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  1. TheVenom

    PureRawz 25 Days of Xmas Giveaway!

    PureRawz is doing a sick, long-lasting giveaway on their various platforms. I'll be cross posting each giveaway here daily. They'll be one every day until Christmas. (I fell a couple of days behind, excuse the fact that I'm starting on day 3 😅)
  2. TheVenom

    TheKratomWorx Feedback Thread

    -Temporary location- @Admin - Please relocate thread once company sub is set up. This thread is for all of you to share your feedback on any products from The KratomWorx, from our namesake products, to kanna, to mushrooms- whatever! Also, feel free to post questions here, or even reach out to...
  3. TheVenom

    Nootropics Unlimited 25% Cyber Weekend!

    *• • • This special is ONLY advertised by me, and ONLY on AnabolicMinds! • • •* Nootropics Unlimited is advertising their Cyber Weekend Sale that is offering 15%, SITEWIDE! Great, right? Want to know something better than great? After some heated discussion followed by a tender tickle-fight...
  4. TheVenom

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

    I'd like to wish everyone on the forums a very happy and safe Thanksgiving! I'm foremost thankful for my little family. The the little girl I met when I was 5 years old has been the rock in my life for over ten years now. I'm thankful for the son she's given me, who just turned a year old. I'm...
  5. TheVenom

    5 Reviewers Needed for 3 NootropicsUnlimited Products EACH!

    Nootropics Unlimited is looking for FIVE members to review THREE products each. We know there are quite a few people here interested researching nootropics, and want to prove to you all the quality we have to offer. To sweeten the pot, anyone who posts a video review will also get a 4th product...
  6. TheVenom

    TheKratomWorx needs TEN people to review 90 GRAMS! 100% ON US!

    The Kratom Worx offers top-notch botanicals that meet high purity and potency standards. I'm looking for ten people that would like to review 3 different strains, 30 grams each. The first two are our pick, and the third bag is completely your choice. Strain #1: Green Maengda (Maeng Da) - The...
  7. TheVenom

    Please welcome the new family of board sponsors!

    As many of you know, I've been looking to introduce a couple of well-known brands to the forums. After talking with Greg and Erin from AnabolicMinds, we've finally made it work. The agreements have been signed and sent, and I've been given the green-light to make the announcement that I've...
  8. TheVenom

    Why does reddit hate PureRawz?

    I read reviews about crazy slow shipping, underdosed products, and bad customer service. Ive ordered from them quite a few times over the past year and have had zero complaints. Did they pull some slimy **** in the past or something?
  9. TheVenom

    I'm back. Why I left for those who may care.

    Over the past year, I've had a great experience on AM. I've learned a lot (some info kept me from making REALLY bad choices). I've been steered in the right direction that has benefited my overall health and helped me resolve some pestering health issues. I've had some good laughs and talked to...
  10. TheVenom

    TheVenom Cuts with S4S's YK11

    Hello, forum! The new board sponsor was generous enough to send me two 30ml vials of YK11 liquid @10mg/ml. I will be researching this chemical and its ability to aid in a cut. After my annual physical, my physician has decided that I need to lose weight. My BMI pins me "overweight", and not far...
  11. TheVenom

    Pharma Epi & Clen stack LEGIT?? Advice??

    So I went to my endo yesterday and was diagnosed Bovifecalitis and he hooked me up with this. I did my first injection today of 10cc and immediately felt the clen burn away the fat. I've never done injections before but i have huge veins so I'm sure I didn't blow a vessel or anything. Within...
  12. TheVenom

    TheVenom's Aterall ER Timeline (Summarized)

    I'll be using this thread to make singular posts that would normally be broken up compared to the other thread i have going HERE. This will hopefully make the timelines of each complete day easier to follow and allow for a much cleaner format. (T-:10) Wake up groggy. Didn't sleep very well...
  13. TheVenom

    TheVenom's Aterall ER Timeline

    Thanks to the guys at MA Labs for hooking me up with a sample sized bag of this new formulation. @Mike Arnold and @WesleyInman come through, guys. I hope this new supplement can help me push through and focus throughout my rough days that follow the sleepless nights that come with being a new...
  14. TheVenom

    Topic of the week is in the way.

    Love the idea, but having it right below the text box is annoying af. Ive lost at least a dozen replies on mobile by accidentally clicking it before auto-save could do any good. Why not have it as a FIXED position banner below the navigation bar???
  15. TheVenom

    Sponsored Iron Umbrella Log - Alpha Stano, Neuro CBD, & Dream Tea (with MK677)

    Huge thanks to @delsolrob for sending getting my goodies to me. In my box was Alpha Stano from Alpha Gainz, Dream Tea and a sample of Nuero-CBD from Iconic Formulations! Also, I'm going to be using 10mg MK677 twice a day (same time as the alpha stano). I'm 26, 161lb, have a two-week old...
  16. TheVenom

    Best day of my life

    Watching this little man figure out this new world has rearranged everything in my heart and mind. Now, mamas asleep after 44 hours of agonizing pain and zero sleep. How strong she's been through this entire ride is nothing shy of inspiring. Its easy to see who's the tough one out of us. I just...
  17. TheVenom

    TheVenom's Cardarine & Stenabolic Research Log **Narrows Labs**

    Hello AM! Very soon, I'll be starting my log on Narrows Labs' Cardarine (GW501506) & Stenabolic (SR-9009) powders. I'd like to pay a huge thanks to @Narrows Labs Rep for hooking me up and trusting me with this opportunity. While the other guys have already recieved their product, I decided to...
  18. TheVenom

    I am become Invictus, destroyer of stress.

    HUGE Thanks to @cheftepesh1 for sending me a bottle of INVICTUS, there stress managing, fat burning, immune boosting topical from Iron Legion! He's a cool guy and came through like the folks at IL & IF always do. You guys get some folks in here for me. I hope to see a noticeable difference in...
  19. TheVenom

    Unanswered Topical Tren? (+Questions)

    So I've been researching and I've decided that after my second kid (first on the way), I want to run a tren and test cycle. I've read some feedback on topical tren being legit, but I'm only finding one iffy source. Has anyone here used, or even seen legit topical tren, or should I just hang it...
  20. TheVenom

    Unanswered Routine for dad with spine injuries?? HELP

    About 15 years ago, my father broke his back in two places, taking him out of this awesome lifestyle completely. We taught him how to walk, which was especially painful considering he taught me how to train like he did in the marines. He carried himself like a God, just to be reduced to a...