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  1. TheVenom

    Pure Rawz MK-677 (Ibutamoren) Cycle (Sponsored)

    I agree 100% and LOVE that combo, or even either solo
  2. TheVenom

    A Day In The Life Of Rocket

    I've always taken Osta with fish oil right after waking up and never had problems from any brand. Then again, I could eat gunpowder and be fine. I've got iron guts. 😂
  3. TheVenom

    Pure Rawz MK-677 (Ibutamoren) Cycle (Sponsored)

    I had some catching up to do, and have been very pleased. Can't tell if the brisket or the pecs are more impressive!
  4. TheVenom

    On cycle cholesterol control.

    New 2021 challenge. We all strap our step counter to our arms and see who can masturbate the most miles 😂
  5. TheVenom

    Good Seller/ Bad Seller Feedback

    @ndiguy Would definitely trade with again. Excellent packing, fast shipping, and generally good practices.
  6. TheVenom

    Pure Rawz MK-677 (Ibutamoren) Cycle (Sponsored)

    I put on water just reading it 🤣
  7. TheVenom

    Found a bag of old samples

    You trying to hide that OG AppNut Drive from me?
  8. TheVenom

    Looking for product loggers

    That Gear Cream looks 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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    Pure Rawz MK-677 (Ibutamoren) Cycle (Sponsored)

    5/3/1 was excellent for strength building when I used it. I started with a complicated one, but found out later that The Big But Boring with a few of my own choice ancillary movements thrown in was the best. It really cut down on the stress of switching out equipment and whatnot. For me, any...
  10. TheVenom

    Why is Caber so Rare???

    Yeah man I can't find it anywhere. 🙄
  11. TheVenom

    Pure Rawz MK-677 (Ibutamoren) Cycle (Sponsored)

    Oh hello 😁
  12. TheVenom

    Please welcome the new family of board sponsors!

    Very knowledgeable man here, very glad to have him on the board!
  13. TheVenom

    What should I take with RAD-140 to prevent its gyno and not making my yk-11 low test gyno not flare up? 2yrs ago.. and Igf-1 last years cycles Gyno+

    Help us help you.... We need details on the following Age Weight BF% (pictures are better than random guessing) Medical conditions Lifting experience Experience with PEDs Actual test levels
  14. TheVenom

    Days before covid

    I miss taking my son to public places. He's just over a year old now, and he's just recently started to develop an amazing curiosity. It breaks my heart that we can do so little during this point of his life. I want to walk with him and his mother in the park, or feed the fish at the lake. I...
  15. TheVenom

    Sourcing PCT

    You can PM me if you'd like 😉
  16. TheVenom

    Sourcing PCT

    PureRawz my man!
  17. TheVenom

    HUGE PureRawz New Years Giveaway!

    I was on S4 when I started traveling for work. I had so much binding that my vision was green in the day time. It felt like a much less stealthy Sam Fisher walking around during the day. Night driving was next to impossible even with the city lights.
  18. TheVenom

    HUGE PureRawz New Years Giveaway!

    Better yet, I'm going to go ahead and call it done here, and really hook up 10 people instead 20 people getting one item. I'll be sending PMs soon!
  19. TheVenom

    HUGE PureRawz New Years Giveaway!

    We neeeeeed more people!
  20. TheVenom

    Nootropics unlimited review

    A couple days without any substance is my first step with restlessness and headaches paired with hydrating more than usual