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  1. bigbeaph

    Nandrolone Base

    I've been seeing this more and more. Anyone have feedback on it? It doesnt seem like it would have any use as a preworkout. Also seems like npp or the creation of a nandrolone ace would be a ton better for bodybuilding use. Cant figure out this compound??? Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  2. bigbeaph

    Bold Cyp

    For those of you who have tried this what are your thoughts? So far I really like eq. So bold cyp is very appealing...I've heard bad pip and no pip. I've heard it feels like faster acting eq and I've heard it has some of it's own properties. It's hard to find a good breakdown on this one!
  3. bigbeaph

    Unanswered DHB

    I left AM for a bit to deal with life...before I took off this was a hot topic. Now that I'm back I see several people mentioning that they have tried it now. This would be my #1 choice to run alongside some other compounds this winter - question is what is your experience? Really curious if...
  4. bigbeaph

    Unanswered Beta blockers

    How many if you guys use beta blockers to manage bp? I've been fighting the worst ED ever for several months and been going crazy over it. MONTHS without being able to resolve. Last night I came across a ncbi study of metoprolol and ed...the exact drug I was prescribed after the first of the...
  5. bigbeaph

    USA WTS/WTT - Andro The Giant *new & sealed

    1 bottle andro the giant... 4-andro - 90 tabs @ 110mg Would like to sell but open for a trade...paid 75$ for this a couple months ago. Shoot me a PM if interested.
  6. bigbeaph

    M-sten stack suggestions

    Due to complications I decided to drop my eq about 4 weeks I want to end with a good oral stack instead. Running test @ 500/wk now. I've got 65 caps X 10mg msten and ive never ran it before. Figure I could buy another bottle and run it at 40 - 4 wks...or I have some sd on hand...
  7. bigbeaph

    AAS and gut health + Diet Q

    Ill try to keep this short...(try) Finishing up week 8 of my cycle. Test E @ 500, NPP @ 400, EQ @ 750. About to drop the npp. Cycle was going great, still going pretty well. At the end of week 5 I was up 21 lbs. A little more fat than I wanted, but nothing too much...and strength increase...
  8. bigbeaph

    Desoxy-T Ace

    I havent seen this compound come up for discussion in a while. And the last time I saw a thread there wasnt a ton of info. The more I read up on this I'm thinking about throwing it in a few weeks as a kicker to my current run. Anyone have some experience with this?
  9. bigbeaph

    Superdrol lethargy in less than 1 week?

    Alright guys - just started my winter bulk. Now I planned on running superdrol the first 3-4 weeks. I started at 14mg / day. Here's the deal....yesterday I had a weird day and felt pretty worn out. Today was awful. Sh**** workout and just dragging a$$ all day. I chalked yesterday up to other...
  10. bigbeaph

    Cycle Critique - Need to BLOW UP!

    I've been kicking around ideas for an awesome winter bulk for months now. Going to go sky high with eating....hopefully wont get too pudgy....but I want to get big. Getting rid of fat is never an issue for me. So I came up with this cycle combining a couple of the things I was wanting to run...
  11. bigbeaph

    Lethargy on cycle

    We are always told that to avoid becoming lethargic on cycle a test base is key. That leads me to believe that lethargy is directly linked to test levels. My question is .. is it still possible to become lethargic while on test? I'm on the last weeks running test at 900 / week and the last 10...
  12. bigbeaph

    Cialis Dosage Advice for ED

    I am 6 weeks into a 600mg / week test cycle right now. Started suffering ED about 2 weeks ago. I figured out it was due to high estro - I got that in check as quickly as possible. I even started HCG every 3 days about 9 days ago. Problem is I am still only getting half chub at performance...
  13. bigbeaph

    HCG Dilution

    Ok, so probably a silly question. I have been reading more and more about using small dose HCG while on cycle. I am only 4 weeks into running test and have decided to give this a shot - see what happens. This is my first time using HCG and first time attempting sub-q injections. I'll be...
  14. bigbeaph

    Virgin Muscle PIP

    Theoretically....I am not new to pinning AAS but quit pinning anything like that roughly 10 years ago. In my younger years I had gotten very comfortable with pinning many areas. Now that I am back on my feet I have decided to start with a nice little test E run again. Got ahold of a very...
  15. bigbeaph

    TD Trest/Ment as test base

    I am done screwing around with 4-andro and dermacrine after my last cycle. Until I can find a good TRT doc the plan is to attempt TD Trest as my base. I have seen dosing ALL over the map. Would 20-30mg / day be too little to get started and get a good feel? It is also assumed that...
  16. bigbeaph

    First time utilizing TD question

    I have a lot of experience with all of the compounds I am currently using but have never taking the TD route a go. With the promise of 30-40% bioavailabilty I had to give it a test run. I guess I expected to apply the substance, measured in a 1ml syringe, and sit around for 30 minutes until it...
  17. bigbeaph

    Methyl 1AD and Dienolone?

    I cannot find anyone trying this combination out. My original plan was for my research pet to run 4 andro weeks 1-8, and throw in Epistane and Dienolone TD weeks 3-8. Right now I am about to start week 3 and I realized that I did not receive Epistane! I actually have a bottle of Methyl 1AD /...
  18. bigbeaph

    4 Andro dosing

    I have read through the boards and many websites. The problem is I have found a lot of conflicting recommendations. I am a very experienced user with DS/PH and planned my next cycle for Dien Diol and Epistane together for 6 weeks. I have decided to add in 4 Andro for 8 weeks - starting it 2...
  19. bigbeaph

    4-Andro / Epistane / Tren stack. Adding sarm an overkill?

    My turtlemonkey has about 16 years of experience with ph's. He has gotten back into bodybuilding at the beginning of the year after a few years away and is looking for a bulking cycle to start in a couple weeks. The goal is to simply not leave any gains on the table. I am working on getting...