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  1. HokiePride

    HokiePride March Mass{MaxXT}Ness has begun!

    Thanks to cubsfan815 R1balla amd Performax Labs for the opportunity to run and log MassMax XT for 4 weeks. I'll start by saying I'm interested in recomping or cutting effects of this product. This is an epic journey. I plan to smash some PR's as I prepare for competiton in June around my...
  2. HokiePride

    Virtus & Invictimizing Bodyfat by way of the IRONLEGION by HokiePride

    First and foremost I must thank IronLegion for a great opportunity to run such special products. Especially, at a time where I'm coming out of some deep issues involving my family and work. By the grace of God I've come out of it unscathed and being restored wholly by God himself. My...
  3. HokiePride

    HP & IFORCE Protean: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

    I would like to thank First of all, thank you to ManimalPatB and iForce for the opportunity to test this out. This is the first time I've tried their brand of Protean. Mint Chocolate Chip is one of my favorite to utilize. I received my tub sometime mud week but was unable to pick it up until...
  4. HokiePride

    HokiePride Gains on XTEND & Beyond, {Summer 16}

    HokiePride Gains on XTEND & Beyond, {Summer 16} A THANK YOU goes out to Scivation and Bob for the exclusive opportunity to run such a great product. The 4th of July has now passed and the road to getting lean for summer 16 has been XTENDed. I'm truly excited to run this product. It's...
  5. HokiePride

    "Flame On w/ Burn Xtreme" HokiePride The Human Torch

    And so it begins............. The Workout Day 1: Chest/Back/Bi's Incline Bench: 135 x 20 135 x 20 225 x 10 315 x 03 325 x 03 345 x 03 Wide Hammer Bench {Single Arm sitting side ways then...
  6. HokiePride

    Getting Lean For Summer 16' w/ Iron Legion Invictus by HP

    This is sponsored by Iron Legion. I'm HokiePride and back with a vengeance. This year has been a blessing. Since last year about this time I was unemployed and for a fee months. Now that is behind me. I still have a ways to go in getting settled since the aftermath of my wrongful termination...
  7. HokiePride

    HokiePride...{The Return}...2016

    2015 Started off as a year on shaky ground. I was working for a Consol Energy. I was recently transferred from the Virginia Operation where I originally was hired as an Instrumentation Technician. I worked within the Electrical Department. Following a few years of positive growth and earning a...
  8. HokiePride

    HoKiePride is Getting Diesel & Tested by GDN {Sponsored}

    I'm back once again folks and it's going to be a fun ride. Lurk if you wish or subscribe if you wish. I'm a veteran of the Anabolic Minds Community. This will be my second log post INJURY playing semi pro football with the Indiana Tomahawks. I have tons of logs prior but what makes this one...
  9. HokiePride

    PermaSwole (34 Servings)

    Product information
  10. HokiePride

    HokiePride Going through the Chaos & Pain to get Perma{nently} Swole

    It's Labor Day, Sept. 7, 2015. I'm about to embark on a new journey. I've been through the toughest thing I've faced in my life. I've been an avid lifter since college but my journey became official within the last 8yrs. During this time period I worked for a company that had a friend that...
  11. HokiePride

    HokiePride Being BlackListed

    Since it seems all my logs have disappeared and I've been Black Listed, I would like to thank all those individuals involved. Seems like going through a family crisis or work related job loss can get in the way of a companies pride in not dealing with you and misunderstanding your home issues...
  12. HokiePride

    HokiePride Creatine Energy while Cracking Concrete

    What Up Peeps! I finally got the time to build the log and I'm making stellar moves in the gym and wanting to maintain the gains while unleashing the largest pumps and lifting my best poundages. I don't claim to be the biggest, best or strongest, I claim to cover doorways and create ungodly...
  13. HokiePride

    HokiePride Crackin Concrete w/ FinaFlex Creatine Energy

    Delete this thread, Been Moved to:
  14. HokiePride

    Petition for PHS or Anabolics for Veto

    Go here and sign this petition if you want PHs or ANABOLIC bill vetoed.
  15. HokiePride

    Rebuilding to Beast Status Take II, STIMUL8 RTD!

    What's up peeps! Yes, I',m back and taking the world by storm. I hit a short stint where I was not training and missed the meet of the year due to stress! I'm back and I got a great opportunity to run STIMUL8! Thank you all for this great opportunity. This is just the thing I needed to get...
  16. HokiePride

    Finaflex Mucle Fiber

    Can anyone from this group tell me when this will be available. Looks to become a stable next to my Mass550/Stimul8.
  17. HokiePride

    HokiePrides' Stimul8 my Road to 100% RAW Road to Worlds

    I would like to thank FINAFLEX for this opportunity to log their new flavor CHERRY LIMEADE Stimul8. This will be a multipart log. It's going to begin today and end Nov. 2, 2014. It serves multiple purposes. Although this log begins with a sponsorship it will end unsponsored, while continuing...
  18. HokiePride

    HokiePride gets AMPED with Finaflex!

    I want to thank WASME and Finaflex for an opportunity to run three of their awesome products. I'm honored to be able to run them and I'm looking to go into a meet post utilization. Originally I was going to begin this stack February 7 post meet but two things unfortunately happened. 1st weather...
  19. HokiePride

    HokiePride goes H.A.M. on ANS RITUAL through OVERTRAINING

    Hello and Welcome to my dungeon. I have done multiple Powerlifting contests on the RAW stage. I am a natural athlete and take OTC supplements to hit my goals. Never have taken PH's or AAS, nor have I gotten my testosterone checked, ever. I have the privilege by JD and ANS to try out a new...
  20. HokiePride

    HokiePride BF is on fire w/ FORMUTECH Lean EFX/Natural EFX

    Lean EFX and Natural EFX Got my two bottles of Lean EFX and Natural EFX mail Sunday. I want to thank 02Sixxer and Formutech for this opportunity. This is my first official log for Formutech and plan to make this a great run. I started my workouts yesterday although I'm just getting up this...