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  1. cubs1987

    Subscriptions gone?

    Looks like these are gone on both mobile and desktop... what happened?
  2. cubs1987

    USA Wtb: Evomuse Nerve Restore, Defuse, Natty Anabolics and More

    What's up guys- looking for Evomuse Nerve Restore, Defuse and baiba. Also would be interested in natty anabolics/test boosters, non-natty ph's, research, and unlistables. PM me por favor!
  3. cubs1987

    Men's Journal Article on Blackstone Labs- Intradesting Read

    Interesting read... this was the main story/banner on How Two Florida Gym Rats Conquered the Shadowy World of Dietary Supplements - Men's Journal
  4. cubs1987

    Nutrakey Iso-Optima- White Chocolate Macadamia- Any Reviews???

    I was perusing the interwebs and noticed that this flavor existed... I know that a bunch of people were looking for this flavor for Select. Anyone try this yet???
  5. cubs1987

    USA WTB: Baiba

    Anyone have any spare they're looking to unload? PM por favor...
  6. cubs1987

    USA WTB: PES Shift, Non-Stim Fat Burners, Cort Control

    WTB: - PES Shift - Non-Stim Fat burners (AAv2, Thyrovate, etc) - Cort Control Supps (Reduce XT, Abliderate Ammo, etc) Let me know what you have!
  7. cubs1987

    Help Design Ultimate Recomp PH/Andro Cycle

    So I kinda have an idea of what I wanted to run next, but wanted to see what the forum thinks. Given the list below, what would be your dream recomp stack? What would you add that is missing? I've collected quite a few goodies and wanted to hear everyone's thoughts on stacking, etc. I am...
  8. cubs1987

    Another one bites the dust...

    Just got an email saying Orbit is going out of business, and confirmed via their social media. Haven't ordered from there in awhile but always checked them out. Sorry to see them go.
  9. cubs1987

    Primeval No Longer a Board Sponsor?

    Was hoping for an update on Super Rhandrol, Rkt-Gh and Epi-GH V2...
  10. cubs1987

    Anabeta Elite v2 ETA?

    When is the new Anabeta Elite dropping? I've noticed most places have it out of stock and also saw another website claiming v2 is "coming soon"... any update on when we can expect this? One of my favorite supps so looking forward to what PES has in store for a new version.
  11. cubs1987

    WTB AAv2

    Looking to buy AAv2. PM me or post here.
  12. cubs1987

    New PES F95+ - When's The Insider???

    Saw this posted on another site... Serving size: 2 capsules 30 Servings Hemerocallis Fulva (Flower) Extract 200mg Coleus Forskohlii (Root) Extract (95% Forskolin) (**ForsLean) 50mg Will AA F95 be going away and this replacing it under the PES name? Insider dropping? Very excited...
  13. cubs1987

    Epiandro+Dermacrine+S4 Cycle Thoughts?

    Hola guys... I am looking to run a recomp/athletic cycle here this summer. I had seen this idea on another forum and I think you could shred/recomp on this. Below is what I am thinking. Thoughts? 8 Week Cycle: Alpha-Stano (Epiando Cyclodextrin) - 150mg x 3 ED Dermacrine- 5 pumps ED S4 - 50mg...
  14. cubs1987

    FS 4 x LG Natadrol (New Version)

    I have 4 bottles of Natadrol (New Version), sealed in cannisters take all 4 plus an open bottle (1/3-1/2 left) for $150 shipped. Would prefer to sell in one shipment but willing to break up if interested in <4 Also open to trade offers (BCAA's, non-stim PWO, Lipomorph, Thunderbolt, non-stim...
  15. cubs1987

    News on CP+R and MSM-X?

    Saw these on the site and wanted to see if you could share any more details beyond the quick blurbs on the site. Timeline on these?
  16. cubs1987

    AP Dosing Schedule

    Figure I would ask in here as well as the FAQ. I was hoping you might be able to shed some light on the ideal dosing for me. I have to work around my work schedule. Below is my current schedule. I am dosing before and after my workout. Would you suggest moving my AP meal to Meal 3, for the 6-8...
  17. cubs1987

    Thyroid and Antibodies High- Questions

    I have a couple questions for you guys. I recently had a blood test where my TSH and antibodies were quite high = hypothyroid. I used to be a little bigger (195) but lost a lot of weight to 155 and now am 175, during part of a period I took Tyrotabs. I usually have a sporadic sleep pattern due...