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  1. Rad83

    ... For Victory

    #1125 total ain’t nuthin to scoff at!! [emoji123] Sounds like a badass environment, just being there will increase your lifts! Certainly coach was impressed today!
  2. Rad83

    DMZ + Dermacrine Log

    Agree, 10g is a hefty dose! I take 3g. Also, are you taking Tudca ? How bout something for blood pressure?
  3. Rad83

    DMZ + Dermacrine Log

    Sure it’s not just heartburn/acid reflux?
  4. Rad83

    Word Association Thread!!!!!!!!11

  5. Rad83

    Word Association Thread!!!!!!!!11

    Crüe [emoji869]
  6. Rad83

    Excelsior pre

  7. Rad83

    Excelsior pre

  8. Rad83

    Excelsior pre

    It’s exactly what I thought it was.....A UPS Store.
  9. Rad83

    Is there any reason not to run Dermacrine solo for 6 months straight?

    DAA made my nips itch, and uncomfortable .... would never recommend it!
  10. Rad83

    Word Association Thread!!!!!!!!11

    Steak & Chicken Combo Fajitas (that’s what I get)
  11. Rad83

    Donald Trump running for president

    Oyyyy 🤦‍♂️ That’s my team....Embarrassing
  12. Rad83

    Donald Trump running for president

    Biden’s America: It just cost me 45.80 for a full tank [emoji618]️ 🤦‍♂️
  13. Rad83’s better than bad it’s good

    Maybe he’ll find his way to your new spot....If not, they’ll be new guys to ‘shmooze’ with...Known fact, us guys that like to lift and don’t ‘count every macro’ love a nice restaurant meal out in the citttayyyyy [emoji123]🥩
  14. Rad83

    Am i overdoing it?

    That sat/sun/Monday blast seems intense... Could hit chest and back together on Saturday and rest/light cardio or a walk Sunday before that big boxing workout. I dunno, just a suggestion is all
  15. Rad83’s better than bad it’s good

    [emoji67]~>[emoji68] “This guys a Muthafukin power lifter!”
  16. Rad83

    Word Association Thread!!!!!!!!11

    Wendy Peffercorn
  17. Rad83

    Been out of the "prohormone" game forever. Need advice

    Couldn’t agree more!
  18. Rad83’s better than bad it’s good

    Still holding that “on look” [emoji123][emoji869]
  19. Rad83

    Dedicated to natural bodybuilders

    Wow that’s a genius observation...You probably right! This thread would take up a whole iPhone [emoji23]
  20. Rad83


    How many pumps for an 180ish pound guy? I’ve not run 4 andro before, but plan on using this product in an upcoming cycle....How common is it that guys need an AI with this? Thanks