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  1. BabyHulk

    HCG safety issues

    I have just stumbled upon another "fad" diet so to speak. Does anyone have any input on the HCG diet? Supposedly helps preserve muscle mass and cut fat due to a hormone found in an embryo? Any input is appreciated. My opinion is if you cut calories as designed, it would be WAY to much for a...
  2. BabyHulk

    Ultra Whey Pro...Yes way!

    I have to admit it guys. Although an avid user of the Pak for some time now, I know what quality is. I just wish I would have reached out for the ultra whey pro too. I recently received a sample of the cookies n cream. Man all I can say is once my current protein stash runs dry, you guys will...
  3. BabyHulk

    Kiffin Can't Stop P*ssing People Off

    Titans sue Lane Kiffin for coach-poaching - Shutdown Corner - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
  4. BabyHulk

    Blast Off

    Have you guys thought about putting yourselves on the Blastoff network? Just curious. BB is on there. Sorry if this is a little late.
  5. BabyHulk


    Does anyone have any advice on obtaining this? I'm going to apply for mine, and I want all my ducks in a row before doing so. I've already been to the ATF website, and its confusing as to what I need and want, or have to have. The only b*tch I have is that everything I have will now have to be...
  6. BabyHulk

    Diet CRITICAL!

    I recently had a health screen done while at my workplace. What I found out floored me. I have a family history of this stuff, but didn't think it would happen to me. I need to know what foods to change, or that I must eat to get this under control. I have been eating 5-6 clean meals a day...
  7. BabyHulk

    Bama campus shooting?

    Anybody else getting this news coming in? My prayers go out.
  8. BabyHulk

    Adam vcaps

    When I recently bought some of these...when I opened the bottle, I noticed a power all over everything. Upon further investigation I noticed that there was 5-6 caps that were busted. Is this common amongst the NOW line? By no means am I griping, just curious. I'm forever indebted to am and the...
  9. BabyHulk

    Rampage temporarily returning?

    Just found this. Not sure how credible it is...but it would be nice while it lasts. Rampage to return to the UFC
  10. BabyHulk

    Thanks np!!!

    Just wanted to say thanks for being who you are and what you do. I placed an order on the 30th and I got everything today! Keep up the great customer service. You continue to come through for your customers time and time again.
  11. BabyHulk

    Turkey legs

    Anyone know where I can purchase "raw" turkey legs to smoke? I can't find anything but cooked.
  12. BabyHulk

    Cabo San Lucas

    Has anyone ever been? I get a free trip...all expense paid. Even an open bar. Pics look awesome of it.
  13. BabyHulk

    Limbaugh and the Rams

    What is everyone's take on this? Personally I think that no matter the political association of someone, they should let him buy. Its his money. And of course the "race" card gets played, just like everytime a conservative expresses how they feel and disagrees with the left. :twak:Rant over. Thanks
  14. BabyHulk

    Fish Oil Again

    I cannot find the past threads on this, but I know we discussed it. I am having a "flutter" in my chest for the past 3 days. It only happens at certain times, and it doesn't last that long, but last night, I couldn't sleep for it. Didn't someone say that fish oil could cause this? It doesn't...
  15. BabyHulk

    What's the wisest?

    I need some opinions. I am picking up a few staples that are getting low by the close of day. I'm gonna take advantage of the free shipping with orders over 75.00, and I am 33 bucks short. What IYO should complete the order? Here is the list thus far. 1. Adam Vcaps 2. Flying Ninja Monkey Tshirt...
  16. BabyHulk

    Asparagus spears?

    Does anyone know the best way to cook these? I am not big on this stuff, but I need it in my diet. I tried it a really long time ago, and almost puked. I was thinking about grilling it. If I were to, what's the best way? How would I season it if any?
  17. BabyHulk

    In Addition To....ECA

    I am about to start up with the ECA stack for about 4 weeks. I have green tea, cayenne pepper, chromium picolinate, and the ECA stack. I want opinions on anything else that could give the ECA more of an edge. Any and all feedback welcome. The green tea is only drank once a day.
  18. BabyHulk

    DCP Substitute?

    Since it will be a while until I can get my hands on some more of this heaven sent item, what is a suitable replacement to help me continue my recomp efforts? :dunno:I have ordered some Lipo6 Black, and I was really looking forward to the DCP, but looks like I'll have to wait on it.
  19. BabyHulk

    Extra kick for DCP/LR

    I know this is against the label, but I had to try it. I added 200mg caffeine to my DCP/LV this morning prior to cardio. [email protected]! Thats all I can say. I haven't felt anything like that since good ol ephedrine days. It may have been done before, but I did it again. It was worth it. Sweated my [email protected]
  20. BabyHulk

    Super Detox/Cleanse

    Sorry if this has been asked before, but I need to find the best 2-3 items to help really clean me out. I had quit smoking around Thanksgiving last year, and really started to dial in my diet a couple of months ago. I need to go ahead full steam and detox/cleanse. Would 1 combo product work...