

    Mod edit: no!
  18. RickRock13

    NTBM "golden ticket" protein contest

    Needtobuildmuscle is giving away golden tickets in 1 out of every 10 bags/containers of protein (whey to build muscle, muscle replenisher, Isolation, and Onslaught). What is the golden ticket for you might ask? The golden ticket is good for a 30 minute consultation with the owner of...
  19. RickRock13

    Mr Supps Black Friday sale!!

    In honor of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Mr supps is offering 30% off anything at it's site using the discount "SUPERSALE" at checkout!!
  20. RickRock13

    Who is getting some Powerchews D-test?

    I have a tub of these coming to use in my upcoming PCT, and I'm pretty excited to try them out! The 3g DAA and 2g LCLT in each serving makes them perfect for post cycle therapy. the great taste is just an added bonus!