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  1. Bigcountry08

    What regular people don't understand about cutting.

    I'm not a professional bb by any means but I'm cutting right now and it really drives me crazy when your cutting and you say your tired and someone response yeah I had a long day too. When my last two days consisted of... Waking up after only 6 hours of sleep Sunday so I can organize my Macos...
  2. Bigcountry08

    The most desperate thing you have done?

    So I am driving to the gym right now from work pull out my preworkout and start to drink it when I notice there's a fruit fly in it. I'm tired I'm to far from home to go get a new one and I'm driving so I don't really have the ability to fish it out. So I just swigged the thing down. So was...
  3. Bigcountry08

    Carnivore cult: ketogenic diet, and 5,3,1 log

    Hi everyone been doing the keto diet for about a month now and I'm really loving it, I have noticed there has been a lot of controversy wether or not a keto diet is effective for lifters so I decided to do a log on my successes and mistakes. I my current lifts are Bench 225 Squat 315 Deadlift...
  4. Bigcountry08

    I choose the red pill, androvar log.

    I'm s little late to the game starting my log but better late then never. Had wife's family come into town this week so been pretty busy. Haven't even been able to update my shredxt log in about a week. Still been making it into the gym and doing cardio though so everything's all good. Going...
  5. Bigcountry08

    Push till platue or 5,3,1?

    I took 3 months off due to mild shoulder pain/injury during that time I decided to lose some weight. I went from 270 to 235 so far. Lost a lot on my lifts but I'm not really worried about it cause I'm really glad to be losing the weight. My question is before I took my break I was doing 5,3,1...
  6. Bigcountry08

    Shred xt cause its 8.97 log!!!

    Been cutting the last 2 months and have gotten down to 234 from 260. Weight loss is slowing now so want something to help boost my progress. Was tooling around the web and found shred xt for 9 bucks so I snagged 3 bottles. So I'm gonna as that to my supplement list along with 3 days of cardio a...
  7. Bigcountry08

    Proper goodmorning form

    I was wondering if anyone had a good YouTube clip for good morning form. I just recently started performing low bar squats and I love them, my wrist feel ten times better now. So I tried performing good mornings in the same fashion but the bar was digging in so much that I couldn't focus because...
  8. Bigcountry08

    calisthenics work for cardio?

    Just started powerlifting about 3 months ago and I love it. I'm currently practicing the cube method, my problem is that it's recommended to do prowler/sled work and other such cardio like exercise a few days a week. I don't have access to a prowler of sled and I have 2 kids and a third on the...
  9. Bigcountry08

    Good resistance bands

    I started the cube method several weeks ago and would like to incorporate some bands into my explosive days. I've looked around the web at some companies that sell bands, but would like to know from people's real world experience.
  10. Bigcountry08

    Help me with my training split.

    I have been doing a new training split the last 2 months, but I'm noticing more and more that I'm getting really tired and sore. This isn't a normal DOMS sore too it's like a very deep ack in the muscle. This is the current training split. Sun Pull-ups 4sets Bb rows 3 sets Deadlifts 6...
  11. Bigcountry08

    Wheres a good gym?

    I'm currently going to a power house in my area and its alright, but I am starting to get into power lifting. I would really like to find a gym that is more suited to powerlifting and had more people that were really serious about lifting. I live on the east side of Michigan in the chesterfield...
  12. Bigcountry08

    Bigcountry's Getting a little smaller: Epi/Stano Log

    Hey guys this is my first PH log and i'm pretty excited cause I have been prepping for this cycle for like 3 months. Lets get right into i, I'm gonna be doing an 8 week cycle of Epi & Stano here's the set up. Cycle Epi: 40/40/40/40/50/50/50/50 Stano: 800/800/800/800/1000/1000/1000/1000...
  13. Bigcountry08

    Good cutting ph/ds stack?

    Hey guys been reading for the past week or two on cutting products and still can't make my mind up. I'm a big guy and I'm not looking to use this cycle as a weight loss tool more or less just get some more vascularity and tightness for the summer months. Some of the compounds I'm looking at...
  14. Bigcountry08

    Healthcare just hit my family hard

    My wife just called me and told me the place she works at (large bank) is dropping all full time employees down to 37 hours a week. We will now be losing 100 dollars a month that we were bring in , we already only bring in around 45,000 a year combined so losing that 1200 bucks a year is really...
  15. Bigcountry08

    Critique my form: deadlift, squat

    Hey guys been watching the "So you think you can series" and want to make sure my form is good. There aren't really to many people serious about heavy lifting at my gym and I'm one of only a handful who actually squats. So I don't really have anyone to watch my form, so if some of the more...
  16. Bigcountry08

    Solid multi for working mom?

    Hey guys, been pestering my wife for a while now to get her diet in check and I think I have finally started to crack her. Today she text me saying she wants me to buy her a multi. She wants one to help her because she is lacking energy. I'm gonna try and get her to write down her eating habits...
  17. Bigcountry08

    Bigcountry's uncut Log with pictures... Oh

    First off just want to thank the guys over at Applied Nutriceuticals for giving me a chance to try out Uncut. This is the first pre-workout supplement i have taken in a long time other then 200-250 mg caffeine i get from my morning coffee. So this should be a big change up for me. I plan on...
  18. Bigcountry08

    Sulbutiamine mixed with peanutbutter ?

    Just bought some sulbutiamine in bulk form and its super bitter. I have read that it's fat soluble, so could I mix my dose with like a half tablespoon of peanut butter to knock it back easier? Or could I do this so I don't have to take it with a meal ???
  19. Bigcountry08

    when to start dieting during or after PCT ?

    I'm currently doing a bulking cycle of Azine and LMG, and I was planning on dieting down after to start getting into shape for summer. My question is can i start dieting during my PCT, I was going to wait until two weeks in so my body doesn't go through to many traumatic changes all at once...
  20. Bigcountry08

    Ice bath benifical after leg routins

    I read a few years back in an MD article that ice baths after your leg routin, help to reduce inflamation and muscle soreness. So ever since I have been doing it after each leg routin, and it seems to help. I also drink about a quart of water pre workout and a quart of poweraid during to reduce...