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  1. dds

    I always cry.....

    When I pluck a nose hair!
  2. dds

    Does anyone use cash anymore?

    With all of the threads about electronic money i was wondering if people still use cash (paper and coin) anymore. Hell i got a debit card less then 2yrs ago.
  3. dds

    Mosquito bring the suck

    What do you peeps do to stop getting eaten alive during the spring/summer/fall while lifting in your garage gyms with the door open? I live in NC so keeping the door closed during 80+deg/75+%humidity days will not work for me. Got any ideas?
  4. dds

    Programing Good Mornings

    I follow Wendlers 5/3/1 so ive been doing GM 3x10reps at 30% of my deadlift 1rm. Ive been thinking of how do other people figure out what weights or % do they use in diff rep ranges. Thanks
  5. dds

    NYBB Mega Bow Bar

    So ive been looking at a buffalo bar for a few weeks and it seems that the WSB bar and the NYBB is the same thing. Can anyone that has bought eather chime in on if its a good or bad bar?
  6. dds

    The Cube Method help

    does anyone have an Excel spread sheet made up for that's worth a crap? if you do that would be great. thanks DDS
  7. dds

    looking. for a good calorie tracker app

    Im looking for an app to help me along woth tracking my cals for powerlifting so I can stay in my 3000 to 3500 rang. Ive noticed all of tje ones I could find are geared to weight loss pr am I not looking at th right. Need something for my 5/3/1 boring but big training. Thanks DDS
  8. dds

    Mom needs help with Deadlifts!!!!

    well my mom has asked for me to help her out at the gym cause she wants to get stronger and see's that I love my heavy weights. But her biggest problem is lower back pain and her Chiro. said no DL'ing or SQT'ing. I will have her use the Leg Press for now as her SQT. So my question is: what...
  9. dds

    If I hear "I'm strong enuff".....

    one more time at the gym im going to start tossing 45# plates at some people...........
  10. dds

    jim wendlers site hacked?

    i just tryed to go to his site to see if he had any updates and i got a screen full of a palm tree and a hackers name.......hope the site makes it back up soon
  11. dds

    whats your fav after workout meal?

    mine would be 4 slices of bread, 2 bannannas, 4 huge smears of peanut butter and 2 smears of honey......its great after a heavy SQT or DL day
  12. dds

    ever pull a nose hair

    and you cant stop tearing up for 10mins? i think this one was attached to my brain:wtf:
  13. dds

    Tri. ext. vs Skullcrusher vs. Tri. cable push Dn.

    My bench days loom like this: BB Bench (5/3/1 weeks) Close Grip BB bench (-100#'s from "working max") 4x10 Tri. Cable push Dn. 4x10 Chest Flys 4x10 I dont feel like when im doing the Push Dn's that im "locking out" the movement, so i was wondering what would be a good replacement for this...
  14. dds

    meadows row vs 1 arm DB row = stupis ass question

    im getting ready to start 85# DB row this cycle, but the problem is my gyms DB's go from 80 to 90 to 100 skipping the 5's. so im thinking of doing meadow rows. the question is "does a 85# meadow row (85#'s of plates on a 45# bar) = a 85# Db row in roughly same weight"? im guessing no. does...
  15. dds

    A 5x5 and its other lifts

    I'm starting my 5x5 program and was wondering if i need to also increase the supplement lifts weight by 5lbs each week also or do you just pick a weight and change it after a few weeks while you keep adding 5lb's to the DL, SQ and BP? later DDS
  16. dds

    The Raid: Redemption = bad ass'ed

    if you want to watch a movie might make John Woo stand up, start clapping and giving the fist pump, check out The Raid: Redemption. its a fast pacs fighting movie that is so damn sweet.
  17. dds

    floor press vs. bench press

    in my new 5x5 im doing it has me doing floor press as a supp. exersise in this program. my question is: do i really need to do a floor press? if so what does it do for me better then a reg. bench press.
  18. dds

    need help with a bad lower back

    well to start ive got a bad lower back from a car wreck a few years ago. i know i need to start getting some power back in it but im not to sure what exer. to do that will let me rebuild and repair with out hurting me. so please toss up some ideas on what i should look at doing. thanks DDS
  19. dds

    bench press and leg drive

    is it just me but i have a hard time getting the hang of doing leg drive when i use dumbbells when BP, if im using a bar i can get "under" the bar better to get my legs into the press. anyone else have this problem, if not what do you do to set up under the DB's
  20. dds

    any 2 gun and 3 gun lovers here?

    i was wondering if anyone here shoots in action gun matches? if what do you use and the ranges you shoot at? i use for the 2 gun my Kimber 1911 in .45acp and my AMD-65, for the 3 gun i add my mossy 500 pump.