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  1. berazzled


    Im about to start a amino acid,and creatine cycle.what would be a good pct to use. What gyno protection? I have had issues in the past with knee gyno but it went away with use of milk thistle and vitamins.any help would be appreciated guys.
  2. berazzled

    first real cycle help

    Ive tried about everything out there,and some show some results and some none at im ready for the real anabolics! Problem is where do i get them? How to run etc etc. Any help?
  3. berazzled

    How to dose?

    I have the new halodrol,4andro max,and 1 would you guys dose?
  4. berazzled

    Cutting stack

    Looking for a complete stack,fat burner,cutting prohormones,etc. Whats been successful for you guys? First real cut after a lean bulk.
  5. berazzled

    How would you dose?

    Running 30 days hexadrone and 4 andro how would you dose this for lean bulk?
  6. berazzled


    Has anyone tried hexadrone,ran across one by *** that sublingual.must be new.just curious because i cant find any reviews or anything.
  7. berazzled

    1 andro

    What is the best 1 andro product?also what would i need for pct?
  8. berazzled

    Whats new?

    Ok ive been out of the game for around 6 months,lost some size,gained some fat.was wondering if anything new has come out lately that may help bulk up some and lose some fat.
  9. berazzled

    Im back

    Been gone for about a long time,got in some legal troubles with the back now and ready for the gym.
  10. berazzled

    Becoming a legend! With Chaos and pain

    Thanks to all the kind folks at Chaos and pain for this opportunity. This is a stack of strength builder,pre workout, fat burner.should be a good cutting stack. Got the goods in the mail super fast. They are cannibal furox new unreleased. Legandary new it's available at their site. Inferno fat...
  11. berazzled


    Anyone heard of this?it's going in supplements and I just bought a supplement with it in the ingredients. Researching as usual I found it to be carcinogenic.anyone used anything with arecoline in it?
  12. berazzled


    I always look forward to the am newsletter and haven't got it in awhile.whats up?
  13. berazzled

    caffeine intake

    How much do you take in a day?i know some guys who take 600 mgs pre workout.then more through the day.who takes the most?
  14. berazzled

    ragnarok elite log

    Took first scoop today,and was impressed.nice smoothe energy,and dont know but seemed like i was breathing much better.did legs and had a good workout,despite some nagging knee pain.great pwo so far but i will up the dose to 1 1/2 scoop tomorrow.i like to get 300 mg caffeine.i only take pwos for...
  15. berazzled

    hgh supplement help

    Thinking of running a hgh in the future for the youth benifits.anyone tried any gh supps?reccomend any?
  16. berazzled

    Logging cl white pipes

    Ok been using white pipes for a couple days.wanted to start log on arm day.was truly amazed. Arm day Warm up db 10x3x40lbs Preacher curl 12x3x110lbs Preacher curl 21sx3x65lbs Behind back wrist curls 20x3x80lbs bb Reverse wrist curl 20x3x40lbs Db skull crusher 12x3x45lbs Behind head db raise...
  17. berazzled

    nipple muscles

    How can i build the muscle behind nipples?my chest is hard except that area.any ideas?
  18. berazzled

    Logging hercules pre workout

    First log ever so excuse any mistakes. I'll start by thanking WANTED and focused nutrition for taking a chance on a newbie. First off im not your usual person here,i dont lift for looks or competition. I lift to a recovering alcoholic, sober 2 years.the gym is my drug of choice now.the...
  19. berazzled


    Want to give xgels a try.whats good to stack with them?what results can be expected?
  20. berazzled

    sex drive down

    Looking for a supplement to boost sex 41 been having little to no desire in the bedroom.i have had test checked and its in normal range.just finished osta shred run but this was a problem before i even started that cycle.any help?