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  1. Rad83

    Exem. in PCT

    How often have you used exemestane in PCT? Thus far I’ve only used standard Nolva and Clomid dosing after 1 andro and Sarm cycles...Stepping it up in the (nearish, I think) future with td 4 andro and Msten.... Thanks
  2. Rad83

    Smelling Salts

    Anyone use these? What brand do ya like? Seem to popular before a heavy lift. Curious if it really can help hit a pr or make some strength progress...
  3. Rad83

    Generation Iron 3 on Netflix

    Scrolling thru Netflix and I find this bodybuilding documentary...So I said fuk it, and put it on. At 9 and and a half min in, the doc. goes into the competition divisions. Men’s physique is first and the dudes are jacked, any normal person would say these guys are huge and put real work in...
  4. Rad83

    I know about Nizoral, but Nioxin ?

    Most likely cycling something soon,...I’ve used nizoral before and think it helps! Recently saw an ad for Nioxin shampoo... Is it on par or better ? Thanx
  5. Rad83

    What % window tint ya got?

    Thinking of getting my car tinted...Summer is hot and bright, I’m sick of this shittt 🤣 I don’t really care too much about legality,...What % did you go with and how do ya like it? Thanx [emoji964]
  6. Rad83

    Lawless Labs - Cardarine

    Any good? I’m considering 10mg pre-workout again in my next stack...Ran Medfit last time, had a really sick deal, but that most likely won’t happen again...Thanx (Caps are ideal, I pop this pre workout and usually not at home, don’t want to carry around liquids)
  7. Rad83

    Post Quarantine-Cycle start time

    How long will you train clean before you start your next cycle...? I’m damn near completely de-trained, I feel it will be more productive to get back into the swing of things and utilize some muscle memory before whatever I run next...What you all think?
  8. Rad83

    PayPal Question

    Hey to anyone that’s used PayPal recently... I’ve got 2 separate visa gift cards in the wallet. Will I be able to use both cards for one purchase ? Thanks
  9. Rad83

    Pre-load before a cycle ?

    Curious if anyone pre-loads any on-cycle supports....If so, what and how long? (Am reading some old logs and see that it was once popular to do so) I’m planning on Dermacrine and a 4-6 week run of a methyl, to be determined. (Considering Tbol but I haven’t found any yet) Thanks gang
  10. Rad83

    Serious Sports Nutrition aka SSN

    Curious if anyone’s familiar with this brands designers...? Thanks
  11. Rad83

    “Lift & Flyyy”

    ...Haven’t used an ‘exotic’ pre in a while but needed something to spice things up, off cycle... 350mg caffeine, 100 Yohimbine which is a plus for me and stacked with a classic!
  12. Rad83

    Why isn’t Methyldiazirinol more popular?

    It is supposed to have an anabolic:androgenic ratio of 300:20 ...That’s ‘pretty, pretty, good’ yeah?
  13. Rad83

    Sh(r)ed some light on this unknown brand?

    It’s a Halodrol clone.... No brand name or web presence that I can find and I’m good...🕵️‍♂️
  14. Rad83

    BioLabs Pro ?

    Dermacrine is money ! But have any of ya tried this one?
  15. Rad83

    Screwball on Netflix

    Great documentary ! Let’s talk about it [emoji461]️
  16. Rad83

    Oral BPC-157

    Anyone have any good experience with it? I’m looking at a fairly reputable one made by the narrows labs guys... Thanks
  17. Rad83

    Serms etc. Shelf life

    With the proposed ban BS...I’m thinking of stocking up on some RC ancillaries...After all, “no serm, no cycle” How long do liquid serms and such stay good, kept in a cool dark place (aka hidden in my closet lol) Thanks
  18. Rad83

    Your fave. Tudca?

    I’m looking at a few right now...Curious if anyone likes the Nutricost brand, they are less expensive but I don’t know about the quality... (I’m looking for 500mg per day, for an 8-10 week sarm cycle)
  19. Rad83

    Unanswered Search function not working ?

    Anyone else having this problem?
  20. Rad83

    Unanswered Lgd & Osta

    Considering either stacking these or doing one for 4 weeks and the other for 4 weeks (8 Total) Do they ‘compete for the same receptor?’ (I know a lot of the pre-made Medfit stacks include both...) This would be my 2nd cycle...Goal is to recomp, lose a bit of bf% while getting stronger and...