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    yellow neuphoria gen 2 samples

    Hey guys, Bought yellow neuphoria version 1 back in the day, didn't do anything for me at all. I would like to try this newer version before purchasing, any samples available? By the way, green mag is great. Thank you.
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    Does anyone know where to buy a quality blueberry extract and what an optimal extract ratio would be?
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    Brain Food?

    I have a series of very important exams coming up in about 2.5/ 3 months. I want to optimize mental function. I already take 5g creatine mono, a multi, 1g vit C, and 5g fish oil ed (300 mg EPA/DHA per gram). Was thinking about adding: Blueberry or blueberry extract ALA Green Tea extract Any...
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    Suggestions for Mental Performance

    I am a full time grad student, and in a few months a full time med student. I have finals coming up and I am just completely out of gas, it's never been this bad. Any suggestions on something I can supplement with to imrprove focus, concentration, and memory. Something that I can use safely...
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    LG Muscle/ Joint Cream

    Just curious what happened to the muscle/ joint repair cream. Anyone know?
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    In bobos absence

    Since Bobo has taken a well deserved leave of absence, are there any similar services out there of equal knowledge and expertise?
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    I am impressed.

    Date Ordered: 04/25/2008 at 11:43AM Date Shipped: 04/25/2008 at 01:24PM Well played gentlemen. Well played indeed.
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    Supplements for summer cut

    Hey Guys, Trying to spend a few weeks leaning up for summer. Not trying to lose weight and def not LBM, just lean out. I am 210, 6ft, 12% bf, SAT localized to midsection. Im thinking: Yohimbine 20mg ed, split between waking and 30 min pre workout Green Tea Extract 6 nutracaps ED (sum 3 g...
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    Phenibut not doing it for me?

    After reading a variety of threads extolling Phenibuts ability to improve mood/euphoria, I bought some SNS Phenibut XT for friday nights. 2 weeks ago I took one gram on an empty stomach and had a few beers. Nothing. 1 weeks ago I took 1.5 grams on an empty stomach and had a few beers. Nothing...
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    Opinions on cell volumizers

    I’m looking into switching cell volumizers. I’ve been taking Green Mag for a while, ready to switch it up. I’ve never really responded to any combination, considering just taking a few CEE caps and calling it a day. What is the consensus on the following: CVM Xtreme (50 serving) By Serious...
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    Anyone an NYU Wagner Alumni?

    If you are an NYU Wagner Alumni, please post in this thread or PM me. I need some help. Thanks guys.
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    Damage Control for Alcohol

    Tomorrow is my alma mater's homecoming. Tomorrow I will be getting hammered, for the first time in maybe 4 months. Anything I can do to blunt effects of the alcohol? Along with the basic GTE, vitamins, fish oil, etc what I have sitting around is some AI, herbal test booster, cissus, bacopa...
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    Rosetta Stone Language Learning

    Anyone have experience with the Rosetta Stone language products? I've heard many good things about it, wanted to get some feedback before buying. I'm trying to improve my arabic. Rosetta Stone : Arabic
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    Just tested positive for ANA (perhaps lupus)

    I tested positive for ANA today, which could potentially mean I have lupus. I asked for the lupus test due to a plethora of musculo skeletal problems and night terrors (attributed to seizure activity). I'm going to see the doctor again this week, what else should I have him look into? So far...
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    Green Mag - Lemonade Flavor

    I've always been a fan of green mag. Solid price, good ingredient profile, not bad tasting. I figured I would give the lemon flavor a shot, and I am pleasantly surprised. Not tart, not too sweet, a nice subtle pleasant blend. Moral of the story - If you like green mag, give the lemonade flavor...
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    Daily Bible Devotional

    Anyone know a good place online to find relevant and impactful Bible devotionals geared towards men? I'm trying to get back on track.
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    Best form of Gluc and Chond

    What is the most bioavailable form of glucosamine and the most bioavailable form of chondroitin? I don't neccesarily mean brands, although I will gladly take some suggestions, but I mean forms as in sulfate, HCL, etc. I feel like this is some great stuff if it could just get through.
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    My last stand before the scope

    Oratropin and my last stand before surgery I've been dealing with some serious bilateral shoulder pain for over a year. I can still lift with modifications, but at this points its a quality of life issue. Multiple MRIs have shown nothing significant (if anyone cares to see radiologist reports...
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    Focus XT vs Clear Edge

    What do you guys think would be better for someone studying for GRE's 2 hours a day while working full time and lifting 4 days a week. I want focus, concentration, memory, and mood elevation for test anxiety. Also does the effect of these products wane over time, or is a month of consistant...
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    To the guys who have taken the GREs What were your overall impressions of the test? How did you prepare, for how long, and how did you do? If you had to do it again, how would you improve your methods for a higher score? Anything else at all? Just registered to take the test on july 14, with a...