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  1. Ronin13

    is the site down?

    I just tried the link in the forum topic and it said the site cannot be found.
  2. Ronin13

    cAMPH Intense Version 1: Everything they said it would be!!!!!

    My apologies for not doing this day by day on the site (work has been crazy) but it was definitely easier to just update a word doc daily and copy and paste it here. I will post the same on the Synergy Muscle forum later tonight as well. Stats: Age: 35 Height: 5’9” (probably closer to...
  3. Ronin13

    Xtend questions.....

    I apologize if this has already been addressed but I have a few questions regarding the flavoring and packaging of the grape xtend. The previous 4 bottles I had were white and the flavoring was good but not very robust. I just received my 5th bottle and it is black and the flavoring is...
  4. Ronin13

    Some IGF-1 IS potentially dangerous

    http://igf./.html I am hoping it is ok to post it this way but I think this is pretty important so I will take the chance.
  5. Ronin13

    food facts link - includes popular restaurants

    Not sure if you guys have seen this but thought it could help if you were looking for something particular that may not be available on :food: :pizza: :hot: :donut: :burg:
  6. Ronin13

    Synergy Muscle - My compliments

    I just want to extend my compliments to you and your products - two of which have improved my workouts and probably my life beyond comprehension. First, Cissus has enabled me to finally feel fully recovered from my shoulder surgery last Thanksgiving and I am growing much more than I was able to...
  7. Ronin13

    Thank You Island Supps

    Just wanted to say thanks for the great customer service :hammer: The 3rd and final portion of my shipment arrived today and now my inventory is almost complete. I look forward to doing more business with you :thumbsup:
  8. Ronin13

    is there really a proposed ban????

    I have been searching the web for proof of the "upcoming" ban on products such as SD, PP and what not.... but apparently, no such literature exists... not even a proposed discussion... unless my google search skills are just non-existent..... Can someone point me to the link that actually...
  9. Ronin13

    When will REM be back in stock

    Hoping to order some soon. Need some good sleep to grow!!!!:thumbsup:
  10. Ronin13

    Thank You Crowler for the Amazing Service!!!!

    Just want to pass along a very appreciative thank you to Crowler and Chemistry Labs! No matter what the question was regarding, my emails were answered immediately and the responses were always professional. My order was processed and the shipment arrived much faster then I could ever have...
  11. Ronin13

    Thanks IBE

    I placed my order on Monday and received it today and am very happy with the quality of service. I did speak with customer service earlier today before the package was received because there was no update on the USPS web page regarding the status of my order (not your fault as it still says...
  12. Ronin13

    Post Cycle Gains Keeper

    Has anyone had any experience with this package or would it be over kill for an SD / PP cycle?
  13. Ronin13

    Need some assistance... Should I get Megadrol or is there something better???

    I see a lot of mention about the product but not sure if there are any recent results that this product is worth stocking up on? Can anyone who has used it provide me with some advice... e.g. 1 or 2 cycles and what to stack... I apologize now if this has already been addressed....