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  1. Tank88

    Tank's Alpha Stano Powder Log (sponsored)

    Hi guys Firstly thanks to @delsolrob and @thebigt for picking me up to run Alpha Stano. The product normally comes in capsule form, but for this run we're just using the raw powder. Unlike some other epi products, they use a cyclodextrin delivery system. The spec on the powder is 300mg epi and...
  2. Tank88

    Lifestyle Gainz with Iconic Formulations' Neuro AET

    Hi Guys First up thanks to Iconic Formulations and @cheftepesh1 and @thebigt for picking me to log their new Neuro AET. Besides all the staples like whey, creatine, bcaa's, glycerol and pwo, i'm currently running m test and anabolic effect as well. What i'm looking for on this run is...
  3. Tank88

    Unanswered Thoughts on Post workout meals for AM workouts

    Hi guys What's everyone's thoughts on the right type of meal post workout? I workout in the mornings and I've always felt having a whole food meal after your workout is the way to go. I normally do eggs, some kind of beef (burgers/ground beef), toast. It's just sometimes hard to eat this much...
  4. Tank88

    Unanswered Workout first thing in the mornings

    Hi guys I've started training first thing in the mornings, changing from working out a night. I always trained after work, so meal timing and everything was pretty much sorted out. I've been playing around taking some whey preworkout now, probably 30minutes or so before starting my workout. I...
  5. Tank88

    Unanswered Everlywell Tests

    Hi guys I saw an ad for Everlywell tests a while ago, you can test all kinds of things, but i was looking at the testosterone test, it's only $60, which isn't bad right? Has anyone used these tests? what was your experience with this? Is it just better to pay a bit more and go to a doctor?
  6. Tank88

    Tank trying to attain and Sustain alphaness with Iconic Labs

    Hi guys Sorry for only getting my log up now, things have been crazy at work for the last few days, but here goes. Thanks to BigT and CHEFtapesh1 and the rest of the guys at Iconic labs for picking me to log their test booster, Sustain Alpha. I have used this product before as a PCT after a...
  7. Tank88

    What to stack with Laxo?

    Hi guys I'm planning an 8 week run with Iconic formulation's laxo (TD), just wondering what other natty products out there will work well with this? I've done laxo with alphamax xt in the past, but wasn't overly impressed with this. Maybe run something like vector with laxo?
  8. Tank88

    Tank's "Fix my shoulders with MST Joint Mechanic" Run (sponsored)

    First up, big thanks to MySTeek for giving me the chance to log MST's new joint supplement, Joint Mechanic Plus. For probably the last 3 years I've had some kind of shoulder pain, and while i've learned how to train around it, it's never really gone. Nowadays i can only sleep on my back or my...
  9. Tank88

    Dermacrine PCT and cycle support

    Hi guys I'm planning on doing a dermacrine run in a few weeks time. Just want to see what PCT other users have been running. Also, do i need to have some on cycle support? from other users it seems it's not necessary?
  10. Tank88

    Tank's Recomp mission on Alphamax and laxo

    Hi guys So after mulling about what to run next i decided to go for an alphamax xt and laxogenin run. I've run both these products apart in the past, so i think we should be good to see what works and what doesn't. I previously bought one batch of laxo from Hi Tech, i just got one to see how it...
  11. Tank88

    Best Protein currently

    Hi guys Quick question, what's everybody's favorite protein currently? I've been using dymatize for a while and i'm gonna try cellucor now, but just wanted to get some opinions from everyone else Thanks
  12. Tank88

    Supplements and Cholesterol

    Hi guys So i've just got a quick question, do supplements have an effect on your cholesterol levels? Are there any supplements you should stay away from when your cholesterol levels are high? I'm just asking since i got my cholesterol tested this week and it came back pretty high, which will...
  13. Tank88

    Tank's Performax Labs Powermax XT log

    Hi guys So first off thanks to Performax and R1balla for giving me the chance to run this So i've recently decided to switch to training in the mornings because of work and i'm also changing to training fasted, where in the past i would always have a shake and some fruit before working out...
  14. Tank88

    Fish Oil question

    This is a really stupid question, but do you guys think fish oils really help with joints? I've never bothered, i've always been on a budget with supplements and if i have to choose between trying a new pre workout or fish oils, pre workout wins every time. But since my joints aren't as good as...
  15. Tank88

    Food timing

    Hi guys Just a quick question I normally workout either in the morning or at night, depending on what my work week looks like. When i go in the mornings, i'll get up at 5, have 30g whey/isolate, teaspoon of peanut butter and a banana or two, dependent of how hungry i feel or what i'm training...
  16. Tank88

    Alphamax XT and Ep1c

    Hi guys I just saw nutraplanet is running a promotion OL Ep1C, has anybody ran this with alphamax XT? i'm currently running XT with x gels but i've got another bottle that i got in a deal and thought i might try that with ep1c after the x gels run.
  17. Tank88

    Black Friday Natural stack

    Hi guys Just got a quick question, I've read through a lot of the Alphamax and Tesify discussions, since I'm looking for a new stack and since black friday is around the corner, i guess there will be some specials coming as well. I want to run a natural stack for now, looking to add some mass...