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  1. Wobmarvel

    Wobmarvels random thread, sarms, prohormones, natty supps and random life stuff.

    Hi guys, for anyone interested I am starting an 8 week "research" cycle of the above compounds. Do not attempt this on actual humans. Dosing will be as follows. LGD 10/10/10/10/10/10/10/10 Rad 0/5/10/10/10/10/10/10 S4 0/0/25/50/50/50/50/50 Will log any effects good or bad plus give a very...
  2. Wobmarvel

    Unanswered Rich Piana 5% Joint defender

    Has anyone tried this? I've been looking for a decent joint sup and a lot of guys on here recommend collagen type 2. This apparently has 2 grams of it per serve which is way higher than other recommended joint sups which usually have maybe 20mg type 2 collagen. It's a 66% yield but that still...
  3. Wobmarvel

    Wobmarvels let's go natural for a while (almost) and see what happens log.

    Hi guys, due to my need to log stuff I have decided to start a log which will go on a few months. I will be using supplements during this time but it's more of a daily life log than a supplement or training log. No actual anabolics planned except possibly mystical potion type natural ones. I...
  4. Wobmarvel

    Kings Slayer vs Vector (vs Superdrol)

    Hi guys, as some may know I have just had a non starter of a cycle experience over on the anabolics forum which I will retry at a future date. In the meantime I was thinking of something to log over the next few weeks. Something that would still allow me to eat more and get away with a few...
  5. Wobmarvel

    Epistane (Havoc) cycle log, plus a sprinkling of other stuff.

    So here I am again guys, finally decided to Start my next cycle so figured I would start a new log also. Cycle will consist of:- Havoc 30/30/30/30/30/30 I have enough to jump to 40 if I feel like it. Trenadrol 60/60/60/60/60/60 (fusion) converts to dienolone I believe not actual tren, and...
  6. Wobmarvel

    Superdrol and Lgd log.

    I am currently preloading support supps in prep for my upcoming cycle I hope to start in the next week or so. I'm 42, 6 foot and currently weigh 177lbs. Couldn't tell you exact bodyfat but guessing around 12%-14%. I have abs showing still from a cut I ran last year where I dropped 40lbs but I...
  7. Wobmarvel

    How do I change my bio?

    How do i change my details in the bio. I am married with two kids but can't work out how to change the info.
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    How do i update my bio

    See title.