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  1. Sdrol + Abombs???

    Are you that Transformers nerd Starscream?
  2. Am i overdoing it?

    Yes, I blend the oats in a blender, otherwise they can sit heavy. I mix .5 cup oats with .5 cup frozen berries and a frozen banana with a scoop of protein, if I need more cals I add coconut oil, I add pre workout powder and whatever I feel I need. The shake is like a fruit smoothie and very...
  3. Am i overdoing it?

    That much food might be hard to digest so fast for boxing (or any high intensity training), that’s why I like to do shakes with oats&protein (+berries/fruits) before boxing training/hard training, it’s easy to digest and give me fuel to go hard an hour later.
  4. Am i overdoing it?

    I would add carbs to meal 2 and do carbs and protein for pre workout instead of nuts, example: mix your coffee with oats&protein powder for a pre workout shake.
  5. Sdrol + Abombs???

    I can’t stand the guy either and every time someone refers to his videos I immediately ignore everything the poster says. 😉
  6. Am i overdoing it?

    I would look over your diet first, I’m sure that with more intense workouts you’re burning more than you eat and that’s why you feel tired/sluggish. You could raise your test to help but I’m not sure that would be optimal.

    No, run Primo for at least 12 weeks.
  8. Your EQ experience?

    Like I said, this thread made me interested in EQ so I did an order and today I received it, just took my first shot. Let you guys know in a few weeks how I like it.

    It is expensive but you can find Primo E 200mg/ml that’s reasonable priced, just make sure you find a lab with good reputation and that have lab reports. I used that on my last cycle with Test C, 1 ml of each (2ml of oil) 2x a week = 400mg Test C/Primo E weekly. It was a great “feel good” cycle.
  10. Why is Superdrol more effective than Msten even though Msten has a higher anabolic ratio?

    This is way too much info and I wish I never read this...
  11. Why is Superdrol more effective than Msten even though Msten has a higher anabolic ratio?

    Thanks, I’ll start pinning at the same time as I draw.
  12. Why is Superdrol more effective than Msten even though Msten has a higher anabolic ratio?

    I heard this a few times lately and I understand you shouldn’t store oil in a syringe for a longer period of time but do you think it’s any harm in storing it overnight? I usually draw at night and then pin in the morning, maybe I shouldn’t do that anymore 🤔
  13. Critique my cutting training routine

    Btw it’s better to start with a small deficit and raise it than starting with a too big deficit and crash.
  14. Critique my cutting training routine

    If you already did this and know it works then it’s good, you might have to change it up if weight loss/fat loss starting to stall but starting of it should be good. Since your in a deficit you have to go a little by “feel” and adjust weights so you can keep a high intensity.
  15. How often do you train your abs?

    This is a year old thread.
  16. Critique my cutting training routine

    What’s the question?
  17. Why is Superdrol more effective than Msten even though Msten has a higher anabolic ratio?

    Yeah after all that I’m not surprised that it didn’t work. To me: SD = very impressive, M-Sten = not impressive
  18. Anavar libido/anxiety update

    I feel this is very individual, for me, I don’t “feel” anything OFF or ON gear, sure, strength wise it’s a big difference (strength is the only reason I take gear) but gear have no mental effect on me.
  19. Anavar libido/anxiety update

    Well, we all take PED’s for our own reason, everyone have their own issues and insecurities, some more than others, the goal is to try to do it as “healthy and responsible” as possible, that’s why we trying to help each other out to be the best we can be. and like any addict would say, it’s...
  20. Anavar libido/anxiety update

    I would also recommend to get OFF, reset and figure out your issues before you continue your cycle. Doing roids right now will only put a bandage on your issues, it might seem like the best solution now but it’s only temporary, don’t let the drugs fool you to believe anything else. Also, I can...