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  1. TheMrMuscle

    Stim Free Pre Workout Ideas

    If you want to go more the focus route you could look into Foxus XT - Caffeine Free as well.
  2. TheMrMuscle

    How Long Are Your Sessions

    I like to warm up and cool down properly, so that adds some time to my workouts. Usually its structured like this: 10 minutes on a Elliptical 10-15 minutes of activation and mobility work 60-90 minutes lifting 10 minutes on Elliptical 15-30 minutes mobility work (RomWOD)
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    The 2020 Black Friday Deal thread

    Sorry no. I stopped trying to get US sites to ship to Sweden years ago as I never had one shipment actually make it to me.
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    The 2020 Black Friday Deal thread

    Black Friday in Europe is always a sad thing compared to the US. Powermyself and Bodyshock is running a 15% off site wide as an example and they usually give out 10% codes randomly during the year anyway. So it doesnt inspire us to shop like madmen when the day hits. Running a store in Europe...
  5. TheMrMuscle

    Best and purest creatine supplement of them all? Where to buy in USA/EU?

    So here in Sweden ON only list Creapure on their capsuel creatine and not their powders. So the next time you see a tub, take a look at it and see if it has the Creapure logo. I went to their US site and pulled these two pictures of there and i cant see the Creapure logo on the powdered jug.
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    SNS & Competitive Edge Labs Black Friday Sales

    Id be all over this if i was in the US!
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    In the Mail ....

    I make it real easy for myself. I take 1 cap with my Meal 1, which also is my pre-workout meal. Then i take one with my Meal 4, which is my second to last meal of the day.
  8. TheMrMuscle

    In the Mail ....

    I’m halfway thru my second bottle of Epi-Plex and enjoying it so much I got a third. GlycoPhase has been a staple for over a year now I think and still loving it.
  9. TheMrMuscle

    Modern Equivalent to PES Ergonine Supplement in 2020?

    We had a thread about it not long ago, maybe you can find some suggestions there:
  10. TheMrMuscle

    SNS Lean Edge Discontinued?
  11. TheMrMuscle

    Vector, CEL Anabolic Effect, BMP too expensive in UK

    Powermyself has a special on AE. So if you buy 3 (which i recommend for a 12 week run) you get them at 48£ each. Thats usually where i get mine.
  12. TheMrMuscle

    Feeling like I am hungry during a workout

    Also you can consider your pre workout snack. If its a high glycemic carb it might spike your blood sugar for a little while but after that tank it. So maybe another carb source pre workout can fix it as well.
  13. TheMrMuscle

    Feeling like I am hungry during a workout

    Might be a blood sugar drop? Some low level of hypoglycemia can cause you to feel hungry.
  14. TheMrMuscle

    In the Mail ....

    I LOVE gingerbread, hope to see this hit Sweden.
  15. TheMrMuscle

    Some usernames would make great supplement names!

    Some names on the other hand are best for cleaning agents...
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    Probably a dumb question but I have to ask

    I dont know about walking while eating, but 10 minute walks post meals has been coming more and more up due to Stan Efferding bringing it to the front. In his ebook "The Vertical Diet and Peak Performance 3.0" he has this to say: "A brisk 10 minute walk after each of 2-4 meals daily greatly...
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    The New Product Release Thread

    I enjoy the white monster zero, but this is my GOAT Monster flavor.
  18. TheMrMuscle

    All-in-one supp? Powder

    Beta-Alanine seems to be a very good supplement when taken over a longer period of time. But it just doesnt agree with me and I get some sides that makes me wanna avoid it.
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    Best Foods For Energy As We Age Into 30s, 40s and Beyond

    I think a lot of us have the tendency to only focus on the macro nutrients of our food when we really should look deeper and find the micro nutrient content as well. Is out food giving us enough Iodine, Zink, Iron, B-Vitamins, C-Vitamin, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium etc etc. When optimizing...
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    All-in-one supp? Powder

    Unfortunately there arent that many products out there in this category. So its hard to recommend any.