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  1. Most legit scam I've seen

    Other than the web url it looks very official and legit lol be on the up and up....
  2. "Best" pain killer

    I've always got Aleve. Ibuprofen would be my next guess. What you you choose and why/safest/etc. I'm talking about otc as well...
  3. test e and epi pulse

    6 month pulse 3x wk of epi and test e, how would it be liverwise? ... I've been told to up the dose but I respond fine at low doses.Test 360mg Epi 15mg.
  4. Test E and a test booster On Cycle?

    Is there any benefit of adding in some test booster while on cycle. I just have some left over and have another saved for my pct along with some nolva but just wondering as this is an only Test E standalone cycle. I know Dr. D encouraged the use in pulse cycles, but I also know the half life of...
  5. 2nd Degree burn

    Ok well yesterday was not a good day. Me and a buddy were studying for test then invited some chicks over and made some flaming Dr peppers. WELL a flaming shot of everclear fell on my face burning my lips, cheek, neck, and chin. Ive gone to the ER, but what your take on treatment for no scars...
  6. Before 2007 Summer - 2010 Summer, ~25 lbs

    pulsed epistane on/off about 2wks 4x a week for a bottle, each time followed by a OTC PCT. other than epi used all natty products.. Any guess on body fat?
  7. testosterone SR 25mgs still safe?

    I found some testosterone SR 25mgs but they're from 1/2005 and have been in room temperature are they still safe to use even though they may not be as potent? :thanks:
  8. Why steroids are banned.

    Jay Edit: Don't think so, bud!
  9. Xyience NOX-CG3

    Xyience NOX-CG3-- cheap but any good? comparable to no explode?
  10. Adderall and Epi

    Other than appetite loss any other side effects ... im on a 3 a week pulse 30 mgs and take 20 mgs adderall XR for school Adderall, my grades on roids :study:. Epi, my body on roids :good:. :D
  11. Epi dosing.

    165 lbs 5 10' pulse cycle of epi at 30 mgs i planned but after week (20,30,30) one i already have a noticable increase in strength and size.. wondering if i should lengthen the cycle and drop to 20 mgs, 10 pre/post for the remainder. think it'll be easier to keep gains/ avoid potential sides...
  12. Epistane Pulse Suggestions and a little help- Excel chart

    How do i throw in Novedex XT on the off days :think: and how many??? still take it at night?
  13. Best flavor for ON 100% whey protein

    about to buy 10 pounds of the stuff and dont want to regret buying soo much. :food: