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  1. Ape McGrapes

    Iconic Black Series Q&A

    I'll be in here periodically to answer any questions you have on the new black series: Price, dosage, cycle set up, application points, etc. If I dont get to it, the whole team is qualified. @thebigt @Marms @delsolrob
  2. Ape McGrapes

    Testosterone Suppository

    Just when I thought I had seen it all in this industry. What the hell is a "5% extract of natural testosterone concentration" and why would I want to put it up my butt? 5% extract of natural...
  3. Ape McGrapes

    Flmodafanil Source?

    Tue source I used some time back no longer Carrie's it. Saw our sponsor MAResearch is out of stock. Anyone have a source?
  4. Ape McGrapes

    LJ100 Question.

    Picked up a brand of LJ100 with a hefty dosage for what seemed to be way too cheap. I know HP has some control over pricing, not to mention LJ100 being an expensive branded ingredient, making competitive pricing almost impossible. I also assume no one is dumb enough to rip off a trade marked...
  5. Ape McGrapes

    USA FS: Ergonine+Triumph

    2 bottles of Ergonine Tripical Twist 1 bottle Triumph Peaches N’ Cream PM me for purchase/trade. These will go up on Ebay in a week or so.
  6. Ape McGrapes

    Can Boosting Immune System Stop Covid-19?

    Obviously because of what our community is, most of us are more than likely taking measures to boost our immune system. Hypothetically we hope this will keep us from catching the Coronavirus, but is that the case? If exposed, will a strong enough/boosted immune system keep us from catching the...
  7. Ape McGrapes

    USA WTB OG K1ngs Blood

    Thread title says it all. Looking for bottles of the OG 300ct. K1ngs Blood. $$ or trade. I have a couple bottles of Ergonine and Iconogin that I wouldn't mind unloading. Possibly some other goodies as well.
  8. Ape McGrapes

    USA Ergonine FS

    Have two sealed bottles of Tropical Twist Ergonine for sale. $35 shipped or $65 shipped for the two. I also have a third tub that is open, missing roughly four scoops. $30 shipped on the open tub or $85 for the whole lot.
  9. Ape McGrapes

    USA WTB Muscle Gelz Gear

    Looking for a bottle of Muscle Gelz Gear. Shoot me a PM. $$ or trade.
  10. Ape McGrapes

    USA Anabeta Elite/Ergonine for Trade/Sale

    I have an unopened bottle of Anabeta elite. Looking for either a second bottle or to sell/trade it. I'm looking for OL Sup3r-19. Also have three Ergonine I would possibly part with. Just shoot me a PM.
  11. Ape McGrapes

    USA WTB Sup3r-19

    Looking for a bottle or two of Sup3r-19. Cash or trades. Shoot me a PM.
  12. Ape McGrapes

    Genoflex Experiences?

    Just copped five bottles on the real cheap. $60 shipped so I couldn't pass on it. Was just looking for cissus, because my shoulders have been cracking on bench and I reinjured a wrist that never healed right the first time. So who has been using this long term? Enjoying it?
  13. Ape McGrapes

    USA WTB K1ngs Blood

    Title says it all. Hit me with a PM or drop some offers in here. Also looking for a bottle of Vector and a few tubs of Tr1umph.
  14. Ape McGrapes

    USA WTB Vector

    Title says it all. PM or drop some offers in here. Also looking for a bottle of K1ngs Blood, and a few tubs of Tr1umph.
  15. Ape McGrapes

    USA WTB Tr1umph

    Title says it all. Looking for 1-2 tubs. PM or drop some offers in here. Also in the market for a bottle of Vector and a bottle of K1ngs Blood.
  16. Ape McGrapes

    Bloodshr3d Discontinued?

    Went to order a bottle from the OL site and noticed it is out of stock; both War and Raw. Is it just out of stock or discontinued? If the later, will it be reformulated? Lastly: Where the **** is the new Tr1umph? We have waited long enough.
  17. Ape McGrapes


    Sig Test
  18. Ape McGrapes

    Upcoming Summer Cycle

    Besides the two bottles of Vector I bought, and my usual staples, I haven't run many Supps at all this year. I also had quite a few set backs with training and diet. Now that everything is back on track, here is what I will be running this summer. It's def my biggest Andro cycle to date. DHEA...
  19. Ape McGrapes

    Storefront Open?

    I know the site is down for maintenance/CC Issues, but is the store front still open? Am I able to drove in and place an order in person? I've been in twice, in the past. Only about 75 minute drive for me. Work up there quite often as well. Maybe I'll give a call later.
  20. Ape McGrapes

    USA WTB Andros