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  1. Alpha1a

    Contest prep log

    What’s up guys. Some of you know me already I used to be active in here but I plan on being more active again. I’m starting a 12 week prep for an NPC Classic Physique show. This will be my first show if I go through with it which is still 50/50 at the moment, basically I just did a PL meet...
  2. Alpha1a

    Hydrobol Vicious Labs Log!

    Alright guys with the release of the elements I got myself 2 bottles of Hydrobol. I'll post info tomorrow but I'll be running them straight through at 3-5 caps a day hoping for 15 lbs Agreda10 gets you 10% off !
  3. Alpha1a

    Enhanced Formulation 3 alpha log

    What's up guys. Alpha1a here, i grabbed myself a bottle of 3 Alpha from EF and gunna log it here for you guys. Won't be a daily log but I'll post atleast weekly. Sitting at 217lbs in the AM not looking to do a huge bulk or get shredded but instead just been chasing quality results so I'm not...
  4. Alpha1a

    Chaos and pain Ferox is B1G1 this weekend !

    Make sure you guys follow on IG too to keep up with the sales
  5. Alpha1a


    What's up gentleman A1A here ! I want 2 of you to enjoy a bottle of Riot on us !! All you have to do is subscribe to our newsletter to enter, now it's been some time since I did a give away so I don't care if you've won before I just want entries damn it! Now I'm not saying it's required...
  6. Alpha1a

    Chaos and Pain is giving you a Chaotic Christmas. Giving away some Pain for a Log!!

    What's up guys !! I want to know how you're preparing for Christmas ! Give me a breakdown of your training and diet leading up to the big holiday and I'll pick ONE of you to send one Ferox and one Permaswole via one jacked Santa Clause !
  7. Alpha1a


    Title says it all ladies ! I'm gunna pick 2 winners all you have to do is pick a number between 1-100 . This will close tonight so if no one gets my 2 numbers on the dot I'll pick the 2 closest !
  8. Alpha1a

    S23 Research log

    **Everything i write in here is a quote from the research subject I'm testing the S23 on** What's up everyone, a little late to put this up I apologize unfortunate events after the storm but I am on top of things now! Will be logging the results from 20mgs S23 daily. Background - several years...
  9. Alpha1a


    What's up AMers !?!?! I got a preworkout of choice for one of you !!!! All you gotta do to win is 3 things 1) Post a pic of the PWO you chose from our entire line !! 2) Sign up your email on our site !! And ......... 3) Pick the lucky winning number between 1-150!!!! Do it ! Do it now !!!!
  10. Alpha1a

    Chaos and Pain has a natty stack to give you!

    What's up gents !!!! Alpha here, got a giveaway for you gentleman! Got 1- Permaswole and 1-Legendary to give to one lucky winner !!! DESCRIPTION Ever feel so pumped you lose track of where your shoulders are and run into stuff at random? Ever feel so strong you consider walking through doors...
  11. Alpha1a

    Goodies for sale cheap stuff

    What's up gents everything you see here is for sale "clearance" style Cordygen nano 02 berry Pom - $20 2-3 scoops missing Super pump 250 cotton candy - $20 4-5 scoops missing Post-jym orange 1 scoops missing from one - $30 for one $45 for both BPS creative sealed. -$25 Pump dirt...
  12. Alpha1a

    Chaos and Pain is giving you Carnies some Candy with this giveaway !

    What's up gents ! Alpha here with C&P . As you guys know we just dropped the new version of Ferox recently and we love it so much we want you guys to try this kick ass flavored , face melting PreWorkout ! All you gotta do is throw your name in here say the words "IM IN!" And I'll ask the demons...
  13. Alpha1a

    Alpha uses Bloodshot's 120mgs of DMAA

    What's up ladies and gents! You guys all know me you know I love my dmaa no need for intros lets get right to it. Luckily I was picked by Vein Nutrition and it's kick ass reps to use this preworkout and log it ! I will be trying to give a very very detailed review at the end and my first...
  14. Alpha1a

    Chaos and Pain is giving you the gift of sleep ! Hypnos giveaway ! Get in here

    Sup dudes and dudettes! You know who it is , Alpha here, as if we haven't been killing the giveaway game enough, I got another one here for you !! Hypnos is the gift of choice ! And you already know what to do , make sure you're registered to our newsletter so you can keep up with all the new...
  15. Alpha1a

    Giving some Titan to the Titans !!! Get in here ! 3 lucky winners

    What's up guys!!! Chaos and Pain told me to keep giving sh1t away so 3 of you lucky people are getting a tub of Titan our newest Preworkout ! You guys know what we want ! Join our newsletter and enjoy this !!
  16. Alpha1a


    What's up guys, no intro needed just gunna cut to the chase. I've truly enjoyed our preworkout stack as many others have so I want 2 more of you to enjoy our preworkout stack Cannibal Riot and Permaswole ! That's right two lucky gentleman are gunna be getting one of each ! the only thing we're...
  17. Alpha1a

    Chaos And Pain has something for you stim junkies!

    If you're a stim junkie like myself, you're gunna love this sweet deal ! PRE30 gives you 30% off any of our preworkouts! We got something for everyone from the crackheads to the stim free weight murderers ! Give the newest member of our line up, "Titan" , a try now ...
  18. Alpha1a

    Anabolics talk !

    What up guys, think it's about time we out the "anabolics" back in "anabolicminds" . Thought I'd throw up a thread where everyone can talk about actual gear specially without having to make a whole thread about it (within the rules). No smart asses please. I'll start it up with an easy topic...
  19. Alpha1a

    We overstocked Helios! So we're giving it away to the Warriors! Get in here

    What's up gents !! As the title states we want to give two lucky winners not one, but two tubs of Helios! From our site "Do you miss picking up heavy things and then putting them down with reckless abandonment? Do you miss the sound of the sonic boom created by your 400+ pounds of weight...
  20. Alpha1a

    USA OL Trest caps

    Are delicious. That's all