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  1. cernos 1% gel Test Levels

    I had a friend start using injections so I have about 250 sachets I was going to use at 2 sachets a day for 12 weeks. The last time I checked my Testosterone levels (Blood Spot) was 313 which was in the low range.Scale used was 400-1200 Age dependent. Saliva was 153 high on a range of 44-148...
  2. Liftin 4 fun 8 week cycle

    Starting cycle January 15th 2014. Will update the log a few times a week once I start. Support Supplements for cycle Week: 1-8 Cel Cycle Assist 8 caps a day Week: 1-8 CoQ10 100 mg a day Week: 1-8 5 gram fish oil a day Week: 1-8 Orange Triad MV Week: 1-8 Cranberry Extract Week: 3-8...
  3. Testabolan V2/ Reversitol V2 8 week Run

    I am running these 2 products for 8 weeks with blood-work. I have my pre levels checked at 322 on 10/9/2012. Estrogen came in at 81 which was very high. I have never had it above 42. On the 4th week I will get it tested again. On the final day of the cycle I will get it done one more time to see...
  4. 8 week cycle with Androlean, Andro Hard, and H Drol

    I'm starting this 8 week cycle today. This is going to be my 5th cycle and not sure what to expect with Andro Lean. I figured since I'm cutting and I know my diet will be where the results mostly come from it will be a win-win for me... Here is layout and the products used. Training: 7 Years...
  5. Transdermal Clen???

    I have Clen tablets and was wondering if I can turn them into liquid and apply them with my dermatherm? I have done it with liquid clen before with my dermatherm but not sure how to dissolve it properly if possible.
  6. Any N.O. products that really work?

    I have tried many N.O products claiming to give huge pumps. I want to hear what others have tried and like or don't like.
  7. Ways to reduce SD effects

    Hello. So when I workout at the gym there is a group of us that do PH/DS/AAS. We sometimes talk about it together for thoughts. We mainly focus on actually lifting weights. Anyways 4 of us have ran Superdrol previous as a solo only cycle. Negatives were for 3 week runs not much gains after a...
  8. Anabolics in this forum that you wouldn't miss seeing reading!

    H-Drol : This is a anabolic discussion I won't miss if anyone else never mentioned it again. Almost all results and cycles our almost the same. There is no big difference from one daily thread to the next. Is there any other ones that am member's feel that sound like endless post of the same...
  9. P Stanz Dosing

    Just want to get some feedback on people that who have ran P Stanz and what doses you ran it at.
  10. The highest dose of Bold 200

    I'm wondering what some of the highest doses of Bold 200 members have ran?
  11. Lowering Blood Pressure

    Besides Hawthorne berry is there any other supplements that help lower blood pressure effectively?
  12. Methlyated Products

    I have used quite of a few of Pro hormones or steroids. My question is we all know Superdrol is a very strong toxic compound and lets say Phera Plex is strong too. Then we have H Drol which is a milder compound. Is it just the compound that is mild or is it the same amount of harshness/stress on...
  13. Oral HCG

    I was wondering if anyone has tried oral HCG? I was reading about this sublingual Human Chorionic Gonadotropin HCG (Pregnyl) with oral syringe, HCG and was wondering if it is effective. It claims not to be a homeopathic version and is the real deal. Any feedback would be great.
  14. All out cycle

    I'm going to run a cycle in October. Just finishing PCT from a 4 week cycle of S drol and a 5 week phera run. I dosed the S drol at 20/30/30/30. I did the phera at 30/30/40/40/40. Most people will say it was a bit extreme but I didn't have one negative side effect. My blood pressure hit 127 on...