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  1. Bbartsche and FullBlitz BFF's

    Thanks to The Solution for putting this logging opportunity together. Let's get to it. FullBlitz 14 Day Run Dosing: For this run I will be logging it in several different types of training atmosphere. Some days I will be fasted and take upon waking 3:00 am Other days I will use it after work...
  2. Bbartsche reviews Primeval Labs Orange Sherbert

    First off thanks to The Solution for allowing me to review Primeval-labs EAA MAX. The flavor I went with was Orange Sherbert. Man this was very delicious. Tasted like melted orange sherbert ice cream. I always loved orange sherbert growing up, so drinking something like this without all the...
  3. Bbartsche gets pumped with Vasoblitz

    I’d like to thank BUILDFASTFORM for choosing me as one of several loggers for their product vasoblitz. A little about myself I train based on an instinctive basis. I train on how I feel, most of the time it’s a push pull legs, but I do change it up I am at the end of my little summer...
  4. BBartsche runs the rack With CL Blue Sugar

    I want to give a huge thanks to all the wonderful people at Controlled labs for giving me the opportunity to log the new Blue Sugar GDA. This GDA is very intriguing to me, because of the Ingredients that it has in it. It has Banaba Leaf at 1.5 Grams, very potent ingredient that I have used on...
  5. BBartsche Takes on Quake 10.0

    So I want to take a second to Thank The Solution for picking me to try out QUAKE 10.0 by Scivation. I am going to give this product the due justice it deserves and review it and log it as I use it in the next coming weeks. My review initially is going to hit on some key Points that will be...
  6. Reaching my top potential with Peak 02

    I would like to thank The Solution for choosing me to log the new Bulk Peak 02. I have used Xtend Perform which has this product in it and I wanted to see how the bulk ingredient really Holds up Stats Height 6'1 Weight-190-194 Goals- Accumulating lean mass and gaining strength. Obectives of...
  7. Xtend Perform Log. Summer Edition

    First I would like to thank The Solution and 1Fast400 for giving me the opportunity to run Xtend Perform for the summer. Currently I am training in an Push Pull Legs, Upper/Lower split, with weak point training on the weekends. I am currently doing Cardio in the afternoon by riding my bike...
  8. The time is now to PERFORM with Xtend Perform

    I would like to take the time to thank 1Fast400 and The Solution for choosing me to log the New Xtend Perform. \ A little about myself. I am currently finishing up a mini-cut that has dropped me from 186 to 176 in the last 6 weeks. I train 5-6 times per week, mostly depending on how my...
  9. South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier retiring immediately

    Steve Spurrier of South Carolina Gamecocks retiring
  10. WTT LeanPhD

    Looking to trade my lean PhD by man sports, looking for BCAA's, GDA's or Stim Free pre-workouts
  11. Select CPBC f/s,f/t

    I have several Select CPBC for sale or trade in the 2lb tubs PM me if you would like to work out a deal
  12. Hemavo2?? Any word on it

    Just saw that Iforce is coming out with a new pre-workout, was wondering if anyone has any insight on Hemavo2 and what the release date or the flavors might be? Any reps pls respond!!!!!!
  13. 4th of July Sale?

    Is NP going to have an epic 4th of July sale. They always have the best sales on holidays, was looking to stock up but was wondering if I should wait it out?
  14. Glycophase + Reduce xt + Shred xt stack?

    Was wondering if this would be an acceptable cut/ recomp/ lean bulk stack, looking to get the reduce xt and glycophase to help with the last few weeks of my cut, already have the shred xt. Possibly looking to recomp/lean bulk based on my results. Any advice would be great.
  15. BBartsche's Genomyx Stimaholic Pre-Workout Review

    BBartsche's Genomyx Stimaholic Pre-Workout Review [ Taste 10 The flavor is Blue Colada and man was it very good. It did tastes like a blue something flavored pina colada, and I actually really enjoyed it. I do like the tropical taste that this product brings and I have to say the flavor...
  16. Cutting Stack Help Please

    Was wondering if anyone could help me out with my cutting stack. I recently purchased Gylcophase, Nimbus Reform and Synthetic supplements shift. Was wondering if these would stack well together or should I just run them all at different times. Any advice would be much appreciated, trying to...