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  1. sinewave3

    First AM Log - Mbol 25 Aka Mechabol Aka Methylclostebol

    Hey bros, I think its bulk time and I will be doing so with the assistance of Ironflex's clone of Mechabol! Thanks in advance for coming along for the ride! A bit of background: I am 34 and have been lifting fairly consistently for about 8 years. Started at 6' tall 150 lbs, skinny fat...
  2. sinewave3

    Osta RX

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  3. sinewave3

    July 4th Deals?

    Hey has anyone seen any good July 4th deals around? Am thinking about grabbing my next 2 PH cycles or maybe some X-Gels if some deals pop up in the next day or 2. Seems like Nutraplanet always has a big sale, but haven't seen anything yet and they don't have any good prohormones anymore anyway...