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  1. jayo84

    Off the Richter Scale with Seismic Surge by Hard Rock Supplements. (Sponsored)

    As soon as I saw the Post I needed to put my app in to try a new Pre-Workout for high tolerance to stim junkies such as myself. I know of Hard Rock Supplements being potent and effective, but this is my first go at their products! Here we go with Seismic Surge! Key Benefits of Seismic Surge...
  2. jayo84

    Jayo84 going for Max Power with Powermax xt from Performax

    Hello everyone and welcome to my log.. Thanks a million to Performax and R1balla for this chance to try their intra-workout product Powermax XT Loaded up with all these goodies here: [/url] [/url] The combination of Aminos, Creatine and hydration should provide a nice combo for great...
  3. jayo84

    Jayo84's First run of Turkesterone with Boldanic Exubol

    Hell again everyone! Here again to tryout a new product called Exubol by Boldanic Info About the product Exubol : Pharma-Grade Ajuga Turkestanica extract 10% of Turkesterone, %10 of Ecdysterone, %10 of Phytoecdysteroids You can feel it's anabolic properties even at low dosage (starting 10...
  4. jayo84

    Jayo84 will rok some workouts with MST's RagNoRok

    Wassupp all!! I am very excited to start this log today! Thanks to abajaba and MST I get to run their NON Caffeinated RagNORok as seen here Minus the caffeine! Info *32 yr old male *5'8" @ 168lbs I have tried so many pre-workouts I have lost track so I have a ton of experience! Workout...
  5. jayo84

    Getting serious about sleep with SNS Phenibut

    Thanks to cheftepesh1 and Serious Nutrition for this chance to run a product I have no experience with whatsoever. This is there Nooptropic product called Phenibut XT A look at the label Pretty simple! Nothing else in this product. Here is the science behind this product. Very...
  6. jayo84

    Logging Performax Mass Max XT for fun (NOT Sponsored)

    Hello all! I figured I would document some of my experience with Performax MaxMass XT as seen here I am in a bulk cycle right now where I am eating a bit more than usual. I am not familiar at all with the ingredients in this product except epicatechin, I have taken that on its own and...
  7. jayo84

    iForce Nutrition Finish Line

    Product information
  8. jayo84

    Jayo84 tries Cordyceps for the first time in Primaforce Peak 02

    Part 1 Thanks to the team at Primaforce @The Solution and @1Fast400 for this chance to try Peak 02! Product information: Supports exercise time to exhaustion* Promotes maximum power output* Increases anaerobic Peak power output* Supports oxygen unionization during exercise* Organic, Non-GMO...
  9. jayo84

    Jayo84 will redraw the finish line with iForce Nutritions Finish Line!

    Hello All! I am back again with another great product from iForce called finish line. Finish Line is advertised as THE ULTIMATE POST WORKOUT IS HERE. No proprietary blends, no nonsense.100% effective ingredients in clinically dosed amounts. Drink FINISH LINE™ to support your recovery &...
  10. jayo84

    Natty Gainz for Jayo84 with BPS Androcrine

    First of all thank you BPS for choosing me to log your newest product Androcrine! Directions: Apply 4-8 pumps to desired application site. Best if applied after a hot shower. Best application areas: Upper Chest, Abdomen, Inner arms and Shoulders. Ingredients: Water (Aqua/Eau), Ethyl Alcohol...
  11. jayo84

    Nutraceutical Innovations is torching my fat with Burn Extreme!

    Hello again! I am here to log what seems to be another killer product from Nutraceutical Innovations Burn extreme! Thank you guys so much for this opportunity! BURN Xtreme 90ct Nutraceutical Innovations: BURN Xtreme 90ct – Ultra Potent Thermogenic -Rapid Weight Loss -Extreme Energy -Mental...
  12. jayo84

    Mega Gainz from MegaLax By Nutraceutical Innovations

    Thank you to Hvactech and Nutraceutical Innovations for this great opportunity to try MegaLax! This is their version of a Laxogenin product! Product Info: MegaLax 180ct delivers the biggest BANG for your BUCK with 25mg 5a-Hydroxy-Laxogenin per capsule. It has long been compared to the natural...
  13. jayo84

    Lets get Chaotic with Chaos and Pain Cannibal Carna

    As cutting season approaches I will be in need of a quality BCAA/EAA product to help maintain lean body mass during my cut. Chaos and Pain Has blessed me with their Nee BCAA/EAA all in one formula Cannibal Carna!! Thanks so much for this opportunity! I don't have much experience with EAA but...
  14. jayo84

    Jayo84 is rising and swelling! With Rise and Swell!

    Here we go with another great product! Mind and Muscle Rise and Swell as seen here This looks to be a great test boosting product with D Aspartic Acid as the main component. I would expect the l carnitine and l tartrate to help with fat loss and energy increase. I have taken some of these...
  15. jayo84

    Week 5 on a 8 week cycle of Liquid Labs TE..Anything to stack??

    There is a few awesome sales today and I was wondering what would be an awesome stack with TE?
  16. jayo84

    Bulking season with Liquid Labs Te!

    I am back again with another great product! Liquid Labs Te, which I believe the compound to be 4-androsterone Or 4 Andro. I have experience with 1-andro and 17 pro, as well as m1d, so this should be interesting. I saw mild gains with these past products so this should be no different. Stats...
  17. jayo84

    A log about Olympus Labs EP1C Unleashed Transdermal By Jayo84

    Hello again anabolic minds readers! I come to you again with another hopefully great log about Olympus Labs EP1C Unleashed transdermal which many of you know is a topical (-)- Epicatechin product. Epicatechin Epicatechin is an extract primarily found in cocoa and tea. It is a strong...
  18. jayo84

    Jayo84 getting lean with BPS Laxacrine!

    First off thanks to BPS for this awesome opportunity to tryout Laxacrine. I assume most of the readers know what this product is, but here's the info anyway! Facts: Serving Size 1ml Servings Per Container: 30 5a-hydroxy-laxogenin 100mg Other Ingredients: Isopropanol, propylene glycol...
  19. jayo84

    Sponsored LG Sciences Cutting Andro Kit by Jayo84

    Hello everyone! Jayo84's back again with a log for LG Sciences Cutting Andro Kit! A huge thanks to love2liftkat and the LG team for yet another awesome opportunity to run a prohormone kit. Many of you may remember my bulking kit log that concluded over a month ago which brings me to where I am...
  20. jayo84

    Another reason to buy from reliable sources! Bad Supps!

    Every year it seems there is a bust of some kind, But this one is pretty big! It saddens me to see this stuff, but it's also not a huge surprise! New York Attorney General Targets Supplements at Major Retailers