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  1. How Effective Really is TUDCA/NAC

    About 2 years ago I ran a 4 week cycle of Superdrol 20/20/30/30 with just cel cycle assist and got bloodwork done the day after just to see what everything looked like. AST/ALT were all all noted well above high. About a year ago I ran a Superdrol 20/20/20/20 with PheraPlex 0/0/30/30/30/45...
  2. PLEASE HELP, Should I take a break from stims/caffine

    Maybe lower preworkout dose for 2 weeks or so and take a few weeks off running a non stim preworkout.
  3. Alpha beast (Centurion labz)..when does it kick in?

    Never took that compound but I would give it 15 days or so. Is the scale moving up?
  4. Testosterone Gel/Creams

    I am not sure if they make it anymore but I used Salvo I think from Iron Legions? Been a few years. He gave me about 150 sachets. I mixed 0.5ML with each satchet. One Am and one PM. Think it was about a 10-12 week cycle and I gained a solid 8-10 lbs of muscle that staid on after PCT. I really...
  5. Does Tribulus even do anything?

    Yes I did notice an increase personally.
  6. What happened to real cycles?

    One reason I don't check in like I use to 5 years ago. I understand everyone stats somewhere but I just about every post seems tp be question about a DHEA cycle.
  7. Does Tribulus even do anything?

    Get blood work to see if works for you. Obviously libido would be a personal feeling. For me I ran it for 4 weeks just to see what it would do. Bloodwork came back just about the exact same as 4 weeks before using it. No effects for me.
  8. BPC 157 for liver problems.

    I have used it for injury repairs but have never heard of it helping the liver. Maybe someone else has or can find research on it.
  9. EPISTANE (Olympus Labs)

    It is good way past that date on the bottle assuming is been stored properly. I used CEL Estane about a year ago that expired back in 2013 or something like that with the same results as new.
  10. TB 500 dosing

    I just finished recovering from a shoulder injury that wouldn't allow me to bench, shoulder press, sleep etc. I did 4mg right into my deltoid once daily for 3 weeks. Pain and movement went to 100% at the 3 week mark. By the end of of week 1 I already noticed a huge difference. After that I ran...
  11. 12 weeks Test E

    I guess your saying you are going to run a 12 week TEST E cycle solo? Yes you can get by without adding hcg. I personally would run the clomid for 5 weeks 50/25/25/25/25 mg a day and in about a month after that get bloodwork to see where you stand.
  12. Superdrol pulse while on Anabeta elite/Mtest

    I am not sure if the natural supplements would be 100% useless. I personally wouldn't expect much from it. I know I ran a 10mg S drol cycle for 6 weeks a few years back with cycle support, krill oil, garlic,tumeric and COq10 and bloodwork only showed a little effect on lipids and blood pressure...
  13. UK ph’s to US?

    Ordered many times from them with no issues. One order just came in today!
  14. Dumbell Pullovers for chest

    I stay around 40-45 lbs for high reps and get the good stretch.
  15. Testosterone Gel

    If you can get more it can be worth it . I ran 2 sachets a day with Salvo by Iron Legion for absorption. I mixed the 2 together. My test levels were super high when I tested at 30 days so I ran it for 75 days and put on a decent amount of muscle. Very expensive and pinning would be much cheaper...
  16. Long Cycles VS Short Cycles

    I guess I pick the cycle length based on my goals. If I want to put on around 10 pounds of muscle in 4-5 weeks I would run Sdrol/PPlex/DMZ 2.0 etc. If I want to lean out I would run a hormone easier on my body and go 7-8 weeks such as using hdrol, epistane etc. Both are fun but if I had to pick...
  17. Nanodrol with 1,4AD

    I tried to do the same thing you did with the andros: My goals was just to recomp. I am 5'10 203 lbs with 14% BF pretty decent size but just trying to maximize lean gains while losing a little BF. Ran 8 weeks and noticed nothing at all. Finishing week 8 now. Down 2 lbs. No notice in strength or...
  18. Clomid 12.5mg everyday for test boost

    I would do bloodwork once a month and see exactly whats going on.
  19. PCT for 1andro and 4andro cycle

    I would use a SERM but still get bloodwork done after PCT to make sure your fully recovered. Sometimes you may need to run the SERM longer if your levels still have not came all the way back to where they were pre cycle.
  20. What are the best test boosters out there? (OTC)

    I did like M Test for the positive mood and increased libido .