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  1. bigbeef

    Trimming down with IFORCE Dexaprine, sponsored log by Bigbeef

    Just wanted to start out by saying thanks to Iforce for this chance and I hope you all will be pleased with my log. I am going to be totally honest and am open to all comments and advice. Bigbeef has gotten lazy as of this past year and not exercising like I should and have gotten fat. I am...
  2. bigbeef

    Anyone around for Ageforce

    Dont see much buzz on the board about ageforce. Just wondering if anyone is using their stuff and if there has been results worth talking about?????
  3. bigbeef

    Intimidate and Gyno issue

    I have some gyno from the past and whenever I use Intimidate, after about 3 days, my gyno begins to get sore. I discontinue use and it stops alomost immediately. Any ideas?
  4. bigbeef

    All for one price

    Auction Rules
  5. bigbeef

    when will Versa ship

    still havent recieved any shipping confirmation on my order, niether has a guy at work, has it been shipped or is there gonna be a wait? Inner circle stuff in the past has been very quick to ship so I was just checking
  6. bigbeef


    Well I have become a really big Iforce fan ever since Protean has come out. Mint protean is off the chain, my entire family drink it and love it. The guys that work for me and friends at the gym are crazy about it. But what I am here to talk about is Compete. I have to say I am very skeptical...
  7. bigbeef

    Are dermacrine pumps accurate????? or are bottles full????

    Got my new derma in today from nutra presale and have a question. I did not notice in the beginning that there was a "approx how many pumps left" guage on the side of the bottle, but after applying 5 equal pressure pumps and applying I noticed the guage on the bottle. It showed I only had 110...
  8. bigbeef

    slin sane

    looking for a bottle or 2 of slin sane. I will buy or trade. Have glycobol, alcar and lots of other stuff
  9. bigbeef

    Iforce are thieves

    just opened my mint swirl and I swear these guys stole the exact flavoring out of chocolate mint gorl scout cookies. THis stuff in AMAZING. it is a tough call on whether I like this or ultra peptide lemon cream pie the best. I even gave it the wife test and she said awesome
  10. bigbeef

    New Transaderm

    I have a new bottle of transaderm by RLS. Make me an offer
  11. bigbeef

    Abliderate Advanced question

    dosing says two quarter size amount after showering. What if you shower in the evening, would this still be advisable? Or shoudl you always use it in the morning
  12. bigbeef

    Runnin of the bull one last time. I force reversitol v2 and testabolan v2

    I am way behind on gettin started. My computer crapped out and I am proud to say my wife and I gave birth to our son. He was two weeks early but still weighed in at 9 lbs. so here we go, let's get this log started. I am coming of a long run of hormones, around 8 to 9 weeks worth. Combos of...
  13. bigbeef

    Androdrive, can I get a refund log

    Ok, first off I am not hatin on pp, but site says if you keep a log and am not satisfied you can get your money back. And I thought the title would get lots of views. I use lots of pp's products back in the day, superdrone was amazing for me, and I still use some of their staple products. I know...
  14. bigbeef


    Ok lets get this stuff gone. If you buy a lot I can make a better deal 3 superpump250(old version) $15 a piece SOLD blue raz Focus XT $15 malicious mass $35 SOLD trenazone $32 testopro $25 HGHpro $25 testadrol extreme $50 formastanzol $32 1 glycobol$25 2 nutraplanet lcarnitine l tartrate(1...
  15. bigbeef

    Picture of my holiday stash

    I am waitin on 2 more packages, but this is what I got so far from the holiday sales
  16. bigbeef

    Just started my alphamass

    Picked up 2 bottles of alphamass. Currently just running 3caps/ 3x a day. Anyone else use it before and have any advice? Currently running it solo, but might add in androdrive
  17. bigbeef

    Best pre bed shake

    I am just getting some advice on pre bed shake.Who does it, any reccomendations of what to do, what not to do. I am just guesing a casein or blend that breaks down slowly. Basically just want to help muscles recover but not put on a bunch of fat from consuming a bunch of calories and going to sleep
  18. bigbeef

    Best way to run my androdrive

    Honestly I just have not kept up with the newer androseries. Lot of trash talking over it and I just avoided it. Well I came up on a good deal and picked up 3 bottles of androdrive. I am am working on dropping some bodyfat. Not an all out cut but shedding a few pounds. I am currently sitting at...
  19. bigbeef

    L-Carnitine-L-tartrate AI Sports and PES Shift & VPX & LG Substerone

    I have two sealed containers. Just bought way too many. $22 each, shipping included. Or I will sell both containers and a container of raspberry recoverpro that is missing 3 scoops for $45 shipped 2 sealed bottles of shift $14 each shipped, or both shipped for $25 3 bottles of vpx clenbuterex...
  20. bigbeef

    Got my PROTEAN in the mail, here's my review

    Well I got my protean in the mail. I bought it with my own hard earned cash, so I will be honest. I bought the cake batter. I hate strawberry and there are a lot of decent chocolates out there, so I figured I would try the vanilla, since most make me gag cause I am really picky. So I opened it...