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  1. MidwestBeast

    USA Any good Orange Triad deals out there?

    On my last bottle of OT and looking to re-up. Priceplow showed a couple places having it for 27 a bottle, but they linked as 30 (may be a code I didn't see or maybe they just aren't updated). Amazon is 32 or 33. Wasn't sure if any of you knew of a better deal or if anyone had any they wanted to...
  2. MidwestBeast

    USA Huge stash sale

    I've been a huge supp fan for a very long time. But for the past year or so, I've pretty much got myself down to just a multi, fish oil, and some accessory vitamin/mineral support along with pre workout and aminos. I've collected a large stash for fear of things being banned or discontinued...
  3. MidwestBeast

    USA WTB Orange Triad

    Looking for Orange Triad. Can PayPal or have tons for trade, as well.
  4. MidwestBeast

    First Responders' Reviews (and log) of FitMax

    A very special thanks to Performax ( AntM1564 & R1balla ) for the opportunity to test out Fit Max. I worked in higher education for over a decade and then did a career 180 and became a firefighter. I work 24 hours on and am off 48. Sometimes it's crazy, sometimes it's not. But one thing is for...
  5. MidwestBeast

    Controlled Labs White Flash log

    Big thanks to Sean1332 and Hyde and CL for giving me a chance to log this. After I saw the panel, I knew I was going to give it a go one way or another. It's a pretty straight forward open label and covers all the bases I really want. I cracked it open on Sunday when I was at the station on...
  6. MidwestBeast

    USA ISO Agmatine (caps or tabs)

    Need to re-up on agmatine. Just seeing if anything is out there cheap via PayPal or trade before making a purchase (no interest in powder -- I'm lazy)
  7. MidwestBeast

    USA WTB Follidrone (urgent lol)

    Needing at least one bottle of Follidrone shipped out before this week is up. Willing to buy or trade. Trying to order and nutriverse with no luck and strong is OOS right now. Hit me up. Thanks
  8. MidwestBeast

    Orange Brainwash mini log/review

    Big shout out to Sean1332 and CL for hooking me up with a tub of the brand new Orange Brainwash. I was planning on grabbing this to try after seeing the formula and was offered a chance to try it -- always happy with the generosity of CL. I opted for the apple flavor just for uniqueness's...
  9. MidwestBeast

    Azoth 2.0 Review

    I would like to thank Euclides for being so kind as to send a bottle of Azoth 2.0 to me to try out. First and foremost, I must apologize for how long it's taken me to post this. I don't want to go into details, but over the last 2 months, I've gone through a stretch I certainly wasn't ever...
  10. MidwestBeast

    Vicaine Log

    Big thanks to MA Labs, Mike Arnold & WesleyInman for giving me a chance to test out Vicaine. When I saw the label, I was very much intrigued and planned on pulling the trigger on a bottle to test out, but they were kind enough to offer up a bottle -- very generous. Bottle showed up yesterday...
  11. MidwestBeast

    Divided Labs Previde

    Anybody tried this one out, yet? I'm not really up on the company, but the label on this looks solid at 2 scoops: Flavors sound tasty, too: Blue raspberry Green Apple Orange Mango Thinking I'm gonna pick this up soon and test it out.
  12. MidwestBeast

    USA WTB/WTT for Epitome

    About out and needing my Epitome fix! Willing to PayPal or trade in your favor. Let me know what you're looking for if you want to trade and I'll get you a list.
  13. MidwestBeast

    Scivation Quake 10.0 Log

    Shoutout to The Solution and 1Fast400 and Scivation for the hook-up on their last promo. I was lucky enough to get a tub of Quake (Lemon Drop) to test drive for a few weeks. Ever since iForce released Compete (however many years ago that was), I had used it exclusively as my intra-workout...
  14. MidwestBeast

    Trying to Determine the Cause of Returning Gynecomastia

    This is not something I enjoy talking about, but ignoring it doesn't help the situation, either. This is not related to anabolics, but I felt it would likely get more attention in here rather than under general chat. For those who have seen me around, you may recall that last June, I had surgery...
  15. MidwestBeast

    How do you deal with your bad days?

    I'm sure several threads similar to this are floating around, but I didn't see anything too recent. Had a great Saturday, but yesterday was a little rough and it's rolled right into my Monday. This is pretty common for me. I'm very much OCD in my schedule and how I do things and my routine was...
  16. MidwestBeast


    Who is watching? I just caught up on the first 3 episodes yesterday and am looking forward to more. Big Walton Goggins fan and I think they got a solid core of actors for this, so I'm excited it'll be good. Additionally, I'm always curious for feedback from any of you with military experience...
  17. MidwestBeast

    Controlled Labs Gamer Up Log -- Testing for a Mid-Day Pick-Me-Up

    Big thanks to Sean1332 , Hyde , and Controlled Labs for the chance to test this out. If you've stumbled into the Nerdy Lifter's Corner, you're already aware that I'm not much for gaming. Loved me some N64 and everything before it, but after that it just got a little too complex/time-consuming...
  18. MidwestBeast

    iForce Max Out + HemaVO2 Pre-workout Log

    All right, sorry for the delay in getting this log up. I've been on vacation since last Tuesday afternoon and to be honest, anymore when I'm not in the office, I'm seldom at/on an actual computer. However, when it comes to at least starting up a good log, I like to do it from a PC instead of my...
  19. MidwestBeast

    Lockout Black Friday Savings!

    Use code "blackout16" for 10% off already low prices! And be sure to check out the sales page where you can combine this code!
  20. MidwestBeast

    EvoMuse update

    For anyone who isn't on fb, this was posted an hour ago -- I just wanted to make sure you all were able to see it, as well: