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  1. Strong Supplements Locker Room Talk

    This was huge imo. Ceos tweeted and news broadcast rolling outages then you find yourself 70+ hours with ice on the streets and everyone here with summer or all season tires year round that aren't made for that weather... I run summer tires all year over here.
  2. Strong Supplements Locker Room Talk

    Yeah, 2 rent home have busted pipes so that's fun.... Wouldn't have been bad at all if the power didn't go out for days with single digit weather 🤦 Most frustrating thing was half the neighborhood had power the entire time in the burbs and you could see the entire corporate downtown lit up at...
  3. Most legit scam I've seen

    Oh no bro! It looks legit and I have packages on the way but this is totally a scam. Tracking does not match any of my packages... They're trying to get cc info What's worse is the us is having crazy artic weather so packages are not being delivered atm. Makes it seem even more legit
  4. Most legit scam I've seen

    Other than the web url it looks very official and legit lol be on the up and up....
  5. Let's See Your Home Gym

    It is large.. I just never learned stick. May look into it if it's similar but don't want to drop cash and then lack the skills lol
  6. Yoga pants for Procycle starts Now!

  7. Just had gyno surgery today

    If it is highly unlikely to reoccur I'm down as my first surgery. Very small lump but I hate when it flares and would love to not worry about it down the line on trt. Either way best wishes on recovery bro.
  8. Let's See Your Home Gym

    @Rocket3015 do you mig weld it or another? Interested since just bought some land and will start using mig again to build a fence around the property.... I know how to weld just never really learned the strength etc of the stuff lol
  9. Just had gyno surgery today

    Truthfully isn't too bad and overseas I think it could be even more affordable... Is it basically back to before one had any growth or is it not possible to develop again going forward?
  10. Minor gyno, best way to remove? Gyno Reversal Protocol Ralox - 120mg ed Exemestane - 12.5mg eod *One should follow this protocol until lumps have subsided. At which point the Ralox dose should be reduced to 60mg ed and continued for another 4...
  11. Just had gyno surgery today

    Nice. Is all of the mass gone or like I've heard the majority is but there may be a little left just out of curiosity?.... Might be too early to tell I guess too
  12. One cycle?

    I believe you'll keep most or all (minus recovery/pct) if you're not over our very close to a generic limit and you continue to exercise regularly.... Betting you'll do another too lol
  13. M1A Bulk

    Haha, I'm not attacking you or anything but you take some wild doses man. I was looking up old msten logs and things yest and saw you saying 50 or 60 mgs was the sweet spot..... Maybe I'm a puss, maybe you're abnormal 🤷🤣
  14. What does Clen feel like.

    If you look at Hyde's log here, he's tried it locally and feels it works without as much of the systemic issues.
  15. This is my first cycle and I have a few questions before I get started can anyone help?

    Usually a first cycle will be your simplist and the one you will remember down the line as one you had great gains from. No idea where you are with you genetic limit or how you train but you won't be disappointed I'd bet 99%
  16. This is my first cycle and I have a few questions before I get started can anyone help?

    First cycle... Just run test imo.
  17. Tell Us What You Would Like to See From SNS & CEL (2021 Edition)

    Is 600 mg alpha gpc a thought save me from buying separate lol
  18. IronMag Labs Product Loggers Needed!

  19. supplements to PREVENT gynecomastia?

    Possibly e cottonii.
  20. New Forum Sponsor Supreme Labs USA

    Anyone try supreme s4 and see yellow?