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  1. rob112

    Iron legion Black Friday

    Yea no biggie. Just figured I’d check. Appreciate it!
  2. rob112

    Iron legion Black Friday

    Did that show up before you processed it all the way through?
  3. rob112

    Iron legion Black Friday

    I don’t know maybe the sale is done and the banner is supposed to come down I dunno
  4. rob112

    Iron legion Black Friday

    This is what I’m getting when I add 2
  5. rob112

    Iron legion Black Friday

    Going for the XI-KT. Is that excluded?
  6. rob112

    Iron legion Black Friday

    Hey this is showing on the website but not showing up in the cart. Is there a code I’m missing?
  7. rob112

    New Forum Sponsor Supreme Labs USA

    Great price, fast ship
  8. rob112

    Stano-Plex at 600mg is perfect

    You and me both.
  9. rob112

    Invictus/Neuro AET

    Also I didn’t really notice a difference in results from either.
  10. rob112

    Invictus/Neuro AET

    I tried both these products and I’m a believer in bEAT after use, so similar expectations to results for me.
  11. rob112

    New Forum Sponsor Supreme Labs USA

    Hell of a deal!
  12. rob112


    I have two bottles of alpha four I’m gonna get into soon just not sure if I want to add it to something...can’t wait though! Gym just opened today too!
  13. rob112


    I also ordered on the weekend. I signed up for the text alerts and got a text tonight saying my 2 bottles of Alpha 4 shipped. You guys will probably see shipping soon too I would think.
  14. rob112

    Vitamin C to Bowel Tolerance

    I just got scienced hardAF haha
  15. rob112

    Vitamin C to Bowel Tolerance

    I know of people that swear by this but I never could actually find stuff to back up the claims. If you found any I would be very interested. That said I do still appreciate anecdotal feedback like this.
  16. rob112

    appnut drive

    Just through in there I loved black cats [emoji41]
  17. rob112

    favorite artists to listen to while lifting

    Been listening to the new metal tracks list in Spotify and man lots of good stuff coming. New Lamb if God, Hatebreed, Black Dhalia Murder, Machinehead, ABR, a banger from a band Benighted with Jasta on it...should be another good year for heavy music [emoji869][emoji36][emoji869]
  18. rob112

    Wesley VS. Iconic Formulations (Neuro Series)

    I have used both brands and noticed the same thing. They seem the same and I dig them both. Dries pretty quick too. It’s good stuff. Also very curious to how the cbd treats you.
  19. rob112

    Unanswered CEL Stano-Plex 300 Intro

    Just wanted to say I’m in my second month of this and loving it. Libido, energy, plus in moth two I’m noticing some strength increases. Feel great in the gym. Would definitely recommend for anyone wanting to try something that is effective yet mild to avoid any sides. I’m gonna follow it with...
  20. rob112

    ICON ONE Beta Testers Wanted

    Very interesting product. I can’t put an app in at the moment but I would like to see how it treats people to buy for a future run.