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  1. Low reps on machine- changing it up

    I too have mixed it up on occasion just for if anything else change of pace. *** I think the thing to remember is, on machines, since the bar path is fixed, you can have the ability to wiggle or squirm under the load without loss of weight/bar balance when reps get really tough. This can be a...
  2. Overtraining?

    That's good. Maybe just be patient and understand adding 7-10 pounds of muscle a year is very good, even though it does not sound like much. If I gave you 7 pounds of steak and told you to put it in various areas of your body, that is a good bit of meat to have hanging on you, honestly.
  3. Overtraining?

    Let me go another route some as well... Are you adding weight to your big compound lifts on a slow but say regular basis? ie; are you gaining strength (say repping strength) does not have to be low or single maxes, but adding weight to the bar, especially on your big exercises like squats, or...
  4. 500 Deadlfit for 8 Reps at 200 pounds

    2 cents... Sounds like you have some good squatting abilities as well if you can sumo over #600!? Have you tried "slight" deficit work to bump your floor pull up? When I say slight, all you may need is a 1"-2" plate to stand on, just to make that ROM a tad harder/longer. You don't want to...
  5. Tips for maintaining strength on a short term break

    I have a pair of green bands I drag along on vacation with me at times, especially if I am going to be away for a few weeks. They take up no room in a bag and one can do quite a few tings with them if you use your imagination. Depending on how I may loop them, I can get anywhere from pump work...
  6. Deloading Question

    Well, you're not alone and especially if it is something we love doing and want to make right or perfect. Honestly, when I finally would get myself to back off a good bit, (40%-50% across the board say) I came back and ended up with a bump in gains AND enthusiasm.
  7. 500 Deadlfit for 8 Reps at 200 pounds

    Nice strong pulling. What is your top single so far?, since 8 reps with 500, depending on how you have been working lower reps/sets, might already equate to a #600 pull.
  8. Adding size

    Alright, well I still stand by my original post on the big compound exercises and as the others to who said, "eating" is a prime source of more mass.
  9. Adding size

    Okay, sorry if I might have misunderstood. So what have you done/type routines for the couple of years and what kind of gains in mass and strength have you made?
  10. Adding size

    I think the best ways to add size, especially if one is starting out or more or less in the more novice stages... -Stick with the big 5-7 compound exercises first and foremost, as they are the ones that a trsainee can use the most weight on to load the largest of the body's structures/muscles...
  11. Advice for Someone New to Powerlifting

    2 cents... First off, and if you are seriously thinking of competing, (or even not) I think Jim Buick's idea of visiting a PL gym and getting some hands on or face to face feedback / coaching is a good one. As far as the, "training this system" or "setting up for this" or "RPE guidelines"...
  12. Why Does Walking Not Overtrain the Way the Same Amount of Jogging Does?

    Yes, expanding on Big Larry's answer... I think too, "force" would come into play. Jogging, requires more force to move quicker thru space than just walking. Bump that up even higher, to say running or sprinting, and even more force is used and thus more energy etc. If I took all day to walk...
  13. Obtaining a deeper squat after back injury

    Not exactly sure of your question. Do you mean your form suffers going deeper? Just thinking, you said you do box squats #315 8-10 down to a certain depth. Can you do #350 or #400 to that same depth, or have you tried working down to certain heights as you raise the weights slowly over time?
  14. Please recommend me a new routine. (help!)

    There are many routines, but again in truth, the magic/gains will be in your consistency, effort and dedication to just getting or making yourself better. IMO, pick a known one and stick to it for a good while. 4 days per week is plenty of days per, to get to nearly 95% of your potential...
  15. Word Association Thread!!!!!!!!11

  16. Word Association Thread!!!!!!!!11

  17. Word Association Thread!!!!!!!!11

  18. Workout Plan

    Woo hoo trad archery...! I still do not own a compound
  19. Squats 7 days a week

    Well, that was in your plan, except for the flu part I am sure. Hang in there guy and keep us tuned
  20. Word Association Thread!!!!!!!!11