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  1. Spreading The Word

    Just saying thanks to Stryder for a quick and correct delivery, and to let everyone know you're in good hands with NutraPlanet.
  2. Just Shut Up and Click It!
  3. 2 Thumbs Up For Bobo's Training Program (updated)

    I know many of you are probably considering having Bobo train you. All I can say is if you have any doubts, you shouldn't. Bobo has given me 100% satisfaction in every aspect of the program so far. I know some of you were promised by other trainers in the past that you could contact them...
  4. Happy Birthday Jergo

    Happy Birthday bro. I hope it's a good one!
  5. GO users please respond

    I just ordered some GO to help my motivation and intensity during this insanely cold weather. I have no doubts of it's effectiveness but my question is to people that have been using it consistently for a while now. How effective is it after you have been using it for a while? Have you...
  6. VPX Determined To Bleed You Dry

    Well their newly available Liposomal 1-test is out.  They will have gelcaps available soon.  They said there was such a demand for it they decided to come out with a liposomal first.  I said no you couldn't handle everyone else making money on it.  So if you are hesitating spending $50 on a...
  7. Game 7 Hell Yeah!!!! Go Sox!

     I figured this series was over.  I guess not!
  8. V12 causing acne thinking of switching to Swole V2

    Hey guys, I noticed that when I started taking V12 that my back and shoulders started to break out.  I have never had a problem with this in the past.  I have read some other people having this issue also.  So I'm wondering if swtiching to Swole would help?  V12 is tricreatine malate and Swole...
  9. Fitness Geared go bye bye?

    In my pursuit for another active board to run my mouth I registered @ fitnessgeared this morning.  I just went back a few minutes ago and I got an error saying their account has been suspended.  Did someone forget to pay the bill?
  10. Ephedrine & Thyroid problems

    I have a co worker that has a history of hyperthyroidism at a graves disease level.  He under went oral radiation treatment 2 years ago and he now believes he is in a state of hypothyroidism.  He has gained a significant amount of weight over the last two years.  I have been helping him get on a...
  11. Regular oats vs. instant oatmeal

    I always use old fashioned rolled oats for my oatmeal intake but this weekend when I start my cycle I will also be starting a new diet which will require me to eat a lot more oatmeal.  I know there are less carbs in instant oatmeal but is there any other negative reason to stay away from instant?
  12. Wannabebig board caught with head up their ass.

    After I was warned in a pm saying if I was caught doing business I would be banned.  LOL.  I guess they figured me out.  I'm the mastermind behind BDC nutrition.   check this thread out.
  13. T1 Pro & 1,4 DIOL Cycle

    Starting cycle Sunday 6/17      PHs T1 Pro 3 squirts/day (Heavy dosing)   1, 4 DIOL 600mgs/day Liquid Nolvadex .5ml/day throughout cycle ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Diet My diet is a 50/15/35 P/C/F split at maintenance level...
  14. Car Audio freaks wanted

    Hey guys I'm looking to upgrade my amp and I knew there were some car audio guys in here.    Currently I'm running an Alpine V12 (forget the model but she's a biggy).  It originally sold for $900.  That is pushing two Kicker Solo Baric 12s.  I was thinking of going with a JL Audio 800 watt but...

    Check this site out if you haven't seen it already.  Look for the videos one should show up after a few seconds then you can click to the rest of them.  
  16. Member Store Site Down

    LOL I love it I finally go to order my T1 & UCP-1 and the site is down.  Any idea when it will be back up?   I'm also confused about why the UCP is $25 at BDC's site but it's $15 @ powernutrition, and the T1 is $25 here, and it's 48 @ powernutrition?  Am I missing something here?
  17. Shelf life on Prohormone powders?

    Hey guys I know that a transdermal mixed is good for a year or so, but how long will bulk powders be good for, and how long would the lotion by itself be good for?
  18. Slow repsonse lately

    Is there a problem with the server?  The last few days it's taken quite a while for the home page to load up?
  19. A MUST READ for All VPX Haters & Lovers   I posted this article from "The Guru" in VPX's mag about, and specifically Big Cat.  Take a look I found it pretty interesting, and some of you vets may possibly find it quite insulting.   If you guys don't want this up...
  20. Bulk quantity of Ephedrine

    Anyone know a good place to buy large quantites of ephedrine?  If memory serves me correctly you are limited to a certain amount these days, but I can buy from more then one source correct?  Thanks in advance.