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  1. pyrobatt

    Official Chaos and Pain TWITCH thread

    We are trying something to celebrate our nootropics and also to treat this as a live chatroom when we are broadcasting. I will post here when we go live so our anabolic minds brothers and sisters can join if they want to. Eventually we may even do qna+games or something like that. I also...
  2. pyrobatt

    Chaos and Pain looking for 2 reps!

    They have me doing the podcast, managing the online community right here on anabolic minds,managing the youtube, managing the facebook, soon to be managing the twitter and now they have me looking for 2 reps so we can spread the word. This month we plan on bringing on 2 additional reps on...
  3. pyrobatt

    2018 The years of mass (PYROBATT LOG)

    It's been quite a while since I had a log and it's about time. This time I'm all about that mass, I just cut from 254 to 233 lbs so my body is ready. It seems like I seem to be stabilizing at 239 after a week or 2 being back up to my new maintenance of 3850 calories/day and I'm about to do...
  4. pyrobatt

    CnP Hatecast GIVEAWAY( episode 5)

    Pyrobatt here, the host of the new podcast for chaosandpain and long time AM member here with Another episode, and another giveaway! This time we have one full tub of Kraken up for grabs. Our high quality protein powder full of gains with some good flavors to choose from although strawbloody...
  5. pyrobatt

    GIVEAWAY CnP hatecast

    We have a company podcast with yours truly as the host. We are giving away some Helios Support ya boy by at least giving it a listen. All you have to do is comment here or on the video to win. Video here Giveaways on EVERY PODCAST WE DO. Even if it goes up to...
  6. pyrobatt

    Another year another PHUB insight Life can be rough sometimes and today I just wanted to spread a little joy in this world. Sit back and view the stats of one of the largest adult websites in the world. Pretty interesting. Fidget spinners and cheerleaders are 2017 top searches.
  7. pyrobatt

    Anabolics for EVERYONE!Giveaway and secret sale.

    I did it guys. Anabolics for everyone! We are running a ONE TIME ONLY secret sale for our anabolic minds audience only just to thank you guys for sticking with us and continuing to stick with us.The code to use over at will be BOLDED at the bottom to get ANY chemical series...
  8. pyrobatt

    Uncrowned kings of bodybuilding from chaos and pain

    The old blogs are still around and we have a new one. The Uncrowned kings of bodybuilding. We go way back and pull up some historian type details from the OLD skool BODYbuilders we believe didn't always get the credit they deserve. Give it a read...
  9. pyrobatt

    Chemical X loggers wanted!

    Ever feel like there's something missing in your life? Maybe a certain ingredient? Try CHEMICAL X! We are giving one stack away containing 2 Chemical x and 1 alpha pct. That's a 12 week cycle of this bad boy Chemical X converts to Nandrolone which is 6x more anabolic than testosterone. All...
  10. pyrobatt

    5 Bags of COFFEE( giveaway)

    We have one goal in mind over here at chaos and pain. Life improvement. Whether it's a boost in the morning or making your joints feel A-Okay from that punishing session of weight you just went through....the goal is the same. Improving how you feel, look and improving overall health in general...
  11. pyrobatt

    New rep on DECK. Welcome blood

    We have a new rep on board. Hes also going to be doing a giveaway this weekend. Welcome BloodManor to the chaos and pain family.
  12. pyrobatt


    We knocked it out of the park and back with chemical one and now...we are excited to bring you 4 reasons to love ph's again. Reasons: 1:Chemical four is here 2:Chemical four is here 3:Chemical four is here 4:Chemical four is here It's also here with our BIGGGGESSSSSTT logging opportunity...
  13. pyrobatt

    STACKS on STACKS FEROX/ PERMASWOLE logging opportunity

    You want dat new new? We got the goods and this time....we bring FACEMELTING back to FEROX along with a full tub of permaswole to bring a stim frenzied pump you wouldn't believe. Have a consistently good workout every time and tell us about it. We want 2 loggers to run This: The new...
  14. pyrobatt

    Want to BURN fat? Look to the SKY( GIVEAWAY TIME)

    Our scientist pictured below has finally released our newest and STRONGEST fatburner. RED SKY! He was going to go with a different color, but we came to an agreement on RED SKY.This is literally the strongest fat burner I have ever tried energy wise and the beauty is, you don't have to use it...
  15. pyrobatt

    Ferox RELOADED Loggers wanted

    Ferox is BACK with another formulation with customer feedback in mind. We all have a problem in the preworkout market right now. Something is....missing. One day you can take your pre and feel like a deity. Other days you feel like garbage. This was the case with our old ferox. We have heard...
  16. pyrobatt

    RELEASE THE VANILLA ICECREAM! (Giveaway and news)

    Second times the charm? Cannibal Kraken is back with a new flavor. Vanilla bean ice cream dream. Okay, maybe the name needs a little work but its finally here! Real quick history lesson: Our old vanilla was...."not great" often being described as "okay" and "meh", so.... We discontinued the...
  17. pyrobatt

    Be healthy AF with GAIA! (giveaway)

    We over at Chaos and Pain are big advocates of getting in your fruits and veggies but....with a busy lifestyle, that can sometimes get complicated. Regardless of your lifestyle, GAIA can come to the rescue. I'm so excited about this release, I'm giving out 4 tubs of GAIA. Take one look at the...
  18. pyrobatt

    Take this! Feel like a PREDATOR! LOGGERS WANTED

    Unleash your wild side and tame your glucose with this giveaway. I may have a way with words but I would rather show you the profile first First up we have Super Berberine, Banaba Leaf Extract, and Chromium Picolinate. These are THE big hitters in this formula. They act as nutrient...
  19. pyrobatt

    Dank Memes for Pre-s with Chaos and Pain

    This Giveaway will be dank... Dank memes get preees for 3 peeps. Specifically Cannibal Ferox, Titan or Riot. You choose what you win. As usual, I will let the ingredient profiles speak for themselves. Riot: Ferox: Titan: Maybe we are going slightly crazy with all the giveaways or maybe...
  20. pyrobatt

    Chemical one AND legendary for TWO WINNERS!

    We are at it again with a simple giveaway! 2 chemical one 2 legendary GET IN HERE! Epicat + laxo+1-dhea = win, not much more to be said. If you need more, Some great reading to be done about the products over at Got some hot pix for you as well. Chemical one facts panel...