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  1. Monte Brogan

    PEAK Elite - Where to buy?

    Anyone? Cannot find any sellers beyond the manufacturer's website. Thanks.
  2. Monte Brogan

    Reduce XT - Side Effects?

    Running 2 caps per day solo - no other supplements beyond protein/bcaas. Broke out in rash-like acne right away and libido shot up. Any possibility here for androgen-like side effects? Thanks in advance.
  3. Monte Brogan

    How many use agmatine for health benefits?

    The more I learn about agmatine, the more impressed I become. We all know about its merit in pre-workouts. But how many members here simply use it for health benefits on a daily basis?I'm thinking about adding it to my daily routine...Monte
  4. Monte Brogan

    FLEX Article re Ursolic Acid

    PA and any rep that would like to comment: I realize this is from FLEX, but I thought their comments about the "theoretical" benefits of transdermal spray being "unproven" were interesting. Is that a fair comment, in your opinion? By Flex Staff Ursolic acid is one of those ingredients...
  5. Monte Brogan

    BPI Sports BLOX and Silk Amino Acids

    Embarrassed to admit but this is the first time I've heard the term "Silk Amino Acids." Any thoughts on this product? Monte
  6. Monte Brogan

    Anabeta Elite - 1 bottle for sale or trade

    I have a sealed bottle of ABE for sale. I'm located in the USA. Willing to sell or trade. PM if interested. Thanks, Monte
  7. Monte Brogan

    Cortisol control for women

    Ladies,My wife was recently diagnosed with high cortisol levels. Her diet and cardio are in check but she continues to struggle with her weight. Doctors believe excess cortisol is the issue. I know there are a number of cortisol lowering supplements on the market. Are any safe for women? Any...
  8. Monte Brogan

    Suitable cortisol control supplement for women?

    My wife has high cortisol levels and she has gained weight as a result. Cardio and diet are in check but her weight isn't moving. Looking for suggestions on safe cortisol control supplements. Safety is of the utmost importance. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks,Monte
  9. Monte Brogan

    7-Spray and women

    Does anyone know if 7-spray is suitable for use by women?Also, it seems like a solid product - surprised there isn't more feedback on this board.Thanks,Monte