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  1. lukehayd

    Meat lover's food porn.

    Just as the name says, this is for meat lovers. None of that hoity-toity stuff that is found in them fancy restaurants, we're talking bbq, thick cut steaks, burgers that would split your gut and the things like that. You know, manly man food! 😉
  2. lukehayd

    Hey all, it's me!!

    What's up guys and gals?!?! Been away from here for a while. How's everyone doing?
  3. lukehayd

    Cabela's add on FB

    So this is what the add looks like on FB. Had me wondering WTH so I clicked the "shop now" link to see what it really was. It's to help tie leaders for fishing. My mind totally went somewhere else! Lol!!!
  4. lukehayd

    New shirts

    BPS has just gotten a new batch of shirts. Go check em out! There's rumor that these might go out for free with orders. How sweet would that be!?!?
  5. lukehayd

    BPS has 4 new products!

    BPS is proud to introduce 4 new products! What are they? Convert Command Control Compel You can go get them here:
  6. lukehayd

    BPS needs 4 more loggers

    Alright, BPS is doing it again and we are offering up 4 logging opportunities: 2 for EPIDRONE & 2 for STIMRUSH . I'm going to make this really simple. All you need to do is fill in the answers. 1: Do you have more than 100 posts? 2:Are you willing to update at least 3-4 times per week...
  7. lukehayd

    New PRE predictions

    So what's everyone's thoughts on the profile of the new PRE that BPS has coming out soon? I mean, we know it has BA in it because Mitch talked about the tingles and caffeine is a given, but what else? Hmmmmm.
  8. lukehayd

    Olympia Sale! Save 25%!

    The Olympia sale starts now and you can save 25% with the code "OLYMPIA" With all the great products that BPS has, how can you resist?!
  9. lukehayd

    BPS Endosurge Turbo BOGO

    Just like the title says, buy one get one free and free shipping (US ORDERS) for $29.99! That's one heck of a good deal right there!
  10. lukehayd

    Current BPS sponsored logs

    This thread is to help people find the logs of people who are running product for BPS and will be updated with links to current logs being run.
  11. lukehayd

    BPS wants you to rub one out. Wait what?

    We're at it again guys! Time to get in your apps to log Dermacrine or Sustain Alpha. As if all the girls walking around in skimpy clothes now that the weather is warming up wasn't enough to get your motor cranking, we want to add in a nice boost to test. This is a logging opportunity so if...
  12. lukehayd

    Not 10, 20 or 30 but 40% off!!!

    Right now at you can save 40% off of Endosurge Turbo and Combustion. Cutting season is here and BPS is here to help you cut the fat and to save you some money! Simply use...
  13. lukehayd

    Buy 2 get 1 Endosurge Turbo

    Going on right now at Lockout Supplements when you buy 2 Endosurge Turbo bottles, you get a 3rd bottle for free. BPS: Endosurge Turbo, 150ct *BUY 2 GET 1 FREE* [53036] - $45.90 : Lockout Supplements, Bodybuilding Supplements, Whey Protein, Creatine. Cheapest Prices
  14. lukehayd

    USA PRIME, MyoSynergy & Tribulus 2400 FS/FT

    Like the title says, for sale or for trade. USPLabs Prime exp. date Nov, 2015 MyoSynergy exp. date 08, 2016 Tribulus 2400 exp. date 03, 2017 All sealed and kept in cool dry cabinet. Wanting to just sell/trade all together $45 shipped in continental US. Interested in TUDCA but let me know...
  15. lukehayd

    BPS Combustion Bogo!

    For a limited time BUY 1 GET 1 FREE on BPS Combustion No Coupon code needed, we will auto ship your free bottle!
  16. lukehayd

    Laxacrine V2 Beta test logs

    For any of you out there that want to follow along or do a little research on whether or not you think this product might be for you. This is BPS' second version of Laxacrine. It has a totally new carrier which is thicker and in the same style bottle as Dermacrine and Sustain Alpha. Here are the...
  17. lukehayd

    Food prep fast and easy!

    My father-in-law got me a Can Cooker for Christmas and at first I was thinking, "ok, another thing we won't really use." I gotta tell you though, after the first time using it and cooking a big package of chicken breasts(I think 6?), 6 large potatoes, 8 small ears of corn, a pound of shrimp, and...
  18. lukehayd

    Coming in off the bench!!

    I am no longer just a bench warmer or the creepy company stalker guy! I am officially a BPS company rep now! So, does that mean that I'm no longer the creepy company stalker guy and just the creepy guy? Hmmmmm. Lol! Anyways, I'm here to help out and answer your questions (preferably about BPS...
  19. lukehayd

    What's in the works?

    Hey all, I know you guys like to keep things close to the cuff when it comes to what is being worked on but I also know you're always working on SOMETHING. So, is there a chance we could get a little hint or sneak peek? :kiss:
  20. lukehayd

    BPS Laxocrine for the win, lukehayd at it again. (sponsored)

    Big shout out to BPS for the chance to long their new transdermal laxogenin product. This will be a solo log other than the staples of protein, creatine, fish oil and aminos. Probably throw in a pre now and again as I lift after work and I'm in the heat all day working with heavy timbers. Kinda...