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    Not stim non pump pre?

    Does such a thing exist? Is there a pre that contains no stims, does not have to be pump but will aid in lifting more reps at the gym. Body needs a break from stims and most pump products product varied results, anything else out there, seems be little innovation??
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    Cortisol Supplement Don’t Work!!

    My cortisol levels have been in the normal range for some time but I wanted to lower further. In February did a blood test and saw my baseline result. Earlier in the month I took OFN cortisol supplement and most recently Glaxon for stress. Did another blood test the other day my cortisol almost...
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    Magnitropin Alternative?

    Hey guys, Im looking for a alternative maybe with out Gentian Extract and what is little more updated in terms of dosages?? Any ideas?
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    Shaker exploded during shake!

    The other day I mixed two pump supplements Nutrux and one by Ryse, decided to shake them in a metal shaker. All of a sudden my shaker lid literally exploded and pre went all over the place. Im thinking it was due to the nitrates in the mix, has anyone experienced this before?
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    What to add to unflavoured protein?

    To make it taste nicer- tried cocao power but not that great
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    DHEA Sulphate - Should one take?

    Anyone take dhea-s supplement? My dhea-s been reducing each year but still in normal balance, took a blood test.. should one supplement? Will one see any benefits? Im 35 years old. Looking research on net shows no benefits to muscle..
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    Unanswered Nitrosigine Beats Citrulline Malate

    Very interesting read: Thoughts on this?
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    Unanswered Womens Hair Supplement

    Anyone know a good supplement that will aid with female hair growth, not to concerned about skin and nails... ? Any ideas thanks
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    Unanswered FDA Bans Laxo!!
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    Unanswered Bloated bellies

    Anyone have bloated belly no matter how hard they train... ? Seems be genetic related with no fat burner working to shred belly... share thoughts?
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    Unanswered Arachidonic Acid (X-Factor VS X-Gels)

    Hi, I was thinking of trying out Ara for the first time, apart from X-Gels the very well known one: I have come across: Uses ARASYN™ a patented version. Does anyone know...
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    Unanswered Eaas Clinical Dosages?

    I been trying to find a EAA product that contains clinical dosages and purest form. Currently there seems to be some confusion with each company dosing slightly differently. We also have blends by Compound Solution - Amino 9 then you have different blend by Ajipure - MP9 mix... Not all...
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    Unanswered Anyone not training but reading forums?

    Anyone else been out of training for some but reading the forums daily?
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    Clicking back and shoulders

    Anyone experiance this especially when sleeping? Anyone have a supp for it? Thanks
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    What does leaning out mean?

    Is it the same as getting toned. ? Thought no such thing just weight loss and no spot weight reduction
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    Disappointed at InnovaPharm - Nova Pump

    Solid profile: Was expecting far more, took 1 scoop - unicorn flavor (very ice) Gym performance, hardly any change, arms felt bit firmer Anyone else had experience with innova pharm products?
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    Why laxo is ****e...

    Came across this nice article Explains exactly why laxo did nothing for me, waste of money really
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    Conspiracy Theory: Steel Supps - Black Magic Supply

    I been doing some research, it seems either one company is copying the other or they are somehow working together. Evidence: Almost the same product with slight dosage label changes Even...
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    Upgrade iOS app totapatalk 8.1+

    Would be good to get the latest bug fixes for 2019 and features, its been a while..thanks
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    Supplement storage box/containers?

    Do people have a cool box, storage containers that they keep there supplements in? Anything apart from kitchen cupboard?